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How to get everyone you talk to interested in your business

Sound Imposible?

Think again....

As We discussed in the introduction to this series

The way to get everyone you talk to interested in your business is to...

Figure out who is most likely to be interested in what you have to offer

And get them to ask you for information about your business BEFORE you ever talk to them...

This way you will only talk to people that are most likely to say yes to your product or opportunity.

In this post we are going to figure out who you're Target market is and how to find them online

But before we begin I want to make sure you understand the importance of this step and...

How it fits into the overall process of turning strangers into customers on the Internet.

So if you've reached this page before going through the introduction then...

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This Post will make much more sense when you see how it fits into the complete formula

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Ok, so I'm going to assume you have gone through the introduction to this series and
You're now ready to start building your business the way I described in the that post.

Your First step is to identify who is most likely to want to purchase your products or join your business opportunity. These people are often referred to as your "Target Market" and before you can get them asking you for information about your business you'll need to determine how you can distinguish them from the rest of the world.

So lets get into it...

One of the most sure ways to determine what someone is likely do in the future is to know what they have done in the past and also what they are presently doing.

The phrase "Once a (fill in the blank) always a (fill in the blank)." can be applied to almost anything and this is definitely one of them.

Lets face it, we are creatures of habit and once we do a thing the probability that we will do it again is much higher than before we had done it the first time. So instead of going after random strangers that have shown no previous interest in what you are offering hoping they will buy your product or join your opportunity. First take a look and see if they have bought/joined something similar in the past.

I don't know about you but I joined this business for the leverage of time and freedom that it offers. Not to spend every waking hour of my life "Prospecting" in a field of uncertainty. Trying to find a nugget of gold where there has been no history of such finding or obvious indicators that would lead me to believe I should find some in that place.

If you want to strike it rich in this business you are going to have to go where the Gold is gathered together. In the mining world they call this a vein and once you get good at finding them luck is no longer a factor in your success.

The good news is that in the marketing world there are no "private mines" and that makes finding a vein pretty darn easy. All you have to do is let everyone else dig and dig until they hit pay dirt and then you simply come in behind them and collect your prize.

I know I'm getting a little allegorical on you here but...

I want you to see the picture clearly so you understand how powerful this approach really is.

Lets talk about leverage for a minute...

One of the draws of this business is the potential to leverage the efforts of others to increase and maintain your income.

But what we are doing here goes
much deeper than just your downline.

Imagine for a minute the countless hours of work that millions of people in the home business industry put in every day. Prospecting the general public who have not yet shown an interest in this type of business before. And at the same time an equal or greater amount of effort is being put into exposing and educating these same people about the types of products that your company has to offer. They do all the heavy lifting by sifting and sorting through millions of your new potential customers and business partners by educating them about this business and the type of products you have to offer. Then after someone has shown they are truly interest in buying a product or joining an opportunity like yours you get to step in right in and take it from there.

By just implementing this first step into your business. By only talking to people that have a history of interest in the type of product that you offer or the type of opportunity that you have access to. You are now 100x's more likely to succeed since you won't be waisting your time with the 99 people you would have had to talk to before you found the one who said YES.

Now add on the other steps that we will go through in this series and you will wonder why you ever tried to build a business without them.

The cool part is that once you understand how this works and are getting the results that everyone in this business wants then you will be the one to show them how it's done...

So now that we've figured out who we are looking for.

How are we going to find them?

Before you can get a message in front of them which will compel them to ask you for information about your business you must first find out where they are going to be.

One of the great things about using the internet to reach your audience is that everything they do is recorded and they tend to leave clues all over the place that scream "I am looking for what you have to offer" or "I love this type of business or product"

There are really two main ways you can tell if someone has been or is presently interested in the type of product or opportunity that you have to offer online.

And they are...

#1 The things that they search for through sites like Google, Youtube, Bing, and any other search based site where the users can ask for information about the things that interest them.​

#2 The things that they have openly said they are interested in through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other social media sites where users can like, follow, and share things related to the people, places, products, or any other interest that they have.

All you have to do is determine what type of things your target market
(someone presently or previously interested in your type of product or business)
would be searching for or would have openly shown an interest in on these sites.

If your audience is on the internet then they are on one or more of these sites.

And with these questions we will be able to see what makes them stand out from the other

3.2 Billion People

That are now using the internet to find and share the thing they have interest in.

It is the business of these sites to allow us to place our message in front of these people
once we figure out how to distinguish them from everyone else online.

So don't worry about how you will get in front of them.

I'll show you exactly how thats done in a future post and trust me it's not that dificult.

For now lets determine the type of things they would be searching for and the type of things they would openly share that they have interest in.

What we are doing now is part of a bigger exercise called creating you're customer Avatar

And I'm not talking about marketing to blue alien people​

This is a more advanced subject we will talk about later on

But the general idea and purpose behind creating...

Your Customer Avatar

Is the more familiar you get with who your Target market is.

  • Their Dreams
  • Their Desires
  • What Motivates Them
  • The Challenges They Have Etc.

The more effective you will be at communicating with them

And as you will see in part 5 of this series Communication is the key that makes this all work.

So let's start with the first set of questions to ask...

If we want to learn how to spot our audience online.

We will actually use this information more when we start talking about the message that we'll be putting in front of them. But it is also useful if we are going to use the search sites as a way to get this that message in front of them.

So think about the person who has bought a product like yours

Or someone who has joined the same type of opportunity...

  • What goals or desires do they have that you and your business could help them reach?
  • What things do they value and want more of that you and your business can help them get?

If you had a health related product their desire may be to loose weight or have more energy etc...

With a business opportunity they may have a desire to...
...make more money or no longer work as an employee etc.

They may value spending time with their family or giving to their church or cause they care about.

Those are just some examples to start with so you can see what we are trying to discover here.

Make a list as long as you can for all of these questions.

It will come in handy when we start telling these sites who to put our message in front of

And also when we create the messages that will compel them to ask us about our business.

Getting back to the questions...

  • What challenges do they have which you and your business can help them overcome?
  • What type of pain are they in that you and your business can help them get out of?

Now once you have a good amount of answers written down to those questions

Then ask yourself what type of things would a person with those

  • Goals
  • Desires
  • Values
  • Pains
  • ​Challenges
  • Struggles

Be looking for on the internet?

Would they be searching for information about...

  • How to get more (fill in the blank)?
  • What are the best (fill in the blank)?
  • How do I (fill in the blank)?

You get the idea...

We are just looking for a list of search terms that your target audience would be using
to get information related to the solutions you, your products, and opportunity can provide.

If your product is health related then someone might be looking for
"The best supplement to build muscle mass" or "How to loose weight without dieting"

If your product is mobile service then someone may be searching for
"Who has the best mobile data plans?" or "How to save money on my cell phone bill?"

If you are promoting your opportunity someone might be searching for information like
"Best home businesses in the (fill in the blank) market" 
"How to get more customers for my home business using the internet"
"How to make more money with a home business"

People actively searching for things like this are currently seeking solutions that you and your business can provide. If you can get a message in front of them that answers their questions and points them toward those solutions then you will be well on your way to building your business online.

But only a small portion of your target market is going to be actively searching for things like this at any given time and there is no way you will be able to target every search term they might be using anyways.

So how do you get in front of the majority of your market
That isn't actively searching for things related to your business?

The answer lies in their public interests

Meaning what they have publicly stated they are interested in.

Thanks to sites like...

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • And Others

It's really easy to find out what people are interested in...

But before we go and find the people that have publicly proclaimed an interest which would indicate they are indeed our target market we must figure out what interests they would have in the first place.

And this is where it starts to get exciting...

Once you realize how many ways there are to distinguish someone who has a high potential to be your customer or business partner and how many of them there actually are on the internet you will no longer suffer from the false idea that there are not enough people interested in your business to make it work.

Instead you will have the complete opposite problem

And it's a good problem to have...

Deciding who you are not going to spend time with...

Since you will have an abundance of new prospects

Asking us for information about our business everyday

We will have to make the tough choices of who we will spend time working closely with or if we will make ourselves personally accessible at all. It may not make sense to you right now but if you follow through on what I'm going to show you in this series one day you will have more people on your team then you will be able to personally work with one on one. Not because you don't want to but just because there aren't enough hours in the day to do it once you reach a certain level of growth in your business.

But don't worry about that right now 🙂

I have some great resources that I'll recommend to you once you start making progress toward reaching that level of production in your business.

But If you build your business right then you will never really get to that point because all your interactions with your customers and sales team will be done through automation and in group settings so you can continue to focus on the most important thing in your business. Producing more sales and recruiting more reps.

So back to the interests you will use to identify your target market online.

Lets think about the person who has joined an opportunity or has bought a product similar to yours.

More than likely these people will have some common interests with you
But don't limit your discovery to just the things that you have interest in

It's a good place to start though...

There will be some cross over between the interests of your product customers and your
business partners depending on how related your opportunity is to the products that you offer

But lets make two separate lists...

So we can best identify the interests of your ideal customers and business partners

Think about the things I'm about to suggest to prime your interest idea pump...

You won't get a complete list of all their interests right away...

But all you really need is a good start.

As we start actually targeting people with these interests we will begin to discover the never ending treasure of similar interest that you can tap into anytime you are running low on interests to target.

So as it relates to either your products or business opportunity.

  • What products have they bought in the past?
  • What opportunities have they joined?
  • What books have they read?
  • What websites or blogs have they visited?
  • What trainings have they been through?
  • What events or confrences have they attended?
  • What magazines do they subscribe to?
  • ​Who are the leaders/gurus that they follow?
  • ​What tools or software do they use?
  • ​What podcasts do they listen to?
  • What youtube channels are they subscribed to?
  • ​Who do they follow on twitter?
  • ​What pages do they like on Facebook?

You can start with filling in these questions for yourself.
But you may not be subscribed to a magazine related to your business or products
And even if you do there are more out there that you might not know of yet.

So to get that information we just need to conduct a little research on this super secret site...

Called Google 🙂

Just use one of these search templates...

Or your own variation and you should be able to find plenty of interests to start with.

What or who are the (best, top, most popular)

"Thing I mentioned above"

In your business industry or product category.

So for example:

  • What are the Top "Network Marketing Companies" today?
  • What are the best Books on "Home Business"?
  • What are the most popular "Weight Loss Supplements"?

Or if it makes sense you can combine the two like this...

  • What are the best nutritional MLM products?

You could also just skip the extra verbiage.

Google doesn't really require full sentances or to structure them as a question.

So just typing "Top MLM Companies" would do just fine.

Most of the time you will get more than a bunch of individual results

Sometimes the results will actually be lists of the things you are looking for.

This will save you a bunch of time and is why we add the extra Top,Best,Most Popular to the search.

Ok so lets wrap things up here...

You've Come A Long Way
77 %
Almost Finished

I'm sure you are eager to start getting your message

In front of these people we've been discovering today.

When you are finished going through these exercises...

You will have a list of things your target market is searching for on the internet.

You will also have a list of their interests and activities related to your business.

In the next post of this series I'm going to show you how to create a message that will get these people to ask you about your business and give you their contact info with permission to follow up with them about what you have to offer.

But before that happens you will need to choose a platform that allows you to place your message in front of the people who have the interests you've identified that your target market should have.

There are many options to choose from and all of them have a good potential to reach your market.

But for the purpose of this series we are going to stick with the current best option in my opinion.


With 1.55 BILLION active users each month

(Thats half of everyone who currently has access to the internet)

It is the largest of it's kind.

And with the way people interact with the things that they love and openly share their interests on this platform

It couldn't get any easier to put your message in front of the right people then it is on...


And just so we are clear...

I'm not talking about being a social butterfly and spending all day posting status updates and commenting on peoples posts.

If you like to do that sort of thing thats perfectly fine and I'll share with you some best practices for that in another time.

But if you want to reach a large amount of targeted prospects for your business fast...

Then we are going to have to tap into the incredibly under utilized ad platform that Facebook developed for businesses just like yours to reach their market directly and at a level that with normal social media activity would quite literally be impossible.

We are talking about the ability to reach millions of targeted prospects

Every month with a message that gets them immediately asking you for more...

So if you don't have a business account with Facebook yet then you should set one up now.

I'm not talking a fan page here...

Although you can use that in conjunction with the ad platform on Facebook.

I'm talking about a business advertisement manager account

You can get one here at

They will ask you for your company name and how you want your name to appear to others

If you don't have a company name yet...

Now is a good time to come up with one 🙂

It doesn't need to be a registered legal entity or an established business to create an account.

And you can always change the name later if you want to...

Go ahead and get your account setup so that you are ready to get your message out to your market

Later on in this series I'll show you how to create a compelling message and...

Once you've completed this series and are ready to start using Facebook to get your message out

I'll share with you the same systems I use to get the best results from this platform...

If you want to get familiar with the platform itself and how to use it...

Facebook has a whole slew of courses that you can go through to do that for free

Once you've setup your Business Manager account then

Bookmark this page: Facebook Blueprint

There is plenty to learn there and if you ever get stuck with some feature of the platform...

Its a good place to go for answers.

But before you dive too deep into all that...

Let's make sure your message is ready to be received by your market...

Thats what I'm going to help you do in the next part of this series.

If for some crazy reason you got to this post

any other way besides me sending it to your inbox then

Make sure to register here and receive the rest of the series

Of course if you read The Introduction then you should have already done that...

But just incase you forgot or you were so wrapped up in the content that you didn't want to stop...

Then now is your chance to Get It All Here 🙂

I'll make sure you get the next step in this series asap

I'll also share some other cool stuff that will help you build a better business online.

So tomorrow we are going to get down to business and show you how to make all this work for you...

​We're going to talk about the BIGGEST obstacle most people face building their business online...

And I'm going to show you how to get past that obstacle in one day...

Yes, Tomorrow we shall slay the Dragon...​

So getting ready to build your business won't

"Drag On" and "Drag On" forever...

Once that victory is won...

You will learn how to create a compelling message...

That will get your target market asking you

To talk to them about your business...

Then I'll show you where you will put your message... 

So it can be delived directly to new prospects 

Over and over again once it's been made...

And finally we'll go over what you will be talking to them about once they've given you permission to follow up with them as well as the tools you can use to automate your communication.

That way you won't have to physically show up every time someone asks you... 

To talk to them and repeat yourself over and over a million times per month

Remember this rule: If you can't manage to do something in your business at scale
(when you have more people to talk to then you can personally handle one on one)
Then You Shouldn't Do It At All

​What we are creating here is a process that can be duplicated an infinite number of times without any significant increase of effort on our part to make it work. This is what creates true freedom of time and money and is the goal I have for my business as well as yours.

So get ready because we are about to build the foundation of your very own freedom factory which will give you the power to create the results you want in your business at a rate you probably...

Never imagined was possible...

It's going to be Awesome!

You're going to love it!

I know I do 🙂

So fair well for now...

I'll see you in the next post...

Until then...

Bless and be blessed

Kris Darty

Your Internet Marketing Insider