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The Empower Network Viral Blogging System An Unfair Advantage

As I sit here on the balcony of my cruise ship cabin  with the empower network co-founder David Wood I can’t help but smile and think about just how powerful the empower network viral blogging system is. Of course I have other things on my mind as well. Like how cool it is that on my 30th birthday six months after I started marketing online I am sitting on a fully paid for luxury cruise with the founder of the empower network all because I learned the skill of content creation utilizing a simple tool called a blog. I would love to tell you all about why I think the empower network viral blogging system truly is an unfair advantage but time is running out and the ship’s about to leave port. Once we reach the big blue ocean I will have no more internet or phone for that matter and then I won’t be able to publish this cool post : )

When I return home I will do my best to explain in a video all the unseen advantages of the empower network viral blogging system and how you can reap the benefits that most folks don’t even know exist. If you hit the like button on this post I will make it a point to send you that video once It’s done. And trust me if you new what I knew about this system secret you wouldn’t Hesitate to hit the like button NOW! 6 months ago I didn’t have the empower network when I got started doing content marketing. But I was still able to make over $4,000 in commissions and win this luxury cruise that I’m on. Contrast that with the first month that I had access to the secrets of the empower network viral blogging system. My first month with this unfair advantage I made over $20,000 and although I didn’t win a luxury cruise I gained things of much higher value that I will be covering in the video you will receive if you hit the like button now. This is the stuff that no one talks about. The “secret sauce” if you will. And to be honest it’s almost hard to express but if you know what I’m talking about then you will understand if you hit the like button and receive this video.

Real Quick let me cover some of the obvious but sometimes overlooked advantages of The Empower Network viral blogging system. If you are new to internet marketing or content marketing then there is a large chance that you don’t truly understand the enormous advantage you have to be able to use The Empower Network for your marketing platform. Well for starters you dont have to build it yourself. Many would be online entrepreneurs never get past the creation of their marketing platform. The Only reason I was able to make money right away when I started 6 months ago is that I didn’t wait until my site was “finished” before I started doing the most crucial part of my marketing strategy which is CREATE MORE CONTENT. TO be honest I haven’t really tried to finish it since then. It’s seems to be working from the amount of traffic I get so even though it looks kinda funny I dont see a reason to fix something that aint truly broke. Just like the empower network viral blogging system it the things that you dont necessarily see that make this ship swim.

Another highly excepted idea based on most bloggers experience is that it takes at least 90 days of consistent content creation and promotion before google respects anything you write. The reasons for this phenomenon are many, but if you put yourself in the search engines shoes you will understand why this is usually the case. Google has an obligation to serve their customers (searchers) with good quality, relevant content that is consumed with enjoyment and satisfaction those that seek it. In order for Google to maintain their position as the #1 trafficked site on the internet they are not willing to risk displaying content from an “unestablished” blog that has yet to prove it’s relevance and authority. With the empower network viral blogging system there is a constant flow, to the tune of thousands per day of good unique quality content being created. On top of that there is a constant flow of links back to this blogging system to the tune of tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands every day. It’s what we call an authority site and it really is an unfair advantage. This is the type of site when doing keyword research if you find it occupying the front page you just simply move on. Because their is a trusted relationship with google your content can rank on the first page of google faster than anything you could create on your own no matter how much money you put into it you cannot duplicate 15,000 blogging everyday from the same domain. It’s What some people like to call “cheating” but that’s just because they dont have the advantage and you do. That is, if you know what you have.

As simple as the empower network viral blogging system is, I understand that there is still some needed information and insight for new marketers who don’t quite comprehend the hidden advantages that I will show you when you hit the like button above. So I’ve put together an advanced training site that reveals the “secret sauce” and how to use it to take full advantage of this power system. I call this secret members only marketing mastermind The WoW Network. If you are confused about anything you just read and you havent joined the empower network yet, all’s I can say is you definitly have the unfair advantage that I wished I had six months ago. Well I could go on forever about the empower network viral blogging system but my ship is at sea now and it’s time for me to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I wish you the best and invite you to join me in this journey of justified journalism and ballistic blogging benefits.

All the best without the stress

I’m Simply Blessed : )

Kris Darty
Holder of the empower network blogging system secrets