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Teamwork: How You Can Own the Whole Wide World

Teamwork: How you can own the Whole Wide World

 just not by yourself.

Teamwork is a subject we don’t here allot about in the attraction marketing arena. As entreprenuers we are naturaly inclined to “do things ourselves” Like the oldTeamwork saying goes if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. Although in some situations this may be true, most of the time using teamwork will get more done better than you could ever do by yourself.

Is the fact of weather or not you can do something better a real reason to do or not to do something? Even if you could do a better job you have to ask yourself is this a good use of my time? We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. We all have gifts and we all can learn skills. But we can’t all do everything and service every need. This is why we need to utilise Teamwork.

The beauty of network marketing or any business for that matter is that we must utilize the strengths of those around us as well as contribute our own. The minute we give up control and stop trying to do everyones job is the minute we discover the true power of leverage.

Teamwork is against Social Programing

I’ve found myself and many people I’ve encountered in this business suffering Teamworkfrom the fear of losing a prospect to another because they may have a strength that we lack or offer a service that we don’t. Like I said I’ve felt this emotional reaction to the fear of loss so I understand the feeling but the idea is basted on a false premis. To be a leader in this industry you must be willing to do whats best for the people you encounter even if that means “loosing them as your prospect” The fact is that if your prospect relates to you and you have built a real relationship no guru or any other force will be able to “steal them” from you. And even if they decide to partner with another we need to respect the fact that they may be better off.

This is not the real point of why I’m writing this but it is something we need to get over if we are going to be successful in this industry. We cannot be addicted to the outcome and we truly should want whats best for our prospects and partners.

Their is strength in numbers and there are things way more valuable than money. The synergy and collective power of a mastermind of entrepreneurs is worth more than any purse can pay. Money comes from ideas and the best ideas come from a collective group of creative minds.

Teamwork is worth more than a sale


I would rather be in a room of 100 great minds and me be the only one no one knows than be in a room by myself and have 100 raving fans. I would rather build a mutualy beneficial team of 100 people than to get a commission from 100 customers. Teams and the collective creativity that comes from them are what creates real fortunes. If you ever have the chance of being part of a great team don’t let that opportunity pass because it might not be there tomorrow.

Stop trying to control everything and don’t let the fear of loss keep you from gaining everything you’ve ever wanted. Also don’t let your emotions blind you to despise someone on your team if there is a chance they may make a profit or gain a prospect for the services or strengths that they contribute. Everyone that adds to the strength of the team deserves to be compensated in some way or another.


And like I said before there are things much more valuable than money. For these are the things that create it. So Utilize the strengths of those around you and add to your team the gifts and talents you posses and together you will accomplish more than you ever could alone.


I’ve recently joined forces with one of the strongest teams I’ve ever encountered in online marketing. Together we’ve accomplished more in a month then anyone of us could have accomplished in a year. And truth be told none of us would be able to do what we’ve done together because no one of us possesses all the strengths and talents that together we can leverage. We’ve gave up control and allowed ouselves to be apart of something much bigger than ourselves and because of that we will accomplish great things more than we could ever accomplish collectively as individuals.Teamwork

Yes I know this was a complete rant and I could have made this much clearer I’m sure but if I would have waited for perfection you would have never read this. I hope this plants a seed in your mind that will grow as you observe the power of a real team. You cannot buy good partners so if you ever find yourself in the position to afford one give whatever is required to keep them : ) And I Don’t mean money.

If you want to be part of a team of talented people who aren’t afraid to give their gift to the group knowing that they will receive from the strengths of others. Than open This Door and find yourself home at last. We welcome you and look forward to growing together. If you would rather do it all yourself then you should really reconsider what you are doing in this business in the first place. “Leaverage” is what this Business offers, so stop showing your prospects they must do it all themselves.

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