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How To Effectively Followup With Your Prospects Online


If you've been with me from The Introduction to this series

You've figured out who your target market is and what they want

You've made it your business to learn what they need to get it

You've shared some content with them that talks about how to get it

And You've offered them something that will help them get it in exchange for their contact info

Now what?

When they decide to take your offer and give you permission to followup with them

You are now starting to build the most important part of your business

Without which you really don't have a business

You just have some stuff to sell...

We're talking about a list of people in your target market who
have asked you to talk to them about what you have to offer...

They say "the money is in the list"

But like I said earlier in this series the real money depends on...

Who is on that list and what type of relationship you have with them

If you've followed the formula I laid out for you so far you should have the right people on your list

Now it's time to focus on building a deeper more meaningful relationship with them

One based on:

  • Familiarity
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Commitment

These are key factors in your ability to influence their buying decisions and if 
you are going to sell a lot of stuff online you will need to get good at doing that

But don't worry it's not that difficult when your goal is simply to help them get what they want

Never the less care must be taken to communicate with your list in a way that 
makes them responsive to what you offer and look forward to hearing from you

So how do we do that?

The process I'm about to describe to you fits into the same structure that I covered briefly in 
a training video I made to show you how I setup my email followup system for maximum results

You should be able to access that video on the "Custom Training" page of your marketing system

So if you haven't Setup Your System yet then make sure you do that now...

While we are on that topic...

If you haven't gotten this email followup software yet


I'm not sure how you made it this far without it 🙂

But go ahead and Get That Now before we go any further...

OK let's get back to it...

Now that you've identified who it is that would be a good fit for your business
and have got them to see you as someone who can help them get what they want

It's time to deliver on that expectation

They are looking to you for answers and guidance

They are looking for you to help them get what they want...

So that is exactly what you are going to do

Once they are "On Your List"​

Continue communicating with them about how to get where they want to go

And offer them solutions along the way that they need to make it happen

This may or may not include joining your business opportunity right away

Remember these are people that have previously joined an opportunity
and most of them will still be active distributors with those companies.

Which is totally fine because...

Remember our business is to help them get what they want

Not just sell them on another opportunity

If you demonstrate to them that you can help them get results in business

By actually helping them get those results...

Naturally a good portion of them will decide they want to "work with you directly"

And join the opportunities that you are promoting...

But you will still get compensated for helping the ones that don't join your business

Because now you offer more than just an opportunity

You offer as many solutions as are needed for them to get what they want

Regardless of what business opportunity they are promoting your business
is to provide solutions to your target market not just offer an opportunity

We will get into more details on how to convert your list into business partners another time

But trust me when you become the person they look to for guidance on how to build a business

It's really easy to get them to join yours...

The main objectives of the followup process are these:

  • Build authority / influence
  • Create responsiveness
  • Make sales

Making sales is actually easy when what you are selling helps them get what they want.

You just simply need to make the right offers at the appropriate time in your messages

For instance if you are sending a message to your list about a certain aspect of business building

And there is an appropriate:

  • Resource
  • Tool
  • Training product
  • Anything Else

That they might need to implement what you are showing them

Then you would just include that thing in the message and recommend that they get
that thing if they want the results that come from doing what you told them about

If you're committed to follow the business philosophy we've been talking about

That it's your business mission to help your market get what they want

Than all that is left to do is build authority and responsiveness

Once you've built up your authority on the subject you are communicating with them about

And they are responsive to the messages that you send them you will have the influence you need

To effectively recommend the solutions that you offer to the problems that they have...

Thankfully this all happens automatically as you continue to provide them with things that they value

And consistently deliver information and resources that help them get closer to their desires.

So what you need to do with all your subscribers from the first day they join your list is to...

  • Indoctrinate
  • Separate
  • Motivate

Each on of them to take action on the things that you suggest to them.

Indoctrination is the process you will use to become

  • Familiar
  • Liked
  • Respected

By your prospects...

So the first time someone joins your list

They should receive an initial series of emails that are focused on doing just that...

Remember there is a set of email templates included in the email software I recommended for you

Several of them are labeled "Indoctrination" so you know what purpose you can use them for.

One of them is a welcome series you can use to build that first series of messages

After they get that initial welcome series you should continue to send
your list useful information that positions you as someone who cares

And also someone who knows what they are talking about...

As you continue down the learn, do, teach path this should be fairly easy to do...

Just create more content from the things that you are learning and doing and share it with your list

There are a lot of little things you can do to make your list think you are super awesome

And we'll get into those another time but for now the general rule is...

Just be cool...

And focus on stuff that would be useful to them and they will start to warm up to you right away...

The next thing you must do is...

Learn to separate the people on your list into groups and communicate with them accordingly

Just like your market has distinguishing features that set them apart from the rest of the world

There will be "segments" of your list that have slightly different interests
and they will also have different levels of commitment to their own success.

You want to find the people who are truly hungry to get results and make their business work

Figure out what part of their business they are most interested in improving right now

Then send them info and offers related to that interest...

Continue to fill in the gaps for your market as you see more of what they need and have interest in...

Constantly review what they need to get where they want and this should come naturally

Your offers will be connected to an interest or a step in the process to get what they want

Sending them messages about those steps and interests will help you see who is at the place where that information and offers about that subject would be relevant and they would likely respond to...

Again, you do this by creating content about the subject
and tying it to an offer that fits well with that subject

Just like you did with the lead magnet...

Once they show interest in that content by opening your message and consuming the content

You can send them more info about the subject that they showed interest in along with
a corresponding offer that helps them get the results you talked about in the content.

And that is when the sales are made...

It's vitally important to your business that you have more than one solution for your market

Because portions of your list may already have the one thing you offer...

Having multiple solutions focused on them getting what they want ensures...

That your efforts are profitable and your customers have all that they need

Also just because someone says no initially doesn't mean they aren't interested at all

It may just mean they aren't interested in that thing at that time...


Have something else that will satisfy their other interest in the mean time 🙂

If you haven't figured this out yet...

Pretty much every thing thats for sale online has a way for you to get paid to recommend it.

It's called an affiliate program

So as you are learning how your market gets what they want and the steps they need to take

Find the resources they need to make it happen and see how you can get paid to recommend them

For instance the system you now have to create your marketing pages has an affiliate program

You can get paid to recommend this solution to people you are helping build their business online

They also have training products that teach people how to do almost every aspect of this business

You can recommend them to your list and get paid when they decide to buy them

Almost everything that someone would need to make a business work online has an affiliate program

In the future you may want to create your own solutions and offer them to your list

But until you are ready to do that...

Just simply find the best solutions available and make sure you get paid to recommend them.

Doing this will help cover the cost of business and will lead to a profitable way to get new prospects

Even if they don't end up joining the opportunity that you have to offer...

When you can build a targeted list at a profit you become unbeatable

You can afford to build a bigger list of prospects than someone who only has one source of revenue

It's how any smart business operates regardless of the market they serve...

And it's how we operate as well...

Because we are in business to reach

OUR dreams and OUR goals

Not the companies that we represent or our uplines

We want to be free and we want the people we serve to be free as well

So we will make sure to do everything in our power to see that they have ALL that they need.

And because we are looking out for our markets best interest
we will get paid more than the average Home Business Owner

Because we provide more value then they do and we
focus on providing solutions not just working a comp plan.

As you get to know me better and spend more time studying what I offer to my market

You will learn more about the types of things you can provide to yours and how to get paid to do it

But just remember most companies will pay you for a referral

So make sure to check into that as you find the things that help your market get what they want.

As your subscribers get to know you and continue to consume the content you create for them

They will become more responsive to your communication

And that is important...

Because regardless of what you create or have to offer, if no one is opening your messages
or clicking on links to see what you have to offer then you aren't going to be making sales.

So an important skill to learn in this business is what we like to call "copywriting"

Now this can get over emphasized at times...

People like to imagine that if you are good at this you can sell anything
regardless of the relationship you have with the reader

And this is simply not true...

No magic words are going to get you sales if the reader isn't 
the right person and if you have no relationship with them

That being said...

You can greatly increase the amount of response and engagement you get from your communication

If you learn some simple copywriting skills...

It's kind of a big topic to try and cram into this post so...

I'm going to recommend that you check out the "Copywriting Mastery" training

On the marketing strategies page of the system you should now have access to

That's 5 hours of in depth training from one of the best copywriters in the home business industry

And you get to go through it for free as part of your membership

Pretty cool huh? 🙂

Those videos will not just help you with writing emails but will help with everything your write

Including the content and conversion pages you will be making for your market...

If you implement what you learn it will increase the results that you get from all your communication

It's worth making a priority to acquire this skill as you continue to create success in your business.

But just to give you a quick breakdown of what to focus on in your emails

Here is a list of what your goals should be when writing emails

  • Create a compelling subject line

    The purpose of the subject line is to get someone to open the email
    Opens are the first result you can improve with your emails
    By creating a good subject line more people will read your email
  • Capture their attention with a good opening

    Once someone opens your email you want to give them a reason to read it
    So start with a intriguing story or make a bold statement to help "suck them in"
    Don't make all your stories long because the purpose of your email is only to do the following
  • Get them to click over to what you are offering

    Whether this is a content page, conversion page, a video, a resource, or whatever you are writing to tell them about. The main purpose of your message should be getting them to see that thing. So keep it short if you can and always include a link toward the top of the message. That way if someone doesn't have time to read the whole thing at least they can see what the purpose was.
  • Let the content on the page you are sending them to give the details and make the offers

    Whether you are just offering them some useful info or showing them something they can use to get better results. You want to do all the telling and selling after they click over from the email.
    So don't give it all away in the message. Leave some room for curiosity and a reason for them to go where you are sending them to. Once they arrive on that page simply follow the formula and show them something they need and how it will help them get what they want.

    Then tell them how they can get it...

There is always more to learn about the subject of writing emails and communicating with your list

But the best thing you can do at this point is to get started doing it...

There is so much you will learn from experience and so much that wouldn't make sense until you do

So start with getting your "welcome series" ready to go.

Then create a couple emails that will send people over to your content

Then you can send traffic to your pages and start building up a list to "practice" your new skills on.

I thought about adding another post to this series that explains
The system I use to get my message infront of my market

But it wouldn't fit into one post so I'm going to save that for another time...

If you remember we talked about using Facebook to reach your target market earlier in this series

You should have already setup your business account with them

So you are ready to place your content in front of the right people...

And get them to ask you for more by offering them a lead magnet...

But before you do that you are going to need to understand how their platform works

And how to maximize the results you get by using their targeting and retargeting system.

Like I said I'll show you how I personally do this another time...

But for now you can get the details on how to use Facebook to reach your market

By going through some of the videos in the training section of your marketing system

The 2 main ones to get you started reaching your market on Facebook are

"Facebook Paid Marketing" and "Retargeting Pixels and Tracking"

Both of these can be found on the "Marketing Strategies" page in your backoffice.

That's should be enough to get you started

If you want to dive deep into the subject and really Master Facebook ads

Then check out the complete courses mentioned above those training videos.

I'm really happy to see you've made it this far...

It's exciting to see someone who is committed to their success and is willing to learn

If you follow through on what I've taught you in this series

You will be on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the Home Business Industry.

And just so you know...

This is only the beginning...

There is so much I want to share with you that could tremendously increase your results online

But you must first begin the journey...

Start moving forward and I can help you increase your momentum.

There are some simple yet powerful concepts I'll be able to show you as you continue to grow

Some things only a few people in this industry even know about...

That can make a huge difference in the amount of results someone gets doing what I've shown you.

But again they can't help you until you have started doing what you've already learned...

So I'll check in on you shortly to see if you are ready to reach the next level of results

So to make sure you are ready for the next level of results in your business

Begin to implement what you've already learned the best you can.

Remember it doesn't have to be perfect

You just have to get going...

Make progress everyday and you will start to see the results you are after

If you get stuck anywhere and aren't sure what to do

You can join our community group on Facebook and get to know other marketers
in the home business industry that can answer any questions you might have.

To get access to the group simply login to the system and click on the support tab.

You will see the option that says "Official Facebook Group"

Click on that and then send a request to join the group...

You should be approved the same day and will be able to ask questions right away.

I look forward to seeing you participate and getting the help you need moving forward.

Thanks again for your dedication...

It's an honor to share these ideas that have changed my life and business with you...

I hope as you begin to live the life that you've always imagined you will pass them along to others...

It really is amazing what can happen when you decide to give back 🙂

Together we can change an industry for good...

And help our fellow dreamers make their reality better than they've imagined it could be...

Are you with me?

Good 🙂

Lets do this!

Talk Soon

-Kris Darty
Industry Advocate and
Network Marketing Anomaly