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Overcoming The Biggest Obstacle To Building Your MLM On The Internet

You're back...


I'm going to assume that means you are ready to learn an implement what I'm going to show you...

So let's get to it!

We have a lot of ground to cover today​ and...

We're going to make some serious progress by the time you complete this lesson

Once you've made it through this series you will have what you need to make your business work.
You'll have certainty knowing what needs to be done each day to create a profitable business online
The feelings of being lost and overwhelmed will know longer plague your progress toward freedom

​When you understand this process and have all the pieces in place anything becomes possible...

So we're going to start with that end in mind...

Before we get into the details of:

  • What to say
  • How to say it
  • And why it works

We need to take care of the biggest reason most people get stuck building their business online

Technical Overwhelm​

Let's face it, if you've never done this stuff before it can be a little daunting.

Especially if you pay any attention to the latest gizmos and gadgets being promoted as

"Must Have" tools of the trade...

Here's The Facts: There are only four things you really need to make this business work

And Guess What?

If you followed my instructions in the last post of this series you already have one of them

These are the four things people have been using to sell stuff on the Internet since its inception.

And will be the same four things that will always work as long as people continue to buy things online.

Once you have these things you will be ready to effectively market your business on the Internet.
There will be a slight learning curve as you get familiar with the things I'm about to show you.

But when you realize this is all there is to it, then those feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty will begin to fade away. Especially when you realize the only requirement for you to become effective at using these tools is to do just that. Use them and in time you will naturally begin to master them...

And using them is probably the easiest part as you will see once you get them set up...

It's the set up that tends to get people stuck

And that's why we're going to take care of that right now.

But don't worry I'm going to show you the easiest possible way to do this

So you won't get lost or overwhelmed in the process...

Are you ready?


Let's get to it

Remember the introduction to this series where we discovered that your business is dependent on the relationship you have with a targeted list of people who have asked you to communicate with them about what you have to offer?

Well, naturally once these people give you their email address and permission to talk with them you will need to have a system in place to keep these contacts organized and automatically follow up with them about your offers.

You can do this with a tool that combines the power of a CRM

(Customer Relationship Manager)

And an Autorespoder system.

Preferably one that has advanced automation capabilities and

Not just a simple calendar based sequential email autoresponder.

If what I just said doesn't make complete sense to you have no fear...

You are not alone 🙂

It's just a fancy way of saying:

  • You need something that can keep track of your contacts
  • That has the ability to send them the information they requested
  • That will automaticly build your relationship and influence with them
  • So that they will want to buy your products and joining your opportunity

After you Create Your Account go ahead and reply to the email that I sent this post in and let me know so I can send you a video that I made to walking you through exactly how I setup my account. That way you can implement the follow-up strategy I'll be teaching you later on in this series.

I'll also be be able to share some of the email templates that I use to build my automated email campaigns. Plus a few fully built automations that you can use right away once people start asking you for information about your business. Using the same program that I do will let me share the stuff that works for me and will make it easy for you to add it to your own system very quickly.

And don't worry if you already have a contact management system.

You'll be able to import your existing list into the system once you Create Your Account

After you work your way through this setup process and have all the pieces that you need

We'll start back from the beginning and walk you through how to use them

And teach you how to connect the dots between them and fill in any blank spaces...

So you are ready to put your message in front of your audience right away...

But before we move on to the next step go ahead and create your account now

I'll be right here when you get back 🙂

Ok so now that you have a place to keep your contacts organized and...

The ability to automatically followup with them about what you have to offer

You are going to need a way for these people to give you their contact info

You are also going to need a way to communicate the value that your business offers to them

There are 2 types of web pages that you need to be able to create in order to do that

The first are Conversion Pages

These special pages are solely focused on getting someone to take relationship changing actions...

Like giving you their contact info, buying your products, or joining your opportunity

These are the pages you will send people to when they are ready to take those actions.

when we walk back through these steps in the next post

I'll show you how to know when they are ready to do that

And Also...

How those pages can be automatically sent to them when the time is right

​But if all you ever do is ask people for stuff like:

  • Giving you their contact info
  • Giving You More Money
  • Or become your business partner

They may just start to ignore all communication coming from you

And we definitely don't want that to happen...

If you want to have a list of targeted prospects who are always happy and eager to take a look at the conversion pages you will be sending them. You are going to have to give a little more to the relationship than that...

To build up the relationship equity that you need to cash in on your list 

You will need another type of webpage...

We call them Content Pages

Now there are a variety of goals that we use Content pages to accomplish

And we will get into some of those later on...

But all of them work together for the common purpose of making your target market

Happy and eager to consider what you are offering them on your conversion pages...

Your Content Pages will be more focused on delivering information that will be valuable to your target market and that will actually help them get closer to their desires or farther away from the things that cause them pain like we discussed in the last post of this series.

You will use these pages to build the relationship you have with your list

And continually increase the influence and level of trust they have with you...

Month after Month

Year after Year...

You will send your target market to these pages before they give you their contact info

And in between every stage of your relationship such as

  • The first time they buy something that you are selling
  • When they trust you enough to buy more from you again
  • And when they decided to buy into your business opportunity

And remember all this will happen automatically for ever new contact that comes into your business.

So you will make these pages once and use them over and over automatically
To build trust and make sales from everyone who joins your list.
Doing this will allow you to build your business as big as you want
Without adding a ton of extra work for you as it continues to grow...

It's a pretty cool deal 🙂

And I know you're going to love it as much as I do...


Sometime I just sit here in completely amazed

Grinding from ear to ear 🙂

Thinking about how Awesome this stuff is

And how well it continues to work for me

Long after the initial effort it took to put this in place for my own business

​So on to the end of this step and to the beginning of your own amazing marketing machine

I have surprise for you when it comes to these last two things you need to make this all work...

You can get both of them setup for you in a matter of minutes from this one system...

It is the same system I use to create my pages and it's where I recommend you make yours too

When you create your account here

You get access to one of the most powerful, user friendly conversion page creators that exists

A Content Management System with all the upgrades you will need
to begin creating compelling content pages right out of the box...

Plus since we'll be using the same system to create our pages...

I'll be able to share some of the same pages I use

To get people asking me about my business

As well as compel them to buy the products I sell

And join the opportunities that I promote online

Some of them you might want to change a little to fit your business

But a lot of them you could start using right away

To get people on your list that fit your target market.

And when you are ready to create your own pages...

There are a ton of cool templates to get your started

As you can see...

When you use the system that I do to create your pages

You will get a lot of extra useful stuff that you simply can't get using any other platform.

One of them that I'll be talking about in the next post is going to make creating your content pages

ALOT easier...

And thats important because those are the pages

That are going to make your prospects love you and want to buy everything you have to sell...

There are a TON of other benefits you will get from using that system

Besides the ones I just mentioned but we'll talk about the rest some other time...

You'll see what I mean once you are on the inside...

So if you haven't already created your account

Go ahead and do that now...

As usual I'll be here when you get back 🙂

Once you have that setup you will be in possession of every tool you need to make this work

You will have officially overcome the technical overwhelm trap

And you will be ready to move onto the next step

Where I'll walk you through how to use them...

How they work together...

And how to use them to build a business that creates true freedom of time and money in your life.

So have some fun...

Get familiar with the tools you now have access to

Go through any tutorials that are available for them

And get ready for the next post in this series...

Because It's GO TIME!

And we're going to begin doing all the stuff we've been talking about

You're going to start seeing the results that you've been looking for

Once we build your marketing machine...

So get some rest (if you can)

Tomorrow is a BIG day...

I'll see ya then

-Kris Darty
Your Sales And Marketing Samurai