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Why David Wood Owed Me $100

Why David Wood Owed Me $100

David WoodYep you heard it right David Wood the Costa Rica Miracle Man actually owed me $100. Well You must be wondering why a guy that made almost $100,000 last month owed me $100. Well To answer your question David Wood did not have to borrow money from me. Although I have given my share of cash to him he certainly shouldn’t have to borrow money from anyone again for the rest of his life.

 How David Wood ended up owing me $100

David Wood

Well about 3 months ago I met “This Amazing MLM Guy” David Wood. At the time, I wasn’t sure what to think of this MLM Prodigy Child. Who turns out to be an incarnation of MLM itself. If you know anything about his story, the MLM industry has shaped his world since a very young age. Of course I was intrigued by the results he was getting and at the same time annoyed. So naturally I decided to subscribe to all things David Wood to see what I could uncover in his mysterious ways that would help me discover my own MLM Mastery. This whole Process that I went through was simply amazing and I wrote a detailed account of it and the things I learned in my article

David Wood“The Candyman David Wood and How I Won a Golden Ticket”

Well, shortly after I toured the factory with David Wood I decided to join David Wood in his quest to make the MLM world Taste good. He had just started a new project which he called “The Only Government approved Money Getting System on Facebook” and along with this sweet dose of MLM awesomeness he made a decree that all those who loved the Factory and it’s Products should make a video and tell the world why. The person with the best Video would receive $100. By now you are probably guessing how I got David Wood to give me $100. And you are right but just like anything else the “how” is not nearly as important as the “why”.

Let me share with you Why David Wood owed me $100

I did make The Best Video and won the contest but this didn’t just accidentally happen. There are many lesson to learn from this small victory and I wish I could cover them all in this article but I would have to charge admission as these are the secrets of “The Chocolate Factory”

First of all I wanted to win. The accomplishment of any goal must start with the desire to see it accomplished. The fact is that we all do what we want to do and I wanted to WIN and so I did. What do you want ? Some people had the same opportunity as I yet they did not win simply because deep down they had no desire to. David Wood is an “Awesome MLM Guy” simply because he made it a point to celebrate and promote every victory along his path of success which in turn increased the velocity of his success and made him able to accomplish what he has in such a short period of time. This is why I wanted to win. EveryDavid Wood MLM Success story was built on Success Stories and we all have the opportunity to create success stories even if we are new.

Secondly I planned to Win. After deciding I wanted to win I also planned to win. So many of us are just “trying it out” or “seeing if it goes anywhere” Well spending a few weeks with David Wood made me see it not only “was going somewhere” but it had already “gotten somewhere” David Wood inspires me by showing me what is possible. We need to stop “seeing if it goes somewhere” and take a look at were”it has already gotten”. Living in the reality that I have as good a chance as anyone to Win My Golden Ticket I set out with the purpose and plan to do just that.

David Wood

Thirdly I did what was required to Win. This is were the Victory Happens. One of the first things most fast start guides tell every Network Marketer to do is figure out their “Why”. As important as the “why” is, someone without it that does the simple actions required to succeed in this business will win. To many of us are wrapped up in refining our desire and plans. We can have a perfect why and perfect plan but if we never get past that and do the work we will never see the goal accomplished. We find ourselves waiting and waiting until our blogs are perfect and we have the 90th autoresponder perfectly crafted before we start producing our content or introducing our prospects to our opportunity. And what we fail to realize is that we need the stories that come from us taking action to build the brand we want to be. Your new recruits don’t want to hear how you finally started getting leads and making money once your marketing system was perfect and they never will hear that because if you keep waiting until it is perfect you will never get the results you desire to have.


Ok so the last reason I will mention (and there are quite a bit more) is the reason David Wood gave me $100 is fourthly I was not afraid to ask. As the Bible says “Ye have not because Ye ask not.” I wanted to win enough that I was not afraid of rejection or at least not enough for it to stop me from asking. So often with the attraction Marketing mentality we actually start to think that we should never have to ask someone to join us. While there may be times when someone asks you what you are involved in or if they can join with you, if you are waiting for them to ask, you are going to go broke and quit before you ever succeed. I learned this from David Wood himself when he asked me to Join him in his MLM Chocolate Factory. So although it was a little spammy : ) I stayed up the night the contest was ending and one by one asked everyone I could to take a look at my video and hit like if they liked it. After the night had ended I was sure I had won. But strangely enough there was no mention of it for days and I had begun

David Wood

to wonder if David Wood had forgotten about the contest. So Just like when I asked people to watch my video I began to ask David Wood about the contest and when I would be getting my $100. Now this may have been a little annoying to him but again I wanted, I planned, and I did. This effort had put this “Amazing MLM Guy” in debt to me and I intended to collect.


David Wood is like your MLM Business.

OK It’s getting rather long I know but there is so much to learn from this simple experience. I want you to get this picture. If you will just simply decide that you want to succeed and then you make a plan to succeed and then you do the work necessary to succeed, what ever you ask of your business you will receive because at that point it will be in debt to you. And Just like David Wood your Business will pay you exactly what it promised.

I wish you the best in your business and hope this lesson will encourage you to take action and intend to win. If you would like to hear the rest of the MLM Chocolate Factory Secrets take a look at what David Wood is giving away this week on Facebook.

David Wood


All the best and simply Blessed,

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