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6 Steps To Turn Strangers Into Customers And Business Partners Online

If you've been in a network marketing business for any length of time and have seriously considered making a full time income from it then you’ve probably wondered if there was a way to do network marketing online and get your products and opportunity in front of more people faster than you can doing what most network marketing companies teach you to do offline.

Personally I struggled for years to create a significant income from my business. I simply didn’t know enough people that were interested in what I had to offer. And trying to turn a conversation with complete strangers into an opportunity to pitch them on my business just wasn’t working out for me that well. Even if it had worked, there just wasn’t enough hours in the day to meet the amount of people it would take to create the type of walk away income that I had signed up for in the first place.

Then one day I decide to do a little research to see if there was a way to get my message in front of more people using the internet. And thats when I discovered the steps I’m going to show you in this Blog series right now.

These are the same steps I’ve personally used to go from being a broke unemployed construction worker barley surviving on $600/month to having months where I’ve made over $50,000 from my Network Marketing business leveraging the power of the internet. It sounds crazy I know but once you learn the steps to unlock the true potential of your opportunity your life will never be the same again.

You probably were not planning to sit down and read a whole book on marketing right now. So I’m not going to cover every detail of the formula in this post. Instead I’m going to give you an overview of how it works now and then over the next few days I’ll cover each step in greater detail and show you how you can get started using it to build your business right away.

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So how do you turn strangers into customers and business partners on the internet?

Well it’s not that much different from how you would do it offline. But it is a lot more efficient as well as effective and can be done on a scale that in the physical world is literally impossible. Remember there are only so many home meeting you can hold a day and only so many one on one presentations you can give in the hours you have between work and sleep.

But what if you could clone yourself or your most effective upline leader an infinite number of times and have them go to work for you full time without ever taking a break for anything, not even to sleep? You think you would start to sell more products and sign up more reps in your business?

Well thats exactly what you are going to learn to do leveraging the power of this virtual world that we are all becoming more and more a part of everyday.

So lets get started…

Step 1 should sound a bit familiar to you but stay with me cause your reality is about to shift a little when I explain why your upline was actually right when they told you the first thing you should do if you want to build your business is to….

Make A List

MLM List Building

But I’m not talking about writing down everyone you know on a yellow legal pad… You’ve probably been through that excersise more times then you or your family and friends ever wants to remember. Now that you’ve found this training manual you will not be “Making” any more lists. Instead we are going to “BUILD” one. Except this list is not going to be made up of a bunch of random people that you’ve had contact with throughout your life who more than likely have ZERO interest in what you have to offer. Not because what you have isn’t good it’s just not something they where activley looking for when you decided to tell them about it. And there in lies one of the most important rules of marketing your business online.

"Only talk to the people who are actively
looking for what you have to offer"

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the sudden EVERYONE you talk to about your business was genuinely interested in what you have to share with them? You think you could make more sales and sign up more reps if you didn’t have to talk to anyone until they had already asked you to tell them about your products or business? These are obviously rhetorical questions and the answers are a definite YES. But you are probably thinking, well of course I would sell more products and signup more reps but how in the world am I ever going to have a conversation with anyone if I only talk to people who ask me to talk to them first? Which brings us to our next Big Idea.

"Stop Marketing to your Network and Start Targeting your Market"

The fact is that not everyone is in the market looking for what you can offer them right now. And that’s perfectly fine. This is something that we need to accept if we are going to make this our profession and treat it like the business that it is. We must detach from the idea that EVERYONE needs our products or opportunity and begin to focus on the people that actually want them. Instead of waisting all your time and energy “seeing” if people “might” be interested in what you have to offer you simply identify the people that are definitly interested or have a very high potential to be interested based on their current interests and past behaviors. This is really the first step in what is know as Target Marketing and is what we like to call….

Identifying Your Target Market

How To Prospect Network Marketing Distributors

Believe it or not there are actually ways to predict with a high level of certainty the probability someone has to purchase your product or join your opportunity. Not only can you predict their level of interest before you ever speak to them you can also find out where these people will be on a daily basis and get a message in front of them that will compel them to ask you for information about what you have to offer. In the next post I’m going to show you exactly how this is done as well as give you the tools that you need to make it happen. So don’t worry if this sounds a little crazy right now. Once you receive the next part of this series it will make complete sense and you will be ready to get your message in front of your perfect audience right away.

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Once you have determined who your target market is, how to distinguish them from the rest of the world, and figured out where they hangout online. It’s time to get them asking you for information about what you have to offer. We do this by first offering them something related to the category of your product or opportunity that they would find valuable in exchange for their contact information and permission to further communicate with them about how what you have can help them get what they want.

Network Marketing Online

We call this thing that they value a Lead Magnet or Customer Bait and is usually requested through a webpage that is often referred to as a Lead Capture Page, Squeeze Page, Or Opt in Page. But regardless of what words are used to describe the process, at this point you'll have double confirmed that the people requesting information are interested in what we are offering and that they want you to talk to them about it.

I’ll go into greater detail about what you will be offering them in order to provoke their request and how to get the webpages setup that you’ll need to deliver it in part 3 of this series. For now just know that this is how you will get the right people asking you for information about your business and is the mechanism that you will use to begin Building the List that I referred to earlier in this post.

Is There Money In Your List?

You may have heard it said that “The Money Is In The List.” And there is some truth to that phrase but whether there is money in your list or not really depends on who is on your list and what type of relationship you have with them. Since you are going to be building your list exclusively with people in your target market that have already shown interest in what you can offer them, the good news is that half the formula is already taken care of. You have the right people on your list so now what?

The real money is not just in having the right people on your list it is in the relationship you have with those people and your ability to influence their decision to buy something or not. You may have heard before that “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up” and it is as true online than it is anywhere else. There are a lot of reasons why follow up is so important and we’ll get into some of those in part 4 of this series but the 2 main ones are familiarity or the law of multiple exposures and the increased influence you can build with someone over time that will make it easier and easier for them to want to pay attention to your message and take your recommendations as it relates to products that you offer.

How To Close Network Marketing Leads

This is why most home businesses encourage you to focus on your “Warm Market” but as we’ve already discussed your warm market (family and friends) although they may be more inclined to listen to you than a complete stranger aren’t really your target market. So our goal with the follow up stage of this process is to turn your target market into your warm market. This is were you will focus the majority or your time and effort as it will yield the highest return on investment for you business. Because at this point you will now have an ever increasing list of targeted prospects who have asked you to talk to them about what you have to offer. And through the follow up process they will have come to know, like, and trust that you will lead them in the right direction when it comes to the products they should buy and the opportunities they should take advantage of. Suddenly getting someone to say yes to your business is as simple as asking would you like to join my business now? or Would you like to buy this product now? At this point It really doesn’t matter that much how you ask because the answer is almost always YES!

Of course we will go over presentation skills and how to package your products and opportunities to maximize a positive response in another series but just know that if you do what I’m going to show you now in this series the other stuff is almost irrelevant.

Once you’ve accomplished what you are going to learn over the next few days you will have reached the point of no return in this business. You will now be able to turn email messages into sales and signups when ever you decide to do so. You will now have an asset that can pay you for the rest of your career as long as you take care of it as I will explain in Part 5 of this series.

How To Succeed In Network Marketing

The reason I call this the point of no return is that once you experience making a full time income in your business by simply sending out a few emails every month you will be psychologically unemployable. You will know first hand how easy it is to build a business when you target the right market and deliver the right message directly to them. You will now see the true gold mine that exists in your business and you will know with certainty exactly how to extract that gold into your bank account. While everyone else just stares at the ground stomping around wishing some would show up on the surface for them you will be digging deep and cashing in on the true wealth of opportunity that exist for you in this business. And then one day not far from now you will come back to this place like I am with you and show these people what it is that you do to live the life of your dreams and how they can to. If you’ve made it this far I know something about you. You have what it takes to make this come true

So lets roll up our sleeves and get this job done!

Tomorrow we’ll begin from the start with Lesson One.

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Thats it for now….

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoy writing it

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