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How To Get The Right People Asking You About Your Business

Ok lets do this...

If you've been with me since the Introduction To This Series

  • You should now have a clear idea of who your target market is
  • You should know how to distinguish them from other people
  • You should know where they are hanging out on the internet
  • You should have a way to get your message in front of them
  • You should have all the tools you need to do that effectively
  • You should know the true function/purpose of your business
  • You should know what the desires of your market are and...
  • You should have started creating valuable content for your market

Later in this series I'll show you how to get your content in front of your market

So they can spend some time discovering the value that you have to offer them

Once that happens and your target market is consuming the content your created for them

Then it is time to ask your audience for the next level of commitment

They've already committed their time by consuming the content you made for them and...

Since you've made a good first impression by starting the conversation with something they value

It's time to ask them to take the next step

To give you their contact info and permission to
send them even more of what's valuable to them.

Sounds simple enough right?

But how do you go about it in a way thats not creepy

and that makes them actually want to do it?

This is done by using what we like to call:

A Lead Magnet or Customer Bait...

It can take many forms but the general idea is to offer your target market something they value.

Something that helps them get what they want...

In exchange for their contact info and permission to follow up with them.

The principles behind the lead magnet are consistent with the formula we used to get your markets attention through content and will be the same progressive relationship building formula that we will use to get them to buy your products and join your business opportunity.

That is why we've put so much emphasis on getting to know who your market is

And how you can help them get what they want

When you know that well...

Getting them to take action on your offers is pretty easy

But there is an order of communication and a progression of commitments you must follow if you want to effectively turn your target market into your warm market so that they will want to take the actions that you are going to recommend to them.

Each step in your newly formed relationship will get a little deeper because you will be providing them with an increased level of value in exchange for an increased level of commitment from them.

This starts with the time they committed when they consumed your content.

If they are happy with what they got in exchange for their time

Then they should be happy to commit more of it in exchange for more of what they already got...

And essentially thats what you are asking them to do when you offer them something they value in exchange for their contact info and permission to continue the conversation that was started with your content.

But a lead magnet needs to be more than just a continued conversation.

Thats what "newsletters" are for and to be honest most people aren't that exited about...

Getting a "newsletter"

It must be something specific that they would want to have access to immediately

And it should be consumable in a relatively short period of time.

It could simply be a piece of content that you created following the Learn, Do, Teach formula

Only they would have to give you their contact info before they got access to it.

It could be a video, audio, pdf, tool, or any other resource resource

Anything that your market would perceive to be valuable to them

And would help them make progress toward their desires

Let's look back at the list of milestones, steps, and obstacles your market must get through

Before they reach their desired end...

There is something along that path that they need or would at least be helpful to them that you can offer in exchange for their contact info and permission to continue communicating with them.

There are a lot of different lead magnets that you can create but...

All of them should fit into a path your prospect can take to get what they want.

I'm not going to talk about everything there is to know about lead magnets in this post

Because you really don't need to know everything about them to make one

But here are some things you should consider when creating a lead magnet
  • If your lead magnet can be en extension of the content they just consumed
        then they will be much more inclined to take you up on the offer.

A lot of people create stand alone lead magnets and try to offer them to
everyone that comes to their site regardless of why they came there.

This can work if your offer is good and appealing to your market in general


If you create lead magnets that offer the next logical step after reading your content pages


Are highly relevant to the topics that they've already show interest in by the pages they visit

Then you will have a lot more people giving you their contact info...

For example:

You could have a content page talking about how to get leads from youtube and offer a training that teaches the 3 different video types that work best for acquiring leads on youtube as a lead magnet.

If they are interested enough to read your content about getting leads from youtube
then they are probably interested in learning the best types of videos to use as well.

Or you could send someone to a post introducing them to getting leads
from youtube and then offer the "complete series" as a lead magnet.

Or even just a list of the tools that you use to get leads from youtube could work.

There isn't really any hard rules when it comes to creating lead magnets

But it is best if the lead magnet is related to the content that they have already consumed.

If what you are offering them as a lead magnet is neccesary or at least makes it easier for them to follow through on what you showed them in your content it can make a very effective lead magnet.

But anything that your target market would find valuable can be positioned as a lead magnet.

Here are a few more guidelines for a good lead magnet.
  • It should offer a specific solution to a specific problem your market faces
  • It should offer one big thing as apposed to offering a bunch of little things
  • It should address one of your markets know desires/needs
  • It should be quickly consumable and immediately gratifying
  • It should be something that your market would perceive to be valuable
  • It should provide a means of progress for your prospects

Now once you have something in mind that fits some or all of these characteristics

How are you going to get someone to give you their contact info in exchange for it?

You do that by delivering it only After someone gives you their contact info...

Pretty profound right? 🙂

This is were our first "Conversion Page" comes into play...

There are a lot of ways to "ask for the optin" but we are going to talk about the most common one.

And that is by using what is called a "Squeeze Page" or an "Optin Page"

Basically this is a webpage who's sole purpose is to:

Sell someone on the value that your lead magnet has to offer.

And the only action someone can take on this page is to either give you their contact info

To get the lead magnet

Or just leave the page...

And if your lead magnet is closely tied to the content they ready prior to it being offered to them

There isn't a whole lot of selling that needs to go onto the page...

But it's always good to present what you are offering in the best possible light...

The page should be focused on what you are offering and what it will do for them if they get it.

It should have a clear call to action that tells them to give you their contact info so they can get it

A good strong headline that highlights the one big thing that the lead magnet will do for them

A few extra benefits they will get from having the lead magnet

And clear instructions telling them how to get what you are offering them is all that it takes.

To get someone to "opt-in" and join you list...​

Don't worry about the design and the layout that much...

When you go to create your first "Optin Page" using the conversion page creator
That is included in the system I recommended to you in part 3 of this series

You'll see that you now have a bunch of pretested, predesigned design page templates

That you can use to get one cranked out pretty quickly.

And if you want to get started sending traffic to your content pages right away
without having to come up with your own lead magnets and conversion pages

The system also includes a bunch of fully developed lead magnets and corresponding optin pages.

You can use these "generic" lead magnets for the opportunity side of your business right away

Because the opportunity side of all home businesses serve the same market they are able to create
lead magnets that will work for you no matter what company you are promoting as an opportunity.

But if you want to get your hands dirty and begin to create your own lead magnets

(which I recommend you do asap)

You can just use theirs to give you ideas and inspiration for creating your own.

If you decide to use the ones that they have already created for you...

You should probably pick one that fits the content you are creating

Or create some content that would fit well with the lead magnets that they have available for you.

Doing this will give you a subject to talk about in your content

And will make for a great match with the lead magnet...

Most of the pre-developed lead magnets offer a training video on a specific subject of interest to

The home business market

So you could simply go through the lead magnet videos
And take notes for creating your content pages...

And just like that you will have a complete lead getting machine ready to put in front of your market

So you can start building a list of targeted prospects that you need to get the results you are after


At this stage you are so far ahead of the competition it's almost not fair

And soon enough you will be bringing people into your team and teaching them these same tactics

So that they can have the same success you will begin to enjoy once you complete this process

And begin to do the things that you are learning in this series...

Next we are going to talk about what to do with your prospects once they join your list

So that they look forward to hearing from you and are excited to accept the offers that you have

This is the last stage in the relationship building process and it is the most important part

Because this is where the money is made and...

This is where most of your efforts will be focused moving forward

So for now go ahead and choose a lead magnet content page combo...

Whether you create both the lead magnet and the content page or just the content
make sure you have a good match that follows some of the guidelines I gave you today

If you are creating your own lead magnet and it's corresponding optin page

Simply login to your system and hover over the tab that says "my websites"

And look for the "Funnelizer" option...

Clicking that will open a new page with instruction on how to create your first lead capture page.

If you want to use the predesigned lead magnet option then hover over the same "my websites" tab

And then choose any of the first 4 options...

Each one has a list of lead capture pages that correspond to a specific lead magnet or offer...

Choose one that you feel will best fit your market and your message.

You are so close to having an endless amount of people asking you about your business.

I'm really excited for you 🙂

And I hope you are too...

Because what you signed up for in this business is now very much possible to you...

You have what it takes to make this happen...

And in the next post you're going to learn the most valuable skill there is in this business

How to consistently turn your communications into commissions on autopilot...

It's going to be epic...

Talk Soon

-Kris Darty
Your MLM Insider
And industry Champion