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6 Steps You Must Take To Successfully Build Your MLM On The Internet

If you've been in a network marketing business for any length of time and have seriously considered making a full time income from it then you’ve probably wondered if there was a way to do network marketing online and get your products and opportunity in front of more people faster than you can doing what most network marketing companies teach you to do offline.

Personally I struggled for years to create a significant income from my business. I simply didn’t know enough people that were interested in what I had to offer. And trying to turn a conversation with complete strangers into an opportunity to pitch them on my business just wasn’t working out for me that well. Even if it had worked, there just wasn’t enough hours in the day to meet the amount of people it would take to create the type of walk away income that I had signed up for in the first place.

Then one day I decide to do a little research to see if there was a way to get my message in front of more people using the internet. And thats when I discovered the steps I’m going to show you in this Blog series right now.

These are the same steps I’ve personally used to go from being a broke unemployed construction worker barley surviving on $600/month to having months where I’ve made over $50,000 from my Network Marketing business leveraging the power of the internet. It sounds crazy I know but once you learn the steps to unlock the true potential of your opportunity your life will never be the same again.

You probably were not planning to sit down and read a whole book on marketing right now. So I’m not going to cover every detail of the formula in this post. Instead I’m going to give you an overview of how it works now and then over the next few days I’ll cover each step in greater detail and show you how you can get started using it to build your business right away.

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So how do you turn strangers into customers and business partners on the internet?

Well it’s not that much different from how you would do it offline. But it is a lot more efficient as well as effective and can be done on a scale that in the physical world is literally impossible. Remember there are only so many home meeting you can hold a day and only so many one on one presentations you can give in the hours you have between work and sleep.

But what if you could clone yourself or your most effective upline leader an infinite number of times and have them go to work for you full time without ever taking a break for anything, not even to sleep? You think you would start to sell more products and sign up more reps in your business?

Well thats exactly what you are going to learn to do leveraging the power of this virtual world that we are all becoming more and more a part of everyday.

So lets get started…

Step 1 should sound a bit familiar to you but stay with me cause your reality is about to shift a little when I explain why your upline was actually right when they told you the first thing you should do if you want to build your business is to….

Make A List

MLM List Building

But I’m not talking about writing down everyone you know on a yellow legal pad… You’ve probably been through that excersise more times then you or your family and friends ever wants to remember. Now that you’ve found this training manual you will not be “Making” any more lists. Instead we are going to “BUILD” one. Except this list is not going to be made up of a bunch of random people that you’ve had contact with throughout your life who more than likely have ZERO interest in what you have to offer. Not because what you have isn’t good it’s just not something they where activley looking for when you decided to tell them about it. And there in lies one of the most important rules of marketing your business online.

"Only talk to the people who are actively
looking for what you have to offer"

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the sudden EVERYONE you talk to about your business was genuinely interested in what you have to share with them? You think you could make more sales and sign up more reps if you didn’t have to talk to anyone until they had already asked you to tell them about your products or business? These are obviously rhetorical questions and the answers are a definite YES. But you are probably thinking, well of course I would sell more products and signup more reps but how in the world am I ever going to have a conversation with anyone if I only talk to people who ask me to talk to them first? Which brings us to our next Big Idea.

"Stop Marketing to your Network and Start Targeting your Market"

The fact is that not everyone is in the market looking for what you can offer them right now. And that’s perfectly fine. This is something that we need to accept if we are going to make this our profession and treat it like the business that it is. We must detach from the idea that EVERYONE needs our products or opportunity and begin to focus on the people that actually want them. Instead of waisting all your time and energy “seeing” if people “might” be interested in what you have to offer you simply identify the people that are definitly interested or have a very high potential to be interested based on their current interests and past behaviors. This is really the first step in what is know as Target Marketing and is what we like to call….

Identifying Your Target Market

How To Prospect Network Marketing Distributors

Believe it or not there are actually ways to predict with a high level of certainty the probability someone has to purchase your product or join your opportunity. Not only can you predict their level of interest before you ever speak to them you can also find out where these people will be on a daily basis and get a message in front of them that will compel them to ask you for information about what you have to offer. In the next post I’m going to show you exactly how this is done as well as give you the tools that you need to make it happen. So don’t worry if this sounds a little crazy right now. Once you receive the next part of this series it will make complete sense and you will be ready to get your message in front of your perfect audience right away.

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Once you have determined who your target market is, how to distinguish them from the rest of the world, and figured out where they hangout online. It’s time to get them asking you for information about what you have to offer. We do this by first offering them something related to the category of your product or opportunity that they would find valuable in exchange for their contact information and permission to further communicate with them about how what you have can help them get what they want.

Network Marketing Online

We call this thing that they value a Lead Magnet or Customer Bait and is usually requested through a webpage that is often referred to as a Lead Capture Page, Squeeze Page, Or Opt in Page. But regardless of what words are used to describe the process, at this point you'll have double confirmed that the people requesting information are interested in what we are offering and that they want you to talk to them about it.

I’ll go into greater detail about what you will be offering them in order to provoke their request and how to get the webpages setup that you’ll need to deliver it in part 3 of this series. For now just know that this is how you will get the right people asking you for information about your business and is the mechanism that you will use to begin Building the List that I referred to earlier in this post.

Is There Money In Your List?

You may have heard it said that “The Money Is In The List.” And there is some truth to that phrase but whether there is money in your list or not really depends on who is on your list and what type of relationship you have with them. Since you are going to be building your list exclusively with people in your target market that have already shown interest in what you can offer them, the good news is that half the formula is already taken care of. You have the right people on your list so now what?

The real money is not just in having the right people on your list it is in the relationship you have with those people and your ability to influence their decision to buy something or not. You may have heard before that “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up” and it is as true online than it is anywhere else. There are a lot of reasons why follow up is so important and we’ll get into some of those in part 4 of this series but the 2 main ones are familiarity or the law of multiple exposures and the increased influence you can build with someone over time that will make it easier and easier for them to want to pay attention to your message and take your recommendations as it relates to products that you offer.

How To Close Network Marketing Leads

This is why most home businesses encourage you to focus on your “Warm Market” but as we’ve already discussed your warm market (family and friends) although they may be more inclined to listen to you than a complete stranger aren’t really your target market. So our goal with the follow up stage of this process is to turn your target market into your warm market. This is were you will focus the majority or your time and effort as it will yield the highest return on investment for you business. Because at this point you will now have an ever increasing list of targeted prospects who have asked you to talk to them about what you have to offer. And through the follow up process they will have come to know, like, and trust that you will lead them in the right direction when it comes to the products they should buy and the opportunities they should take advantage of. Suddenly getting someone to say yes to your business is as simple as asking would you like to join my business now? or Would you like to buy this product now? At this point It really doesn’t matter that much how you ask because the answer is almost always YES!

Of course we will go over presentation skills and how to package your products and opportunities to maximize a positive response in another series but just know that if you do what I’m going to show you now in this series the other stuff is almost irrelevant.

Once you’ve accomplished what you are going to learn over the next few days you will have reached the point of no return in this business. You will now be able to turn email messages into sales and signups when ever you decide to do so. You will now have an asset that can pay you for the rest of your career as long as you take care of it as I will explain in Part 5 of this series.

How To Succeed In Network Marketing

The reason I call this the point of no return is that once you experience making a full time income in your business by simply sending out a few emails every month you will be psychologically unemployable. You will know first hand how easy it is to build a business when you target the right market and deliver the right message directly to them. You will now see the true gold mine that exists in your business and you will know with certainty exactly how to extract that gold into your bank account. While everyone else just stares at the ground stomping around wishing some would show up on the surface for them you will be digging deep and cashing in on the true wealth of opportunity that exist for you in this business. And then one day not far from now you will come back to this place like I am with you and show these people what it is that you do to live the life of your dreams and how they can to. If you’ve made it this far I know something about you. You have what it takes to make this come true

So lets roll up our sleeves and get this job done!

Tomorrow we’ll begin from the start with Lesson One.

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Thats it for now….

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoy writing it

And I look forward to talking with you tommorow….

All The Best Without The Stress
I'm Simply Blessed...

You new BIMF (Best Internet Marketing Friend)
-Kris Darty

MLM Trainer Kris Darty

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How I Became A 6 Figure Celebrity in 7 Months On The Internet

 After only 7 months it’s hard to believe we’ve come this far. Me and Jessica just got back from the first Empower Network live event in Atlanta, GA. “Don’t be a Wussy 2012” and as I sit here and write this I can’t help but to be completely amazed at what has taken place since we started this journey less than a year ago.

As many of you already know, prior to getting to know David Wood and plugging into the empower network, I was a broke unemployed construction work from Detroit, MI barley surviving on a fixed income of only $600/month. I was a high school drop out who had never done anything outside of being a carpenter and failing at a few MLM deals along the way.

When I first came online I had no idea how to market and I certainly didn’t know how to setup websites and all the rest of the technical stuff you need to have in place if you are going to make lots of money on the internet.

Yet somehow I’ve managed to make my way into the heart of the most powerful internet marketing mastermind that exists and bring in close to $100,000 in less than a year starting from 0. All I can say is WOW. In the last 7 month with the empower network alone me and my wife have made over $75,000 starting with a list of only 200. Up until the empower network I’ve never made over $40,000 in a year and now I’m on track to be making more than that every month because of the system we have in the empower network.

So back to the story. I’ve never been good with social settings around a lot of people. I don’t know why but they always give me anxiety so I really didn’t know what to expect when we got to Atlanta. But it really was one of the coolest weeks I’ve ever had.

Me and Jessica got in Wednesday and just hung out and made some videos before the big event. Thursday we were invited to a “leaders only” mastermind retreat at one of the most beautiful pieces of property I think I’ve ever been to.

At empower network we’ve attracted some pretty high rollers and my friend Tom McMurrain is one of them. Him and his wife opened their 300 acre ranch to the leaders of empower to enjoy a full day of intense mastermind sessions and just some great conversations.

Kris Darty Empower Network Inner CircleThey picked us up in a stretch hummer and drove us to the ranch where we got to hang out with people like Arron & Sofia Rashkin, David Wood, David Sharpe, Tracey Walker, Lawrence Tam, Chuck Marshall, Mark Call, Raven Starre, Rob Fore, Tony Rush, Jon Mroz, Simon Stepsys, and a few more anonymous awesome individuals.

We got to eat dinner with the Rashkins who in the last 4 years have brought in over 3 million in commissions from just one of their income streams. It was really cool to hear their story and how they do their thing. But it was even more insightful just to get to know them as a person along with the rest of the leaders.

Aaron Sofia Rashkin Empower Network Inner Circle

We realize more and more especially since we are one among them that there isn’t anything extra ordinary about these people besides they decided awhile ago that they were going to make it work no matter what it took and so they did.

I can speak from experience now that I’m on the other side of things and I have made a lot of money doing what others only talk about. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE once you decide what you want and that you are going to get it.

Our story is a living one that continues to develop with every hour and what’s amazed me the most is how things just seem to fall in place and come together in a way you couldn’t plan if you tried, once you make the decision that you are going to make this business work for you no matter what.

Of course we hear this expressed in different ways all the time and it is true. But I happen to know the one who controls the future and I’m just so thankful that he is working on my behalf to bring us to where he wants us to be in life and to use us as an instrument to be a blessing to others as we grow into the children he wants us to be. “Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.” (1 Timothy 1:17)

If you are sick of sitting by watching as others are having the success you’ve been working on for ever then put your info into the form on the side of this post and get plugged into the real inner circle. Having gone through the process of starting from nothing to a six month celebrity in this industry I know exactly what it takes to get you to where you want to be. Once you are on the inside you’ll get instant access to the video that started me on the path that I now walk. Everyone that seen this had to sign an NDA before they could get to it. And in 6 months that group of 30 people turned into 30,000 and got paid over $6,000,000 (yes million).

Now there is more to this story but I’ll send you that once you are on the other side. Keep an eye on your inbox as the saga continues.
Kris Jessica Darty Empower Network

Till we meet again : )

All the Best Without The Stress
I’m Simply Blessed
Kris Darty
Internet Marketing Anomaly

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The Empower Network 30 Days $20,000 and a Whole Lot of Exposure

The Empower Network LifestyleWhen I first heard of the concepts behind The Empower Network from David Wood I had been marketing online for less than 4 months. From the beginning of my journey I had plugged into Dave Wood’s Training, The Perpetual Funnel System and was getting what seemed to be some abnormal results for my online efforts. Unlike many of Dave Wood’s students I for one actually caught on and implemented some of what he was trying to teach me. Only using around 20% of what I learned I was able to sell $8390 in affiliate products, brought in over $4,000 in commissions and won a luxury cruise for me and my wife from one of the companies me and Dave are partners in my first month marketing online. I used that initial success to leverage my way to having more influence and exposure which in turn resulted in more sales and commissions. This was part of the marketing plan I learned from Dave Wood’s training. One of the secrets to excelorating your exposure in any market is to get the attention of someone with allot of influence and give them a good reason to promote you. Since most of the income I made my first couple of month came from selling Daves course I had learned how to market from, naturally he had a hard time not noticing all the money I was making him. Especially since I made it a point to reply to every commission notification I was sent from him. It didn’t take long for me to find out he was telling me the truth when he said to me that making money online is easy once you understand how it works. One of the things I discovered along the way which is the reason David Wood created The Empower Network is most people simply dont poses the skills or technical knowledge they need to run a successful online empire.

The Empower Network Excelorates Everything

Since most of the technical as well as phycological sales skills are taken care of for you with the empower network, the rate at which your business can grow is exclelorated exponentially. Because I learned the secret science of creating trafic in the few months prior to The Empower Network launch I was able to take that one skill I had just learned and turn it into my first $20,000 month online. I started out that first month with a list of less than 200 “leads” I had managed to accumulate from the prior 4 months of marketing. At the end of that first 30 days I had multiplied my list by over 5 times, closing out the month with over 1,000 subscribers to my email list. The reason I mention this is to emphasize the power of a compounding progressive story and influence that results from increased exposure online. Most people that join the empower network really never quite understand the depth of value it has to offer. There are so many profitable aspects of the empower network that have yet to be realized. But one obvious one I had the opportunity to benefit from my first month as an empower network member is the massive amount of exposure that it offeres to anyone who gets serious and creates some results in their empower network business. Because I had created some success in the empower network I was mentioned in almost all the webinar presentations and training calls that first month. I was also interviewed as one of the leaders insidethe empower network and that interview became part of the inner circle training membership that all inner circle members have access to. I was invited to be the first trainer in the empower networks exclusive The Empower Network Success System15k per month formula webinar series that is now sold for $250. This didn’t happen by accident as it was the vision of the founders David Wood and David Sharpe to make The Empower Network a community that gave it’s members the exposure that they need to dramatically increase their profitability online. Although it is not talked about that often it is one of the most valuable things that the empower network offers.

The Empower Network Newbie Nation (AKA The WoW Network)

In the short amount of time I had been marketing online one thing I realized is that there were allot of new people trying to figure out this online marketing mystery with little to no success. This had been bothering me for sometime as I kept running into folks that were working hard but getting nowhere fast. I had just started to create a solution for my team which I called The WoW Network when Dave first told me about the project he had been working on called The Empower Network. Since It seemed he was going in the same direction I was I decided to put my project on hold to see what his turned out to be. The Empower Network shortens the learning curve more than anything else I’ve ever seen online but it didn’t take long to realize that although new marketers have higher odds to be successful with this platform than anything else available there is still some basic and somewhat advanced information that most folks were missing that would enable them to use the empower network to it’s full potential. This is one of the main reasons I created The WoW (Wealth of Wisdom) Network. Because it wasn’t to long ago I was brand new to internet marketing I am very familiar with what “new people” need to start seeing results in their business. I’ve made it a point to Empower Network Newbie Nationmastermind with the most successful and influential marketers online and have distilled their knowledge and experience as well as my own into a “Wealth of Wisdom” that gives Newbies the info and resources they need to be in profit ASAP. Our team has become a self supporting and self promoting community that every member is able to leverage not only to get the info they need to succeed but also use as an incentive to encourage others to join them in business along with the rest of the team.

P.S. If you are new to internet marketing or are looking for a way to get your new people started right and profitable I’d encourage you to Join The Newbie Nation were our #1 priority is to make sure every member is running a profitable business from the start. Leverage the strengths of the team and together we will build something great.

The Empower Network

All The Best Without the Stress

I’m Simply Blessed

Kris Darty – Founding Member of The Empower Network



The Empower Network – Why David Wood Gave Me A Nude Massage

the empower networkTrue Story, David Wood actually gave me, along with 3 other founding members of The Empower Network a nude massage the week following a secret meeting that took place in Orlando Florida were he revealed for the first time in history the Power of Leveraged 100% commissions. You see initially the plan to rid the internet marketing industry of the tyranny of guru oppression and to empower network marketers to make Guru money without having to be one was plotted to take place the week following this historical mastermind meeting. As we fought to bring real lasting freedom to those who followed this ideal we were also met with great resistance from the forces of evil internet oppressors that would rather have the vast majority of “new would be marketers” subjected to an endless loop of  training courses and affiliate programs were they made all the money and you were left with a half empty feeling wondering what else you were missing. The Empower Network had begun with much attempt of sabotage from these same oppressive product launching professionals. These are the reasons The Empower Network was forced to delayed its delivery of 100% commission creation to the hard-working and hungry host of grass-roots entrepreneurs that had believed for some time that there was a better way to build lasting wealth than giving their life over to some faceless corporation only to be left with a meager hope of someday maybe being able to retire and live out their golden years on 60% of what they previously had barely survived on. You are probably wondering what this has to do with a nude massage by David Wood and this will be revealed but first let us discover the reasons for the resistance to The Empower Network.

The Empower Network Creates anti-dependent Entrepreneurs

The Empower Network SolutionUp until The Empower Network came onto the internet marketing scene most of the people were divided by this question, Who is your “Guru”? And basically that boiled down to who do you buy an endless amount of stuff from. Don’t get me wrong some of the products that are offered online have some good information but that’s all it is. So the general pattern was buy info, go through it, try it a little, realize it takes a lot of technical know how and experience to actually do some of the things in the course, be confused, and finally once a new info product comes out buy that and repeat the process. While this may not have been the intention of the Guru’s it soon became the #1 business model of the “leaders” inside the industry. And the ignorance of the people began to be the asset of the “guru”. Whether consciously or unconsciously this lead to a situation were the advantageous business model actually included  keeping people “in the dark” at least until they bought everything. Tired of seeing this process repeat and feed up with people in the Make Money industry not making any money David Wood set out to create a process so powerful that even a brand new aspiring marketer could plug into and be in profit almost immediately. No longer do they need a Guru to show them the way. They have the way to make guru money without the guru or being one themselves. In the past people were switching from offline rat race to online rat race were they worked real hard to get ahead not knowing that the system itself was broken and wasn’t really designed to facilitate freedom of time and money. Just like an employer pays just enough to keep you coming back everyday, so the affiliate marketing industry paid just enough of the sale to maybe cover your expenses and hopefully make a buck or two. This resulted in a constant struggle and journey to find another program to add to your long list of things that you sell hoping that another thing would somehow solve the problem. The Empower Network ended to need for a never-ending list of new products to promote since it pays you 100% of the sale just like the guru’s have enjoyed for years. Making this kind of money and having it directly deposited into your bank account facilitates the ability to accelerate your business and outsource the things you were forced to endure in the past due to your need to save every dime possible. Now you have true freedom to be creative and plan for future growth and development instead of desperately trying to make a sale just to cover your costs. The secret formula for guru success is now available to all internet marketers. What Secret you may ask ? 100% Commissions, capital to reinvest, the ability to outsource, the power to leverage affiliates, and finally the lack of pressure that a profitable business affords so one can think clearly about future growth and development. The Empower Network removes the need for these aforementioned Gurus and leaves them racing for reasons and ways to resist this revolution of real entrepreneurs that are sick of serving imaginary empires.

The Beginning of a Newbie Revolution Began With The Empower Network

Empower Network

Now that the chains of marketing darkness have been lifted a revolution has begun inside The Empower Network. Newbies from all walks of life have banded together to form an alliance to overcome the powers of gurudom forever. We defy the nature of marketing history and laugh at large lists. Our Secrets we will not reveal to anyone who has not sworn the oath of the Empower Network Newbie Nation. Our results speak for themselves and everyone that has joined our cause. Our goal is simple: To fulfill the purpose the Empower Network was created for by truly empowering new marketers or those that had not previously profited from their online endeavors to finally get paid for their efforts and make the reasons they started this journey a reality at last. Join The Empower Network Newbie Revolution and take a stand with the #1 Newbie and his band of awesome online optimists who now posses the power to look someone in the eye with all certainty when they ask “have you made any money?” and say YES I HAVE!

So What Happened to The Empower Network Nude Massage ?

Ok if you’ve made it this far you have just experienced part of the hidden secrets of Kris Darty’s code of content creation only revealed to those who have joined us and been sworn to secrecy to enter our Inner Circle Chamber of Converse. How was he able to drop his alexa score worldwide under 100,000 with only 23 posts ? How was he able to make over $1000 per post when others have thousands of posts and have yet to make $1000 ? The Secrets of the Empower Network Newbie Nation are reserved for those that Join Us. So after a week of non stop battle with the forces of guru darkness the few faithful founding members of the Empower Network were exhausted. We had worn out our desk chairs and ran out of coffee. Having been up all night, at around 6:00am David Wood declared that we all needed a break from the battle and that we had earned the right to a nude massage which he gave us. Now before this spread to far lets Empower Network Trainingclarify the story. After the declaration David Wood called room service and scheduled an hour rub down at the resort spa for each member of the round table which included Kris and Jessica Darty, Cynthia “The Social Cowgirl”, David Sharpe, and of course David Wood Himself. That day we defeated the enemy and began the revolution we now know as The Empower Network starting with the #1 Member of the Empower Network, yours truly, Kris Darty.

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The Empower Network

All the Best without the Stress

I’m Simply Blessed,
Kris Darty
#1 Member of The Empower Network

Empower Network – The Plug and Play Perpetual Funnel System

David Wood’s Empower Network

The Plug and Play Perpetual Funnel System

The Empower Network David Woods Perpetual Funnel System

Now Enters The Empower Network. After having so much success with The Perpetual Funnel System I have been getting a considerable amount of people contacting me asking if I think they should buy The Perpetual Funnel System. Others who have already gone through it want to know how they can use it to get the same results that I have. Implementing about 12 % of what I learned in The Perpetual Funnel System I was able to make $4000 and win a luxury cruise my first month. Since then I’ve enjoyed daily commissions of $300 deposited directly into my bank account. I’ve had several $900 days and weeks were I’ve made close to $3000. Although I’ve seen others enjoying similar results with the perpetual funnel system I also noticed a slight trend of participants that hadn’t quite put all the pieces together. This is understandable since The Perpetual Funnel System is an advanced marketing course and the Actual Process that David Wood used to go from being homeless to making 80,000 a month in less than 2 years. Going through The Perpetual Funnel System You may have heard David Wood mention a project he was working on to empower network marketers as well as affiliate marketers to have their own products they could get paid 100% commissions on the day they make the sale without having to actually create the products. After almost a year of intensive labor and tens of thousands of dollars invested in an idea that would soon bring real lasting financial freedom and empower network marketers to be able to make money like the “gurus” do without having to be one The Empower Network was born.

The Empower Network Enables Online Marketers to Use all The Elements of The Perpetual Funnel System Without Having to Build it Themselves.

Although I’ve made a decent amount of cash with The Perpetual Funnel System I still hadn’t implemented more than 20% of the process David Wood used to make over 80,000/month. To be honest there is a lot of setup involved in creating an effective and efficient cash extracting process. That’s why I decided to Join The Empower Network. I don’t know about you but building a powerful Blog Site that is set up for automatic SEO and viral social back linking, creating an irresistible offer and optin form, writing awesome autoresponders that people actually open and buy stuff from, creating sales videos that convert like crazy, and having some very valuable products at different price points that I could sell for 100% commissions was a bit of a challenge to say the least. Besides just being a genius one of the reasons David Wood was able to create such an effective perpetual funnel system was because he was a full-time marketer from day one. He had the time to test and tweak every aspect of his process until it created cash on demand whenever he gave the command. Along with David Sharpe who is one of the absolute best copywriters in the industry David Wood has built a process that incorporates every aspect of The

Empower Network 100% Commissions by the perpetual funnel systemPerpetual Funnel System including the 100% commission model that anyone can leverage to create their own residual fortune in online marketing. The Empower Network really is a done for you perpetual funnel system with a simple process that if followed consistently produces the highest yield of conversions and cash this industry has ever seen.

The Empower Network Plugs My New Partners Into
The Perpetual Funnel System From Day One

Since implementing what I learned in The Perpetual Funnel System was responsible for my success naturally I encourage my new Partners to go through it and start building their own perpetual Funnel. While this seems logical the truth is most people just don’t get it. When I seen what was in The Empower Network I almost cried because I new that now there were no more barriers to success between my new recruits and them actually realizing their dreams. The Empower Network enables me and my partners to get paid like an expert marketer by leveraging the Marketing experience and Skills of the absolute highest paid and most effective marketing minds in this industry. Oh and did I mention 100% Commissions ? Now I can look my prospects in the eye with all confidence knowing what I have to offer them and say JUST GET IN ! When your partners are making Thousands of Dollars their first monthThe Perpetual Funnel System Empower Network online, prospecting will become a breeze and retention really won’t be an issue anymore. The Empower Network is not just the best solution it’s a revolution of real entrepreneurs who are sick of the constant crap they get from “leaders” who just want to sell them their stuff and then sell them some more stuff. The Purpose of The Empower Network is to give YOU the process that makes the most money and show you some simple things to do to start bringing in the cash ASAP.

P.S. To get 100% commissions deposited directly into your bank account
the minute the transaction is made Join The Empower Network NOW.

The Empower Network

All The Best Without The Stress

I’m Simply Blessed

Kris Darty

Founding Member of The Empower Network- JUST GET IN !

The Perpetual Funnel System / Learn copywriting Don’t Copy my Writing

The Perpetual Funnel System

Learn Copywriting Don’t Copy my Writing

The Perpetual Funnel System by David Wood

As most of you may already know I promote The Perpetual Funnel System more than any other online marketing training course. The reason being that The Perpetual Funnel System is one of the biggest contributors to the rapid success that I have had online. In days 4-5 of The Perpetual Funnel System my partner David Wood goes over Creating Sales Permanence and Basic Language Patterns for Creating Influence. This is were I learned how to tap into my own natural ability to comunicate and Write Copy that Creates Influence which in turn results in Sales Permanence. Although The Perpetual Funnel System is not a course focused primarily on Copywriting, if you translate what is taught about sales and influence onto paper or I guess it would be onto screen, than you have a formula that is very powerful and can result in the traffic you learn to create on day 3 of The Perpetual Funnel System turning into Sales Subscribers and Signups into your business.

How to Copy my results from what I learned in The Perpetual Funnel System.

The Perpetual Funnel System BlueprintSince I started implementing the principals taught in The Perpetual Funnel System I’ve been able to do some pretty amazing things. For Example I made $4000 and won a luxury cruise my first month marketing online. I had several days were I made $900 for things I did 2 months prior. In fact last week I made $2800 from just one affiliate program which came as a result of the perpetual traffic frames I’ve implemented into my business and my Website. Obviously these results are not that common among newly established internet marketers. So naturally folks not experiencing the same results are looking for a way to “replicate” my success into their own lives. At first I was somewhat reluctant to promote the information that enabled me to achieve the rapid success that I have enjoyed. But since then I have conclude that there is enough wealth to go around and that I really do want to see people succeed and produce the income that they want in their business. That is the reason I’ve been so redundant in my promotion of The Perpetual Funnel System. Well, there has been a significant amount of folks that have taken my advice and have gotten the information they need to create success in their business through The Perpetual Funnel System. One of the things I’ve noticed is that some folks think they will be able to “duplicate” my sucess simply by purchasing the course. Once they realized that purchasing it did not produce the income I’ve enjoy they sought to uncover what else I did after I purchased it. They soon discovered my marketing method of choice is content marketing. So they figured why not give it a whirl, it seems to be working for Kris Darty. While I think this method of marketing is the most efficient and efective I do not think you can get the same results by completely copying someone else’s copy.

The Perpetual Funnel System teaches you why you should not Copy my My Copy

The Perpetual Funnel System Cruise

The whole point of The Perpetual Funnel System is not to teach you to be a “splogger” but to create your own unique sales process which is different and that displays your unique personality and style. Much of the content coming out these days from Perpetual Funnel System Students appears to be complete or partial copies of the content I’ve written on the subject. While I am somewhat flattered that they think my content is good enough to copy, I don’t see how this “copy-writing” is going to pay off for them in the long run. While content scraping may result in a few quick commissions there is long term effects it will have on your business image as well as your ranking with google. Not to mention it’s aggravating to the people you are copying. Originality has been a major contributor to my traffic and the ranking of my content. The Perpetual Funnel System encourages folks to be themselves. That’s what is attractive to others of like mind or sentiment. If you try to be someone you are not you will soon find your self not able to sustain the “image” because that’s all it is. Once you attract the folks that are drawn to that persona you will have a hard time keeping them engaged simply because it’s not natural to try and be someone you are not. I would encourage to be original and be yourself. That is what makes you stand out form the mob of people online trying to get extra ordinary results from doing ordinary things like adding your name to someone else’s content and calling it your own. Copy Concepts, Copy Processes, Copy Platforms, But by all means don’t Copy Copy. The Perpetual System has the recipe and the ingredients to create great wealth online but we must bake our cake with creativity if we want to build our brand and bring home “the bacon”.

PS If you haven’t got the goods yet, pick up The Perpetual Funnel System before the Cart Closes.

PPS to get inside information from The Perpetual Funnel System Society fill out the form at the top of this page.The Perpetual Funnel System with Kris Darty

All the Best without the Stress
I’m Simply Blessed : ) – Kris Darty
Original Participant of The Perpetual Funnel System

My Syndication Secrets : How 2 posts Doubled my Traffic this Month

My Syndication Secrets
How 2 posts Doubled my Traffic in one Month

From the day I began to blog, my traffic has continued to increase with every passing hour. Before the first 3 months had past my blog received over 225,000 hits, dropped it’s alexa score below 150,000 worldwide and 20,000 in the US (thats really good by the way). I had days were I received over 14,000 hits.My first month I made around $4000 in commissions, and won a luxury cruise. All this was done with only 22 posts. Although this may seem like some strange unnatural anomaly, I assure you it was not an accident. Unlike most aspiring network marketing bloggers by the grace of God I was plugged into the right information from day one. There is just simply a right way and a wrong way to do the right thing. Now if you have begun to blog as part of your marketing strategy let me assure you that there is not a more long lasting effective way to promote you and what you offer. But more than likely you are still kinda unsure about how to get traffic with this stuff we call content. Obviously the first page of google is gold, but how do you get what you create to land on that page with predictable consistency? Some people have made some great valuable content. But no one knows it exists simply because they don’t have the right tools and knowledge to promote that content to the coveted “fist page”. I get emails and phone calls daily from folks wanting to know “my secret”. Well I do have several very powerful “secrets” that I reserve for my subscribers and of course my inner circle team. So I always encourage folks when they write or call to make sure they are on my email list so they can get access to this top secret information. I’ve been know to let some of these secrets slip from time to time on my blog and this post is one of those times. This is one of the few posts I have not optimized for the search engines. Mainly because when everyone knows what I do it makes my job a little harder and I don’t want that. So since you obviously got here from another avenue I’m guessing you already know me and we have at least some sort of relationship. If you haven’t filled out the form on this site yet and joined my list of friends, then I would encourage you to do that now. That way you will get the rest of the story that I don’t usually publish here on my blog.

One of my front line Syndication Secrets

Supercharge your Syndication with WP Syndicator

Most of my Syndication is done through automation. I set things up and from then on all I have to do is write good content. So whats the difference between when I push the publish button and when most other bloggers push the publish button ? Well its the tools I have in place that automatically do my off page seo for me. This Syndication Plugin I went over is one of the first steps in my automation atom bomb I drop every time I push PUBLISH. It is super powerful right out of the box but if you want the advanced automation algorithm I have in place that multiplies the effect of this tool thousands of times then you should definitely join the WoW network by filling in the form at the top of the page. Get plugged in and leave the world were ranking is difficult and enter the world were google is your friend. Pick up WP Syndicator right now and get the rest of the story in your inbox by clicking HERE.

P.S. If you haven’t got this course yet you are literally leaving money on the table everyday you market without it. Last week alone it made me $2,800 from things I did 2 months ago which I learned in The Course.

P.P.S For a chance join my inner circle team and get access to every secret I use to do things like double my traffic from the previous month just by writing 2 blog posts and having days were I make $900 from one affiliate program while spending time with my family then Click Here and lets get started.
community blogging sites online netwok marketing


All the Best without the Stress I’m Simply Blessed,
Kris Darty – That Awesome MLM Guy
Syndication Superman : )

Email Me

The Truth About Your Email List | Kris Darty’s Apology and Confession

I made This Video today to apologies to my Email List of loyal subscribers. I know what it’s like to wonderEmail List if there is something missing in your business. Although it is fun sometimes to fill out the form a push the button, most people don’t necessarily need to join an email list just to get “extra email” that isn’t filled with unique valuable information. Over the last few months I’ve been able to discover some really powerful marketing methods that have produced some amazing results. And to be honest I have been very hesitant to share this information with anyone, even my own email list. Everyone I’ve let in on these secret marketing strategies has dramatically increased their traffic and rankings in the search engines. I’ve also had some folks take what I’ve taught them and intentionally attempt to compete with me for some of the things I target. This makes my work a little harder, and I don’t want that. So I’ve decided to keep this information exclusively to myself and the people who have decided to partner with me in one way or another. Since my email list of subscribers have been extra patient with the ridiculous amount of swipe copy and duplicate auto-responder messages coming from my Aweber account, I’m counting them as partners with access to the highly classified information that enabled me to dominate every keyword I’ve targeted and brought in some pretty serious cash for putting forth a pretty insignificant amount of effort.

Kris Darty’s Confession to his email list is also a message to the marketing community

My message to the community is that there is no magic auto-responder you can acquire that will bring you success with your email list. Although the skill of copywriting is important and effective, the basic principle of attraction maketing is that people want to work with other people they Know, Like, and Trust. If you do not comunicate to your email list personally and they are receiving the same inpersonal communications from 20 other people who also did not put forth the effort to actually comunicate to their email list of loyal subscribers you should not be expecting your marketing to have any real effect as it relates to relationship building. This is pretty important since we are in the Relationship business. I know it takes time to write email to your list, but you probably already write a few everyday anyways. Why not write one to your entire email list and multiply your efforts by reaching more people with the same message. If you are new and feel sick thinking about having to write your own auto-responders, do not despair. We all have to start some where so relax, if you are not ready to take that step it’s ok. Just don’t Email Listexpect to get much of a response from the same message that your email list is more than likely getting from 20 other people. If you can just change things a little bit you will stand out from the rest. You could start with the subject line and make them more personal and engaging. Change at least the first paragraph of the message to something of a more personal nature with your personality displayed. As you get more comfortable changing things up you will start to notice a higher response to your messages. After a while of seeing that people are responding to YOU and not the canned crap, you should be able to easily transition to regularly writing your “email list” in a way thats engaging so that having an email list actually becomes useful.

An invitation to Kris Darty’s Classified Top Secret information Email List

Whether or not you decide to offer unique value to your email list or not you should seriously consider filling out the form at the top of the page that says “I’m Ready for the TRUTH” if you haven’t already done so. Over the next couple of months I am going to be sharing with my email list the secrets to not only my rapid results but also insider information that makes some of my partners be able to make $3000-$5000 everyday on autopilot once they employ these ultra effective and little know strategies. We are literally on the brink of a complete industry shift. At this time I am not able to share specifics about whats going to transpire over the next 6 months but I can say that if you miss this info you will miss the biggest opportunities for fast wealth creation this industry has ever seen. My email list of subscribers will literally be the first in the world to know about whats happening in this online network marketing Makeover as well as the most powerful tools and strategies to capitalise on whats coming up. Why wait ? I will not be recycling my subscribers through an email list of repeat sales messages. Once this information gets sent out there will be no other way to access it unless it’s in your inbox or you are part of my inner circle marketing mastermind team. So get inside and lets take over and really help people succeed for a change.

Email List

P.S. To work directly with the me and my team of the most effective Online Network Marketers Click Here.

P.P.S. To Access the Information that enabled me to make $4000 my first month online Click Here.


All the Best I’m Simply Blessed,

Kris Darty
Apologies to my Email List 🙂

Live the Dream II You Can if you want 2

Live the Dream II
You Can if you want 2

Live the Dream II

Recently everyone seems to be talking about this industry event called “Live the Dream II”. Whether or not you are going to the event you can still gather a lot of value from the promotion and special training all “the Leaders” are doing leading up 2 Live the Dream II. If you are thinking about going to find that secret strategy or the newest technology that is going to take your business from Zero to Hero may I recommend staying home. Unless you are new and haven’t yet discovered your preferred marketing approach I would not encourage you to find a new one. I’ll save you some time and resources, right now, and let you know that the “secret” you need to Live the Dream II is simply find something that you wouldn’t mind doing consistently and do that thing everyday for a year or 2. I know it seems boring and not nearly as exciting as a perpetual funded proposal facebook PPC Strategy or some sort of twisted twitter automated backlinking bomb list but it is the secret sauce of every successful entrepreneur online or offline. While I have my own preferred marketing strategy I know there are a lot of things that if done consistently will produce the results you are looking for. It should be obvious that we are not all the same, but we are all just people including “the leaders” that will be speaking at the event. The reason they are the attraction and not the attendance is because they employed the secret I just mentioned about how you can Live the Dream II. People seem to be mystified by the leadership figures in our industry and some for good reason. These folks have had some pretty amazing success in their business. But let me remind you that these leaders are just people like you that made a decision to Live the Dream II and not make excuses about why it won’t work for them. They followed a simple strategy and did it consistently. In an industry with such a high attrition rate it’s not hard to stand out if you start getting the smallest results. So make a decision NOW that YOU are the leader and you will Live the Dream 2. Find someone who has had great success with whatever marketing method you have chosen and plug into their information. You don’t have to be their clone but simply gather the concepts and ideas that made them able to get their results and start implementing them into your business right away and don’t stop until you reach your goals and you are able to Live the Dream II.

Live the Dream II are you going 2 ?

After all that I still think you should consider going to Live the Dream II. As long as we are clear that you most likely will not get some sorta magic fairy dust sprinkled on your head by Mike Dillard or David Wood. Also you are clear on your strategy or at least have an idea of what you want to do so that you can focus on learning more about it from someone who is successful at it, and that you have already decided to Live the Dream 2. The problem with most folks is they haven’t decided that they are going 2 Live the Dream and also that they don’t have a dream to live. Imagine your ideal life and what it looks like then decide that you will LIVE the dream 2 and not just imagine it. That is why the speakers are speaking and the hearers still havent got the message. Some folks simply don’t have a dream  or haven’t decided to Live the Dream 2 Yet.

Lets hang out at Live the Dream II 2 gether


Live the Dream 2

Seriously I do think it’s a good idea to attend GOOD events like Live the Dream II. Mostly because I’ve decided to Live the Dream 2 and this industry is my home. Just like were you live, when you get to know your neighbors and establish a relationship and develop friendships then it is a much better place to live. It won’t be weird when you stop by someday and ask for a cup of sugar or to borrow the lawnmower. You feel safer letting your kids play outside knowing that your neighbors are looking out for you and your family. If you call this industry your home than you are my neighbor and I want whats best for you and your family so come hang out and get to know us at Live the Dream II.

P.S. Hey why not Just Join the Family of Leaders at Live the Dream II. Did you know we are all on the same Team ? Crazy Huh ? lol Here’s your Invitation to JOIN the Live the Dream Mastermind Team.

P.P.S. If you haven’t decided what to do yet HERE is how I was able to Live the Dream , win a luxury Cruise for 2  and Made almost $4000 my first month online.

Live the Dream II


All the Best I’m Simply Blessed

– Kris Darty
Live the Dream II Yes I’m Going 2 : )

The Perpetual Funnel System 30 days $8390 and a Luxury Cruise

The Perpetual Funnel System 30 days $8390 and a Luxury Cruise

So it’s been 30 days since I started implementing The Perpetual Funnel System into my business and less than 70 days since I started it. The last 30 days has been the most exciting, fast paced avalanche of awesomeness that I ever recall happening in anything I’ve ever been apart of. In a previous post I wrote about my experience going

The Perpetual Funnel System

through David Wood’s real life Perpetual Funnel System and the events that led up to me becoming partners with The Candyman David Wood. After being an original Participant of The Perpetual Funnel System I decided To join David Wood’s Inner Circle Team and start my own Social Franchise Business. I can now say from experience that having the right information and being apart of a powerful marketing team makes ALL the difference when it comes to success in online network marketing. It took me a little while to believe that someone besides David Wood could get the kind of results that Dave gets. But since going through The Perpetual Funnel System I can tell you from first hand experience that it is Absolute 100% possible when you have the right knowledge, teams, and tools.

My First 30 Days Implementing The Perpetual Funnel System

 Implementing only about 12% of what I learned in The Perpetual Funnel System I got paid $600 my first 2 days while I was sleeping. And the rest of the month I actually made sales of over $8390 which brought me more than $3000 in commissions. I was personally able to sponsor 5 people into my Social Franchise Business which in turn Qualified me and my wife for an all expense paid 6 day Luxury cruise. We now have over 60 people in our organization and are on track to joining our Partner, David Wood, in enjoying the best Suite on the Ship. WOW did that just happen ? Yep, it sure did and I am so excited to see what happens next month as The Perpetual Funnel System continues to play out in my life and business.

What’s so Special about The Perpetual Funnel System ?

I asked the same question before I decided to buy The Perpetual Funnel System. The Creator of the Course was obviously getting the results I desired to have in my business. One of the things I’ve heard David Wood say on several occasions is when it comes to recruiting people into his primary business he is able to “Recruit at will” and at first I thought he was just exaggerating but since I’ve partnered with David Wood in his Social Franchising Business I have seen him do it on several occasions and I have been able to do it myself as well. There are reasons it is so easy for David to get people to join him and make the kind of money he does. It’s not just a strategy or some technical secret, although he does cover those things in The Perpetual Funnel System. There are some guiding principles and concepts that David as well as most “Online Marketing Leaders” employ to get the massive success that they enjoy. The thing about most “Leaders” is they just naturally follow these concepts without actually knowing what they are doing or why it really works. This is what makes The Perpetual Funnel System so valuable and effective. David Wood actually understands the principles behind successful Marketing as

The Perpetual Funnel System

well as the technical aspects that make it all work. It is by far the most comprehensive and complete training course for Online Marketing Domination I’ve ever encountered. I now recommend it to all my Business Partners who are serious about make a significant income online. What I love about the Perpetual Funnel System is that it truly is perpetual. Once it’s put in motion it continues to work on your behalf creating Traffic, Building Trust, Making Sales, and forging lasting relationships with the people it comes in contact with. If you truly desire the promised treasure of a lasting residual income online then I would strongly encourage you to Get The Perpetual Funnel System. It has made all the difference in my business and is the secret to the rapid results I’ve gotten over the last 30 days.

P.S. To discover my secret to Predictable Perpetual Placement on Google fill out the form at the top of the page.

P.P.S. Would you like to partner with the most successful online Marketers in the Industry ? Check out Our Perpetual Partnership Program.

Send me an EmailThe Perpetual Funnel System


All the Best I’m Simply Blessed,

Kris Darty
Original Participant of The Perpetual Funnel System

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