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The Empower Network 30 Days $20,000 and a Whole Lot of Exposure

The Empower Network LifestyleWhen I first heard of the concepts behind The Empower Network from David Wood I had been marketing online for less than 4 months. From the beginning of my journey I had plugged into Dave Wood’s Training, The Perpetual Funnel System and was getting what seemed to be some abnormal results for my online efforts. Unlike many of Dave Wood’s students I for one actually caught on and implemented some of what he was trying to teach me. Only using around 20% of what I learned I was able to sell $8390 in affiliate products, brought in over $4,000 in commissions and won a luxury cruise for me and my wife from one of the companies me and Dave are partners in my first month marketing online. I used that initial success to leverage my way to having more influence and exposure which in turn resulted in more sales and commissions. This was part of the marketing plan I learned from Dave Wood’s training. One of the secrets to excelorating your exposure in any market is to get the attention of someone with allot of influence and give them a good reason to promote you. Since most of the income I made my first couple of month came from selling Daves course I had learned how to market from, naturally he had a hard time not noticing all the money I was making him. Especially since I made it a point to reply to every commission notification I was sent from him. It didn’t take long for me to find out he was telling me the truth when he said to me that making money online is easy once you understand how it works. One of the things I discovered along the way which is the reason David Wood created The Empower Network is most people simply dont poses the skills or technical knowledge they need to run a successful online empire.

The Empower Network Excelorates Everything

Since most of the technical as well as phycological sales skills are taken care of for you with the empower network, the rate at which your business can grow is exclelorated exponentially. Because I learned the secret science of creating trafic in the few months prior to The Empower Network launch I was able to take that one skill I had just learned and turn it into my first $20,000 month online. I started out that first month with a list of less than 200 “leads” I had managed to accumulate from the prior 4 months of marketing. At the end of that first 30 days I had multiplied my list by over 5 times, closing out the month with over 1,000 subscribers to my email list. The reason I mention this is to emphasize the power of a compounding progressive story and influence that results from increased exposure online. Most people that join the empower network really never quite understand the depth of value it has to offer. There are so many profitable aspects of the empower network that have yet to be realized. But one obvious one I had the opportunity to benefit from my first month as an empower network member is the massive amount of exposure that it offeres to anyone who gets serious and creates some results in their empower network business. Because I had created some success in the empower network I was mentioned in almost all the webinar presentations and training calls that first month. I was also interviewed as one of the leaders insidethe empower network and that interview became part of the inner circle training membership that all inner circle members have access to. I was invited to be the first trainer in the empower networks exclusive The Empower Network Success System15k per month formula webinar series that is now sold for $250. This didn’t happen by accident as it was the vision of the founders David Wood and David Sharpe to make The Empower Network a community that gave it’s members the exposure that they need to dramatically increase their profitability online. Although it is not talked about that often it is one of the most valuable things that the empower network offers.

The Empower Network Newbie Nation (AKA The WoW Network)

In the short amount of time I had been marketing online one thing I realized is that there were allot of new people trying to figure out this online marketing mystery with little to no success. This had been bothering me for sometime as I kept running into folks that were working hard but getting nowhere fast. I had just started to create a solution for my team which I called The WoW Network when Dave first told me about the project he had been working on called The Empower Network. Since It seemed he was going in the same direction I was I decided to put my project on hold to see what his turned out to be. The Empower Network shortens the learning curve more than anything else I’ve ever seen online but it didn’t take long to realize that although new marketers have higher odds to be successful with this platform than anything else available there is still some basic and somewhat advanced information that most folks were missing that would enable them to use the empower network to it’s full potential. This is one of the main reasons I created The WoW (Wealth of Wisdom) Network. Because it wasn’t to long ago I was brand new to internet marketing I am very familiar with what “new people” need to start seeing results in their business. I’ve made it a point to Empower Network Newbie Nationmastermind with the most successful and influential marketers online and have distilled their knowledge and experience as well as my own into a “Wealth of Wisdom” that gives Newbies the info and resources they need to be in profit ASAP. Our team has become a self supporting and self promoting community that every member is able to leverage not only to get the info they need to succeed but also use as an incentive to encourage others to join them in business along with the rest of the team.

P.S. If you are new to internet marketing or are looking for a way to get your new people started right and profitable I’d encourage you to Join The Newbie Nation were our #1 priority is to make sure every member is running a profitable business from the start. Leverage the strengths of the team and together we will build something great.

The Empower Network

All The Best Without the Stress

I’m Simply Blessed

Kris Darty – Founding Member of The Empower Network