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The Love of Money IS the Root of All Evil

“The Love of Money IS the Root of All Evil”

Love of MoneyI’ve been meaning to write this article for some time now. As there seems to be a controversy about the meaning and validity of this truth found in the Holy Bible. One of the reasons I’ve been putting it off is simply because I have somewhat better things to do that to correct misguided beliefs that do not directly affect me. I know that sounds a bit selfish, but if I have found most of time when people bring this passage up they are already in some kind of defensive emotional state and their capabilities to reason have already been turned off. So I invite you, just like the Lord did in the book of Isaiah, “Come let us Reason together” and I will encourage you like Paul, the apostle, when he said, “consider what I say and the Lord give thee wisdom in all things”. This will not be definitive or complete. I make no promises of perfection, but if you have an open mind and actually think about what I’m going to share with you, and search out what I will be suggesting, you will find yourself closer to freedom that you have ever thought possible. So, let me start by answering the question. Is the love of money the root of all evil ? Answer: YES, it absolutely is, without a doubt, the root of ALL evil.

Love of Money

For those of you who think it means something, I do have a degree in the studies of Theology. But I didn’t learn this in school but rather by spending time with the one who wrote the Book and carefully examining the words and their meanings. I don’t mean their lexicon interpretation or even their dictionary definition. To determine what something means in a book ,especially the Bible, you must examine it in light of the context of that verse or chapter, as well as the rest of the Book.

What does it mean by “The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil” ?

If you’ve spent anytime reading the Old Testament, you should have noticed many times when the Lord determined to do Evil against the Nation of Israel for some sort of disobedience to God’s Law. So I ask you first, did God sin when He determined Evil against them? The answer is NO, of course not. So we need to ask ourselves, “What is evil?” The answer is, it is not Good. Evil is simply something that is not good, or in other words, it’s bad. This can be found all throughout the Bible, so read it for yourselves. We like to say Sin is always Evil, but Evil is not always Sin. OK, I could go on about that, but that should be enough for now.

So how does The Love of Money effect you and your Family?

Love of MoneyWell, ask yourself what things in your life are not Good? And if you think about it a little bit, you should be able to track the root cause back to the love of money. Where this takes a turn is when you start considering why you are half broke and you don’t have time to spend with your family. Or why the church is struggling to pay there bills and missionaries can’t do their work because of financial constrains. So, are those things good? I think not. So, who’s fault is it? What is the root cause? Well, let me suggest that like so many things in life, the cause lies within us. Yes, you, the one who likes to bring up the love of money is the root of all evil whenever someone begins to suggest that there could be a better way to survive than sell yourself servant to another man or corporation. When the word abundance is spoken you cringe, and despise someone who is able to make more money by doing less than you. The truth is deep down we know what kind of monster we could be, if we had unlimited resources. Which is why we react to the thought of plenteousness with a misplaced bible verse, like “the love of money is the root of all evil”, and stick our head back in the sand with all the rest of the corporate slave world. The evil you may be experiencing could very well be a direct result of the fact that you love money (some filthy pieces of paper) so much that you will make yourself servant to another man 40-80 hours a week for the rest of your life. Your children may be fed, but they won’t have the relationship they need with you as their parent. Your relationship with your spouse will suffer, you will not be able to increase your contribution to God’s work, nor will you have the time to do what you were created to accomplish. I would rather love God, my family, my neighbor, and the Truth over some silly pieces of paper. Don’t serve mammon (money), have it serve you. Don’t serve men, serve God.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that the Bible has instructions for the servant, as well as the master, for the poor as well as the rich. But like Paul said in 1 Corinthians 7:21Art thou called being a servant? care not for it: but if thou mayest be made free, use it rather.22For he that is called in the Lord, being a servant, is the Lord’s freeman: likewise also he that is called, being free, is Christ’s servant. 23Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men. If you have the ability and opportunity to be made free, you should. When you are free from the bondage ofLove of Money corporate employment, you are then able to live life without limits, building lasting relationships and memories your children will never forget. Stop being emotionally attached to money. There is plenty of it, I assure you, and it’s just some filthy paper anyways. Why not make an effort to have more, so you can give more ? Or is this life all about you? We are created by our Creator to be creative. So let’s create an abundant life where we have the ability to be a blessing to those around us, and not a burden. Now, once you’ve discovered the way out of this cage the majority of the world is in, make sure you share the key with the ones you left behind.

If you are are looking for a door of escape from the evils of life, let me suggest you take a look beyond THIS ONE. Just like anything else in life, the people you surround yourself with will majorly impact who you become. If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to consider joining our team. We live in a different world,  where life’s possibilities are endless and the blessings of God are abundant. This article is not perfected, but I hope it inspires you to stop making excuses and get busy creating the life you were made to live.

Love of Money


All the best, I’m simply blessed

-Kris Darty

God’s Marketing Man
Revelation 4:11
Overcoming the love of money by mastering its making.