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How to Get Traffic to Your Website or Blog

How to Get Traffic to Your Website or Blog

If you have been trying to figure out how to get traffic to your website or blog I’m sure, you have probably cameHow to get traffic to your website or blog across a lot of people making big promises that so far has not seemed to produce the results that you have been looking for. I know, I’ve been there and it sucks not knowing how to get traffic to your website or blog so you can get your message or your products in front of the massive amount of traffic online. You are more than likely on this page because you “did a search” which is the most common method people use to find information online or you clicked on a link under a video or on your friends social media feed. What ever way you got here I assure you it wasn’t by mistake and there are people just like you that will visit this page everyday because I have discovered some simple yet powerful methods to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website or blog. I am not going to offer you paid traffic because after you would have paid for the traffic you would have to pay again, and again, and again to keep that traffic coming. For one, I don’t have time to drive traffic to your website or blog. And two, I would much rather enable you to do what I do, which is create perpetual traffic. I believe some things are worth investing in and some things are simply a waste of time and money. Creating Contextual Assets or content with built-in residual traffic capabilities is definitely my specialty, and something anyone serious about learning how to get traffic to your website or blog needs to learn. In this (hopefully short) article I will be laying out the basis of my formula for creating and activating Contextual Assets that will find their way to the first page of google rather quickly and result in you getting traffic to your website or blog.

 How are Contextual Assets the best way to get traffic to your website or blog?

An asset by definition (depending on who your source for defining things : ) is something you create once and it pays you residual or passive benefits perpetually with little to no personal upkeep of those assets. If you are serious about business online or offline your goal should not be to trade time and effort for dollars but rather to build an asset by investing time and creative effort that will continue to pay you long after you invested that time and effort. This is my main objective when creating content to get traffic to my website or blog. Google and How to get traffic to your website or blogany of the other search engines main service to their customers (your potential customers) is to provide fresh relevant content. In order for the search engines to notice your website or blog you need to be creating a consistent amount of fresh relevant content for them to offer to their customers (searchers). If you help Google make their customers happy, they will make sure to offer your product (Contextual Asset) to their customers when those customers are looking for that information. If you build your asset correctly and employ the formula I’m about to share with you, then you will get massive amounts of residual traffic to your website or blog.

Simple Secret Formula for how to get traffic to your website or blog.

To get traffic to your website or blog, you first need to create good relevant content. This begins with something we call keyword research, which is the first step in what is referred to as “on page seo” or search engine optimisation. With out keyword research you cannot have predictable traffic patterns. It is possible to “get lucky” every once in a while and randomly choose a keyword with a high traffic history, but we are not depending on luck to get traffic to your website or blog. If you are going to invest your time and creative effort into creating something, then you want to already know what kind of results you can expect. This is the best tool I know of for keyword research and the one I personally use. In my Perpetual Traffic Training Course, I go through how to use that tool to create Contextual Assets with built-in residual traffic capabilities. When you get this keyword research tool, it comes with some of the best keyword research training I’ve ever seen. You can access my Perpetual Traffic Training Course by filling out the form at the top of my blog at . So once you’ve done your research and found some profitable keywords to get traffic to your website or blog, you must finish your “on page seo”. Now it’s time to place those keywords in your Contextual Assets in a way that tells Google and the other search engines that your content is relevant to what their customers are looking for when they type in your chosen keywords. Of course you can spend lots of money on SEO training courses or you can just simply use this SEO WordPress Plugin to make sure your content is optimized for your chosen keywords. To get traffic to your website or blog you are going to have to create content that is helpful and thatHow to get traffic to your website or blog people actually enjoy viewing. If after someone finds your content on Google and starts to read but immediately realizes that your information is not relevant or helpful they will “Click Away”. Google takes note of this action and will eventually take your asset off the first page, since their customers obviously don’t find your information relevent. In my Perpetual Traffic Training Course I talk about how to make sure your content in relevant so that people will stay on your site and look for more useful information. The longer Googles customers stay on your site and the more pages they visit once they are there, the more Google concludes that they served their customers well by directing their traffic to your website or blog.

The Most Powerful and Crucial Element when trying to Get Traffic to Your Website or Blog

What I’ve covered so far is the foundation for building your Contextual Assets to get traffic to your website or blog. These next steps truly are my secret sauce for Google domination. With out these all the previous ones will be done in vain. Out of all the ways I’ve seen to get traffic to your website or blog this is the most powerful, most efficient, and most effective method to creating permanent perpetual traffic to your Contextual assets. What I’m about to get into has enabled me and my marketing team to rank our content on the first page of Google for any keyword we choose without exceptions. These are the reasons for the rapid results i’ve gotten online from the very beginning until now. What I’m about to cover will remove any doubt that you can get traffic to your website or blog. It is a simple process, but most people simply don’t know how this process works. Here is the process. After you’ve created your contextual asset by using the tools I covered above you must then ……………………………..


Complete This Process by Filling in the Form at the Top of the Page


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PPS If you are not clear on your purpose for building Contextual Assets online Then you should really look at The Perpetual Funnel System . It’s the secret to how I’ve been able to make consistent $300 commissions while I am sleeping.

How to get traffic to your website or blog



All the best I’m simply blessed : )

Kris Darty

Teaching people how to get traffic to your website or blog


Buzzify The end of Onlywire as we know .it

Buzzify The end of Onlywire as we know .it


BuzzifyBuzzify vs Onlywire

If you have been using Onlywire for submisions with Tribepro for any length of time you have probably experienced some aggravation with overages and failed submissions. I have had over 20,000 pending submissions that had to be canceled do to “unknown” issues with the submitter. Now that may seem extreme but if you are using a service like Tribepro to multiply the effects of onlywire than it is not uncommon to be submitting this amount of content regularly. Lets face it as online marketers our business relies heavily on High Quality Backlinks, without these backlinks our hopes of landing on the first page of Google are slim to none. Of course thinking that the 40 some odd number of backlinks you get when you submit your content through onlywire is going to make you #1 on the search engines is just wishful thinking. If you are reading this Article it is most likely because you did a search on Google or one of the other search engines. I want you to open up another tab and do that search again. Now look under the search box and notice how many results there are for what you just searched for. There is a reason I am on the first page and it is not only wire . The reason I am here is because of a service I use called Tribe pro . Tribepro takes the convenience of onlywire and multiplies it’s effects 3000 + times. I call it automatic viral backlinking and it is the most powerful tool I know of for on demand Google domination. If you haven’t gotten a Tribepro Account yet, you should DO IT NOW before your competition does.

What does Buzzify have to do with Onlywire and Tribepro ?

That’s a good question since the title of this post is ” Buzzify the End of Onlywire As We Know .it ” You should be wondering what does Buzzify have to do with .it anyway? Well like I was saying from the beginning using Tribepro to submit through your Onlywire account has been a little troublesome to say the least. Besides the obvious technical errors you may have experienced, the biggest pain was when you got your bill at the end of the month and you had encored more overage charges than it costs for your monthly subscription. Tribepro is a Social Sydication service for professional internet marketers. The volume of submissions can sometimes be unpredictable. This being the case many Tribepro members have had to unnecessarily subscribe to high submission packages with onlywire or suffer the penalty of excessive overage charges. When contacting onlywire about these issues their best advice was to not use Tribepro LOL. With the lack of cooperation from onlywire and the constant complaints from their customers the owners of Tribepro decided to offer a better, more reliable, and affordable alternative to onlywire.



The Introduction of an attractive alternative to Onlywire

Buzzify was introduced in late summer of 2011 by the makers of Tribepro, the most powerful and effective social syndication service to date. It soon replaces the need for onlywire as a submission service to be used with Tribepro. It is more affordable and does not charge any overages for submission made in excess of your subscription package. What I like most is it’s seamless integration with Tribepro. Although can be used similar to onlywire as a stand alone service it’s power is only realized when combined with Tribepro and since both services are made by the same folks you can bet that there will be little to no issues between the two services. And when any issues arise the owners are sure to address them asap. Ronnie and Staci are great people and marketers themselves. They are actually partners in one of my companies and I can tell you from experience that they have their customers best intrest at heart. They don’t just offer services, they use them as well in their own marketing efforts. So you better believe they will stive to be on the cutting edge of whats Tribepro Onlywire now and will make sure those things are integrated into these services. You can get a free account at both Tribepro and Buzzify by following the links in this post.

Buzzify .it and Tribepro a

Powerful Marketing Team

What’s even cooler than using the most effective marketing tools in the world ? Answer: Being in the same inner circle team as the makers of the most effective marketing tools in the world. Success in business comes down to who is on your team. The basis of business is harnessing the power of leverage and combined creative effort. The reason most people fail in business, especially online is because they are missing this crucial element to success. If you are struggling in you efforts to market online it’s not your fault. You simply have not been introduced to a real effective and experienced team of online marketers that have a sincere interest in you succeeding. Everyone one of our team members has money sent to them month after month without fail from the first day they decide to going our team. These are documented facts. There are automated marketing system you can plug into for free the minute you decide to join our team. You have the opportunity to be part of a mastermind group with the makers of as well as almost every major online marketer including the makers of the largest attraction marketing system online MLSP and the owner of the highest trafficked Network Marketing Blog on the planet. These are my partners and the reason for my rapid success in online marketing. Give yourself a fighting chance and join a winning team for a change. The systems, tools, training, and teams are in place and ready to plug you into profit. Kris Darty


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P.P.S. You also get $10,717 in bonuses the minute you decide to join our team.

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Creating The Perpetual Funnel System

Creating The Perpetual Funnel System

An inside look into creating an effective sales process

After going through The Perpetual Funnel System and spending some time consulting with it’s maker David Wood I realized that my Sales process was in need of a serious overhaul. The Perpetual Funnel System was the most insightful and practically useful marketing training I have ever gone through. It laid the foundation as well as the building for my perpetual sales process. After looking around the marketing community I realize there are many new as well as experienced online marketers that don’t really have a clear picture of what an effective sales funnel looks like. While I am not going to attempt to explain all the details of The Perpetual Funnel System in one post I do want to give you some insight into what makes for a effective sales process and Funnel.

Insights from The Perpetual Funnel System revealed

The Fact is that to be successful marketing online you are going to have to build a large responsive list. So manyThe Perpetual Funnel System today are taken by the affiliate marketing fever. They think that they can survive on single sales from random customers that they have NO relationship with. While you may be able to make a few quick bucks on the next hottest thing this is not a business model that will result in the promised financial and time freedom that online marketing offers. If you want to play the affiliate marketing lottery be my guest but know that it will only result in a whole lot of wasted time and money. I would rather have someone willing to receive daily communications from me than any affiliate sale to a complete stranger. There are much more efficient and effective ways to sell affiliate products than link spam and even continual emails about the next best thing. I get these email all the time from superstitious marketers I just haven’t had the time to unsubscribe from. While a lot of marketing is a numbers game you still have to know what game you are playing and the object of that game if you are ever going to win. You may win a game of cards every once in a while by continually saying “hit me” but if you sit there for any length of time you are going to run out of chips.

The Objective of The Perpetual Funnel System

The objective of any sales process is simple or at least it should be. It is to build a progressive increasing trust with your customers/followers so they are happy to take your recommendation of a product when you give it. The fact is that people want to buy from people they know, like, and trust. If you ever want to be that person then link spam and a barrage of emails about the newest widget or marketing course is not going to be your marketing method.


Implementing The Perpetual Funnel System

There are many valuable strategies you can implement from The Perpetual Funnel System but one of the most valuable lessons you will learn to implement into you own Perpetual Sales Funnel is the Fact that no one likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy. So how do you get someone to buy with out selling ? The Simple answer is to show them how to get the results they are seeking or the solution to their problems with the products that you are offering. This is done through instruction or how to training you offer. This is not a sales pitch but true The Perpetual Funnel Systemvaluable training on how to use the products you are recommending to get the results that they want. People want to see results and exactly how to get them. If you are recommending good products that produce the kind of solutions that your customers/followers are looking for and you personally show them how you use those products and how they can get the exact same results that you do they buy them and get the results because you showed them not only what but how. Once they get the results they will not hesitate to listen the next time you recommend something. Since you are the one doing the training they will naturally get to know like and trust you. Your personality and unique style will show through and your “list” will start to feel like you are a good friend. Which you are because you cared about them enough to show them what you do to solve the problems that you both face. Just as Jesus told his disciples “…..I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.” John 15:15 When you make know to your followers what you have learned and what works for you then you are being a friend to them. A friends recommend is more likely to be acted upon than any Sales letter or video. So build a relationship with your “list” by providing them solutions in the form of how to instruction that they will actually see results from if they follow. Like I said there are SOOOOO many lessons to be learned from The Perpetual Funnel System I wish I had time to list here but that’s why we recorded The Perpetual Funnel System training. So anyone who truly wants to get results and build a six or seven figure income online can watch the detailed how to instructions put together by my friend David Wood.

If you are tired of wondering how this Internet Marketing thing is supposed to pay off and provide you the freedom you signed up for then I would Highly recommend you take advantage of this offer to get a $500 discount off the Perpetual Funnel System. If you haven’t been getting the success you desire in your Internet marketing business it is not your fault. There are just some things you don’t know yet and most “online marketers” don’t either. The Perpetual Funnel System has giving me the direction and the how to instruction that I needed to begin building a lasting profit producing online empire. If you are serious about building a real lasting presence online then I wouldn’t wait another minute to get The Perpetual Funnel System . It is a real proven blueprint for online domination and profit that you can start to implement today and continue to build until your empire is virtually indestructible and produces massive results perpetually of course.

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PPPS Fill out the form at the top of the page to get an invitation to my personal Perpetual Traffic Training Course were I walk you through how to set up the basis of your perpetual funnel system and get perpetual traffic

The Perpetual Funnel System



All the best I’m simply Blessed,

Kris Darty

Original Participant of The Perpetual Funnel System

Numis Network Presentation and How to get Free Cash and Silver

Numis Network Presentation and How to get Free Cash and Silver

Numis Network Presentation

When you are building a Nunis Network Business success in the simplest form boils down to how many people you have watching a Numis Network Presentation . Sounds simple but you would be amazed at how many people don’t realize that this is their main objective. Most people are not able to make an informed decision based on a few benefits that you may have been able to describe during a personal conversation. So don’t do your future partners a disservice by trying to explain how this business works until after they have sat through a complete Numis Network Presentation . They may have questions after the fact and that’s great. It means they were paying attention. But a good Numis Network Presentation will give them the information they need to decide weather or not this business is a fit for them. Once they watch the Presentation simply ask them what they liked about it and if they are ready to get started. If they have specific question they would like answered before they join the team, then get them the answers and help them get started sharing a Numis Network Presentation .

Here is a favorite Numis Network Presentation of mine done by my personal sponsor David Wood.

During this Numis Network Presentation Dave gave away $400

Winning Free Silver at a Numis Network Presentation .

I recently invited my mother in law to attend a Numis Network Presentation done by my partner RayHigdon who happens to be the #1 income earner in the Numis Network. One of the great thing about Numis Network is the number of leaders there are in the company. Because of the large number of leaders like Ray Higdon there is a lot of Numis Network Presentations available to send your future partners to. Well like I said, I sent my mother in Law to Rays Numis Network Presentation so she could get all the details about Numis and be able to make a informed decision about Numis Network. For those of you that are wondering why I would send my mother in law to any presentation let me remind you that in this business we get to decide who we do or do not want to work with and unlike the corporate environment were we have to work with people we may not like or enjoy in this business we on purpose choose the people we would like to work with and enjoy there company. So I like my mother in law and because of that I invited her to this Numis Network Presentation . Well she didn’t know it but Ray had been giving away free silver coins to people during his presentations. Of course they have to wait until the end to find out how they would get the free silver.

Numis Network Presentation

At the end of the Numis Network Presentation Ray let us know how to get a chance at the free silver coins. So I sent him her name and address to see if she might win the free silver. A few days had gone by and we had pretty much forgot about it. Until I got a message from Ray letting me know that she would be getting a free American silver eagle mailed to her house that week. I let her know right away and she was very happy to hear the news. I can’t help but think that she would probably not be as excited if I told her she won a bottle of vitamins but that’s besides the point. The fact is that getting someone to a Numis Network Presentation is pretty easy when your potential partners are getting free Silver coins for attending. I’m very happy I decided to join this team were your potential partners could possibly get paid for watching a Numis Network Presentation . I have never seen the kind of support and training that our Numis Network team provides our partners the minute they decide to join our community.

Have you Watched the Numis Network Presentation ?

If you haven’t watched the Numis Network Presentation above then go ahead and do that now. Once you watch the Numis Network Presentation you will be able to make an intelligent decision about Numis Network. If you have any question about Numis before you are ready to get started send me a quick message to the email address below. Or if you are ready to get started with our Numis Network Team Then click on the Numis Network Presentation above and it will take you to a page that explains exactly how to get started. Make sure to send me a message once you’ve joined our team so we can help you get started the right way right away .

Kris Darty – “That Awesome MLM Guy”Numis Network Presentation

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The Perpetual Funnel System an Internet Marketing Blueprint by David Wood

The Perpetual Funnel System


an Internet Marketing Blueprint by David Wood

When I first heard of The Perpetual Funnel System I was just beginning my carrer in Online Marketing. That week I had  just finished David Woods Traffic Transformation Bootcamp and was struggling a bit to learn this new skill of writing articles and at the same time trying to figure out how to build my Blog.

I had been following David Wood since I seen him speek at the No ExcusesThe Perpetual Funnel System Summit II. Before then I had seen his face here and there but was more annoyed then I was captivated. But on the last day of the Summit they brought him out to be the final speaker. I was tired after listening to speaker after speaker for 3 days straight but when I heard David Wood tell his story and how he was getting the results he was, I new in spite of the fact that I thought he was kinda weird and creepy that he had exactly what I was looking for and what I had attended that meeting to get.

Thats when I entered The Perpetual Funnel System

The Perpetual Funnel SystemThat very week unawares to me I entered The Perpetual Funnel System. I was so intrigued by the valuable information I had received from David Wood that immediately I subscribed to everything David Wood had to offer. Of course in my head I was getting valuable information that I needed to grow my new internet empire which I did get. But what I wasn’t aware of was that I was in the mist of the most effective efficient sales process Network Marketing had ever seen. This was the same process that in the previous 12 month enabled one man to become the top recruiter in the Largest Attraction Marketing System on the planet as well as in his primary Network marketing company that mainly consisted of professional internet marketers. The Perpetual Funnel System was not some rehashed, cookie cutter, deja vu nightmare full of scary sales clowns trying to trick you into jumping through hoops into a ring of fire. It was the brightest path I had ever been down in internet marketing land and every step made me want to keep going forward.

The Perpetual Funnel System was not an invention, but a natural creation of the human spirit.

What makes The Perpetual Funnel System so unique and effective is that it was not birthed by rational thinking or superior sales theory. The Perpetual Funnel System is a product of the subconsciense mind of a man that had been immersed in the the network marketing experience practically since birth. If you ever tried to learn a new language you know that the best way to learn is by being around some that was born and raised speaking and living in the culture were that language originated from. Well in Network Marketing David Wood is that someone. No other industry teacher or trainer I have ever heard has had a clearer understanding and vision of what works to get real lasting results and why it works so well.

Facing The Perpetual Funnel System

When I finally heard of the perpetual funnel system I had already been halfway through it. David Wood had been sending me messages on a regular basis that always made me eager to receive the next one. So the news came while I wasThe Perpetual Funnel System preparing to go back to work full time, that David Wood had finally discovered how to explain what he had been doing for the last 2 years that made him the most successful Network Marketing Recruiter in the history of the universe. As I watched his Video about The Perpetual Funnel System I began to realize that it was exactly what I had been going through that made me want to join David Wood in every way I could. This information had never been shared before and it was very obvious that it worked. He only had room for 25 students and he sent the invitation to over 50,000 people. I hesitated at first thinking that because I was just getting started that maybe I wasn’t ready for this information and because I had already purchased enough training to keep me busy for at least a year. But I could not deny that what he was doing and was about to teach me was the most effective and efficient way to build an online network marketing empire than had ever been done before. Just as I finally decided to discover the secrets of The Perpetual Funnel System to my surprise the Class had reached it’s maximum capacity and the buy button had been taken down. Buy now I was able to make the decision that my future was valuable enough to me to invest the time and money it takes to learn this process called The Perpetual Funnel System. The Next Day I got another message from David Wood telling me there is room for a few more people to learn the secrets to creating a lasting residual income using the internet to market their business. So I decided I should go find the buy button very quickly before it disappears again.

The Things I learned from The Perpetual Funnel System have made me able to establish a very successful business in the most competitive company and industry I have ever been involved with. Some one once told me that the best place to hide something is right out in the open. If you see success all around you but for some reason you haven’t been able to identify what creates that success and how you can use that knowledge to establish your own internet marketing empire then I would encourage you to enter The Perpetual Funnel System and see for yourself the process that produced the #1 all time recruiter David Wood and the success of all that have embraced it’s blueprint.

P.S.To see a live example check out The Perpetual Funnel System on Facebook.

All the Best I’m simply Blessed : )The Perpetual Funnel System

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Kris Darty

Original Participant of The Perpetual Funnel System

How I Used Tribepro to Reach the First Page of Google in 3 Days

How I used Tribepro to reach the first page of Google in 3 days

So what is Tribepro ? And how did I use Tribepro to reach 8 out of 10 places on Googles First Page? For most Online Marketers their main goal for any content they create whether it is a Blog post, a Youtube video, a Facebook note, or Squidoo lens is to have that content on the first page of Google. There are many techniques and tools today claiming to put you on the first page of Google but regardless of the “fancy talk” there are just a few simple things that need to happen for your content to reach that coveted spot on the front page of Google search results.

I made this video about Tribepro and how I use it to take 8 out of 10 places on Tribepro Googles front page competing with 1,060,000 other pages for those same spots. Tribepro is a very useful tool but if you don’t know how to use it, just like any other tool you won’t get the intended results. Pay attention to the end of the video were I explain how to get detailed instruction about how to use Tribepro to get the same results I’ve been getting with Tribepro.

Understanding “WHY” you need a service like Tribepro

If you are not familiar with SEO I would encourage you to look around my site for posts and videos about the subject. But to make this simple there are basically three things you need to have in order to get on Googles front page.

Thing #1 Good content that is relevant to your specific market.What I mean is you need to be creating information that is useful to your intended readers/watchers. The fact is that Google actually takes into account how long someone stays on your page. If your content stinks and is not useful relevant information that others will want to read/watch to the end and instead immediately “Click Away” then Google will assume that their customers (i.e. your potential customers) do not find your information valuable or relevant to the keywords in your content. And because of this you will never find your content on the Front Page of Google.Tribepro

Thing #2 On Page SEO or Strong Keyword Selection and placement. People dont usually search for general information and if they do they are not likely to come across your content in the sea of general information that is available on the web. So the more specific you can be with your keyword selection the more likely you will show up on Googles Front Page when people search for your targeted keywords. You will want to use a keyword research tool like This One to find what people are actually searching for in your target market. Once you identify a worth while keyword then you will want to place that keyword throughout your content in a way that makes Google think that your content is relevant to that specific keyword. There are several thousand dollar courses you could buy to teach you were and how often to use these keywords in your content or you could just simply use This WordPress Plugin that tells you exactly were to place them and grades your posts as you create it so you know if it is optimized for Google search or not. Both of these tools are pretty much industry standard for any serious internet marketer so if you are not using them you might as well just get it over with so you don’t waste your time creating content that no one will ever see.

Thing #3 Tribepro – my secret sause for Google Domination

Thing #3 That you need before your content ever sees the First Page of Google is what is known as off page SEO or simply stated a ton of backlinks (links to your content URL) from high page rank sites. Page Rank is a grading scale Google has Tribeprocreated to rank sites authority or usefulness. Links from a High Authority site tells Google that your information is good quality content and that it is useful to their readers since it appears to be useful to the site that has “Linked Back” to your content. And this is were my secret lies. Using Tribepro to automate the Backling process I am able to create thousands of backlinks to High Page Rank Sites in a matter of minutes. From there my content goes viral since all these backlinks are in one or all of the 50 most popular social media sites on theTribepro planet. My content gets immediate exposure to hundreds of thousands of real people that find my content valuable and in turn “like” and “share” my content with their networks which creates more and more High quality Backlinks to my content. Using Tribepro Google has no choice but to conclude people want to see my content and because of this they place my content on the The First Page since it is their business to show results that their searchers want to see.

Tribepro is the the internet marketing “Easy Button”

Well if what I’ve already described wasn’t the coolest thing since email then this will definitely “take the cake”. The only thing better than Viral Backling would have to be automatic viral backlining. Tribepro is an asset in the sense that once it is set up you need not think of it often. However you will remember it like I do every time you see your content on Googles front page. If you use this tool properly like I describe on This Page then all you will have to do for “Thing #3” is Tribepropush the publish button. What I do with one button takes most online marketers weeks and months to accomplish. Not because I have any kind of super powers but because I am a professional and professionals us professional tools. Thats why we call it tribePRO. As a leader it is your job to be creative and inspiring, not to wonder around the internet all day looking for places to put your links.

Be a Professional and use Tribepro

You can become a free member of Tribepro at anytime you choose by following this Tribepro Link. To learn about how you can use Tribepro to maximise its potential check out this Tribepro Page.

P.S. If you want to know what to do with your traffic once you reach Googles Front Page Take a look at this Facebook Marketing System.




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Why David Wood Owed Me $100

Why David Wood Owed Me $100

David WoodYep you heard it right David Wood the Costa Rica Miracle Man actually owed me $100. Well You must be wondering why a guy that made almost $100,000 last month owed me $100. Well To answer your question David Wood did not have to borrow money from me. Although I have given my share of cash to him he certainly shouldn’t have to borrow money from anyone again for the rest of his life.

 How David Wood ended up owing me $100

David Wood

Well about 3 months ago I met “This Amazing MLM Guy” David Wood. At the time, I wasn’t sure what to think of this MLM Prodigy Child. Who turns out to be an incarnation of MLM itself. If you know anything about his story, the MLM industry has shaped his world since a very young age. Of course I was intrigued by the results he was getting and at the same time annoyed. So naturally I decided to subscribe to all things David Wood to see what I could uncover in his mysterious ways that would help me discover my own MLM Mastery. This whole Process that I went through was simply amazing and I wrote a detailed account of it and the things I learned in my article

David Wood“The Candyman David Wood and How I Won a Golden Ticket”

Well, shortly after I toured the factory with David Wood I decided to join David Wood in his quest to make the MLM world Taste good. He had just started a new project which he called “The Only Government approved Money Getting System on Facebook” and along with this sweet dose of MLM awesomeness he made a decree that all those who loved the Factory and it’s Products should make a video and tell the world why. The person with the best Video would receive $100. By now you are probably guessing how I got David Wood to give me $100. And you are right but just like anything else the “how” is not nearly as important as the “why”.

Let me share with you Why David Wood owed me $100

I did make The Best Video and won the contest but this didn’t just accidentally happen. There are many lesson to learn from this small victory and I wish I could cover them all in this article but I would have to charge admission as these are the secrets of “The Chocolate Factory”

First of all I wanted to win. The accomplishment of any goal must start with the desire to see it accomplished. The fact is that we all do what we want to do and I wanted to WIN and so I did. What do you want ? Some people had the same opportunity as I yet they did not win simply because deep down they had no desire to. David Wood is an “Awesome MLM Guy” simply because he made it a point to celebrate and promote every victory along his path of success which in turn increased the velocity of his success and made him able to accomplish what he has in such a short period of time. This is why I wanted to win. EveryDavid Wood MLM Success story was built on Success Stories and we all have the opportunity to create success stories even if we are new.

Secondly I planned to Win. After deciding I wanted to win I also planned to win. So many of us are just “trying it out” or “seeing if it goes anywhere” Well spending a few weeks with David Wood made me see it not only “was going somewhere” but it had already “gotten somewhere” David Wood inspires me by showing me what is possible. We need to stop “seeing if it goes somewhere” and take a look at were”it has already gotten”. Living in the reality that I have as good a chance as anyone to Win My Golden Ticket I set out with the purpose and plan to do just that.

David Wood

Thirdly I did what was required to Win. This is were the Victory Happens. One of the first things most fast start guides tell every Network Marketer to do is figure out their “Why”. As important as the “why” is, someone without it that does the simple actions required to succeed in this business will win. To many of us are wrapped up in refining our desire and plans. We can have a perfect why and perfect plan but if we never get past that and do the work we will never see the goal accomplished. We find ourselves waiting and waiting until our blogs are perfect and we have the 90th autoresponder perfectly crafted before we start producing our content or introducing our prospects to our opportunity. And what we fail to realize is that we need the stories that come from us taking action to build the brand we want to be. Your new recruits don’t want to hear how you finally started getting leads and making money once your marketing system was perfect and they never will hear that because if you keep waiting until it is perfect you will never get the results you desire to have.


Ok so the last reason I will mention (and there are quite a bit more) is the reason David Wood gave me $100 is fourthly I was not afraid to ask. As the Bible says “Ye have not because Ye ask not.” I wanted to win enough that I was not afraid of rejection or at least not enough for it to stop me from asking. So often with the attraction Marketing mentality we actually start to think that we should never have to ask someone to join us. While there may be times when someone asks you what you are involved in or if they can join with you, if you are waiting for them to ask, you are going to go broke and quit before you ever succeed. I learned this from David Wood himself when he asked me to Join him in his MLM Chocolate Factory. So although it was a little spammy : ) I stayed up the night the contest was ending and one by one asked everyone I could to take a look at my video and hit like if they liked it. After the night had ended I was sure I had won. But strangely enough there was no mention of it for days and I had begun

David Wood

to wonder if David Wood had forgotten about the contest. So Just like when I asked people to watch my video I began to ask David Wood about the contest and when I would be getting my $100. Now this may have been a little annoying to him but again I wanted, I planned, and I did. This effort had put this “Amazing MLM Guy” in debt to me and I intended to collect.


David Wood is like your MLM Business.

OK It’s getting rather long I know but there is so much to learn from this simple experience. I want you to get this picture. If you will just simply decide that you want to succeed and then you make a plan to succeed and then you do the work necessary to succeed, what ever you ask of your business you will receive because at that point it will be in debt to you. And Just like David Wood your Business will pay you exactly what it promised.

I wish you the best in your business and hope this lesson will encourage you to take action and intend to win. If you would like to hear the rest of the MLM Chocolate Factory Secrets take a look at what David Wood is giving away this week on Facebook.

David Wood


All the best and simply Blessed,

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David Wood “That Amazing MLM Guy”

Teamwork: How You Can Own the Whole Wide World

Teamwork: How you can own the Whole Wide World

 just not by yourself.

Teamwork is a subject we don’t here allot about in the attraction marketing arena. As entreprenuers we are naturaly inclined to “do things ourselves” Like the oldTeamwork saying goes if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. Although in some situations this may be true, most of the time using teamwork will get more done better than you could ever do by yourself.

Is the fact of weather or not you can do something better a real reason to do or not to do something? Even if you could do a better job you have to ask yourself is this a good use of my time? We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. We all have gifts and we all can learn skills. But we can’t all do everything and service every need. This is why we need to utilise Teamwork.

The beauty of network marketing or any business for that matter is that we must utilize the strengths of those around us as well as contribute our own. The minute we give up control and stop trying to do everyones job is the minute we discover the true power of leverage.

Teamwork is against Social Programing

I’ve found myself and many people I’ve encountered in this business suffering Teamworkfrom the fear of losing a prospect to another because they may have a strength that we lack or offer a service that we don’t. Like I said I’ve felt this emotional reaction to the fear of loss so I understand the feeling but the idea is basted on a false premis. To be a leader in this industry you must be willing to do whats best for the people you encounter even if that means “loosing them as your prospect” The fact is that if your prospect relates to you and you have built a real relationship no guru or any other force will be able to “steal them” from you. And even if they decide to partner with another we need to respect the fact that they may be better off.

This is not the real point of why I’m writing this but it is something we need to get over if we are going to be successful in this industry. We cannot be addicted to the outcome and we truly should want whats best for our prospects and partners.

Their is strength in numbers and there are things way more valuable than money. The synergy and collective power of a mastermind of entrepreneurs is worth more than any purse can pay. Money comes from ideas and the best ideas come from a collective group of creative minds.

Teamwork is worth more than a sale


I would rather be in a room of 100 great minds and me be the only one no one knows than be in a room by myself and have 100 raving fans. I would rather build a mutualy beneficial team of 100 people than to get a commission from 100 customers. Teams and the collective creativity that comes from them are what creates real fortunes. If you ever have the chance of being part of a great team don’t let that opportunity pass because it might not be there tomorrow.

Stop trying to control everything and don’t let the fear of loss keep you from gaining everything you’ve ever wanted. Also don’t let your emotions blind you to despise someone on your team if there is a chance they may make a profit or gain a prospect for the services or strengths that they contribute. Everyone that adds to the strength of the team deserves to be compensated in some way or another.


And like I said before there are things much more valuable than money. For these are the things that create it. So Utilize the strengths of those around you and add to your team the gifts and talents you posses and together you will accomplish more than you ever could alone.


I’ve recently joined forces with one of the strongest teams I’ve ever encountered in online marketing. Together we’ve accomplished more in a month then anyone of us could have accomplished in a year. And truth be told none of us would be able to do what we’ve done together because no one of us possesses all the strengths and talents that together we can leverage. We’ve gave up control and allowed ouselves to be apart of something much bigger than ourselves and because of that we will accomplish great things more than we could ever accomplish collectively as individuals.Teamwork

Yes I know this was a complete rant and I could have made this much clearer I’m sure but if I would have waited for perfection you would have never read this. I hope this plants a seed in your mind that will grow as you observe the power of a real team. You cannot buy good partners so if you ever find yourself in the position to afford one give whatever is required to keep them : ) And I Don’t mean money.

If you want to be part of a team of talented people who aren’t afraid to give their gift to the group knowing that they will receive from the strengths of others. Than open This Door and find yourself home at last. We welcome you and look forward to growing together. If you would rather do it all yourself then you should really reconsider what you are doing in this business in the first place. “Leaverage” is what this Business offers, so stop showing your prospects they must do it all themselves.

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Creating a Facebook Group : Step #1 to Getting 2821 Automatic Backlinks to Your Content

Creating a Facebook Group : Step #1 to Getting 2821 Automatic Backlinks to Your Content

Facebook Group

In the Last Blog Post I wrote about dominating Google through the Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind. I mentioned how the Facebook Group Mastermind operates by “The Code”. “The Code” is a series of simple steps that the members of the Facebook Group Mastermind are honor bound to uphold. Step #1 in “The Code” is to Create your own Facebook Group with the primary purpose being to share the content of all the other members in that group.

By being part of this Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind you will have hundreds and eventually thousands of other members automatically putting backlinks to your content into their Facebook Groups as well as other Social Media Sites. We will get into how this is all going to happen automatically the minute you post your content to your blog or website later. For now we are still on step #1

How to Create a Facebook Group

I shot this quick video so you have a visual reference to what I’m about to describe and really you shouldn’t have to actually read this after watching the video. But you will want to finish this article if you are not a member of the mastermind yet and you are looking for real answers about How to Market a business on Facebook.

Steps to Creating a Facebook Group

Step #1 Log into Facebook : This should be obvious lol

Step # 2 Look to the left of your screen on the Facebook “Home Page” (the page you see when you first login) There will be a list of items you can choose from. It’s broken down onto three main sections divided by a thin dark line. In the second section is your “Facebook Groups” If you are already apart of multiple Facebook Groups then you will need to click the “more button at the bottom of that section to see the rest of your groups and more importantly see the “Create Group” option. Once you have discovered the “Create Group” Option CLICK IT : ) You are now half way done with creating your Facebook Group.

Step #3 Name your Group. Don’t stress to much about what to name your group as you can always change the name later. Plus this groups primary purpose is to receive backlinks so you don’t need to be extra creative with the name. “(YourName) Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind” will do just fine : )

Step #4 Invite all of your marketing buddies to the group. Most Marketers on Facebook are always open to another place to share their content. Plus inviting them to your group will introduce them to the Mastermind group and that means more people sharing your content into their group : ) Plus like any other page the more activity on that page the more attention it gets from Google. So even if they don’t subscribe to the mastermind concept you will still benefit from increased activity in your group.

Step #5 Choose the privacy of your group. Just like everything else if you want exposure to your content by people and Search Engines you need to make this Facebook Group Public. The only private Group in the Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind is the Mastermind Group itself as we are not sharing links into that group that we want to be indexed by Google and we are sharing advanced marketing strategies in the group that we don’t want leaked to the general public.

Step #6 Write a group Description. Again this doesn’t need to be extra fancy or creative. It should describe the main function of the facebook group and what the facebook group was made for. The Facebook Group description should explain that the group is part of a network of Facebook Groups who have joined together to create automatic backlinking through out the network. It should point them to the Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind at were they will be able to follow “The Code” and create their own Facebook Group that they will automatically share your content into. To create a group description once you have created your group simply click the “edit group” button on the right side of the group home page.

Step #7 This step is not really necessary but it can be fun : ) Choose a picture that you feel represents the group and what it was made to accomplish. : ) This is the picture I chose for my Facebook Group : )   You add your picture by simply clicking on the empty group picture box next to the group name at the top of the page. Once you click it a box will open that gives you the option to select a file from your computer to upload. If you need pictures you can get them from google images by searching for the picture you are looking for and clicking the image option on the left side of the google search results.

Your Facebook Group is Complete : )

Facebook GroupCongratulations You have Created your Facebook Group and are now ready to begin Step #2 of “The Code” To access “The Code” you will need to become a member of the Mastermind By Clicking this Facebook Group and clicking the Ask to Join Button in the upper right section of the page.

P.S. To check out the original “Call to Arm” about the Mastermind Click Here

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 Facebook Group

Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind – 2821 Backlinks in a matter of minutes!

Facebook Group

Marketing Mastermind

Many Facebook users are starting to catch onto the huge potential that a Facebook Group can offer their business. Some of Facebook Groupthe benefits of a Facebook group is that you don’t have to send a request for someone to join. If you are a member of the group you simple add people to the group and they begin to receive notifications whenever activity happens inside the group. This is much different than a Facebook business page were you must solicit “likes” and once you get “likes” your page followers may see updates in their newsfeed but they are not notified through email or the native Facebook notifications feature when you post new content to your page.

Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind

Tapping the hidden Potential of Facebook Group Marketing!

There are many valuable features and uses for a Facebook Group but one of the obvious, overlooked, and underutilized marketing strategies a Facebook Group can offer is automatic high quality/quantity Back linking to your website or Blog. Sure there are a handful of marketers wondering around looking for a Facebook Group to post links to their content in, but until recently there has not been an efficient effective way to share your content on Facebook on a massive scale.

Facebook Group

Can a Facebook Group really conquer the Google Bot ?

Although Google may not personally “like” Facebook, the Google Bot can not resist the power of the second most trafficked site in the universe! Facebook GroupThe fact is that Facebook is one of the few Sites and the only community created content (Social Media) site in the world that has a Google Page Rank of 10. If you know anything about off page SEO you know that this is a huge deal. The only problem and for good reasons is that Facebook has been the most guarded and strict social media site online. Making it difficult to transfer some of the massive site authority it possesses to it’s would be power partners ie YOU. But with a Facebook Group you have the potential to partner with the only real match for the Google Bot and bring that overzealous algorithm into submission to the driving force of online entrepreneurship. It’s time to join forces and tame that beast!

Introducing the Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind

Some of the most powerful and deadly Marketing Minds on Facebook have joined forces to form an alliance so powerful that The Facebook Giant can not help but aid them in their effort to bring the Google Bot under their control and use its powers for the greater good of all mankind. This secret Facebook group of Marketing Masters is accepting (by invitation only) hungry and driven Facebook Grouponline entrepreneurs to join them and enjoy the spoils of victory as together we overcome the Google Bot and inherit the promise land of Google Earth with all the free trafic and leads we could ever desire.

Facebook Group Marketing Manifesto

Our strategies are simple and based on ancient wisdom of warfare. These Tactics are laid out in a step by step process we call “The Code” Once you are excepted into the mastermind “The Code” will be revealed. You will have 72 hours to implement “The Code”or be forever banished from Google Earth. All Members of the Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind will lend their strength and empower you to become the Marketer you only know in your dreams, which is exactly were we operate from. VISION – a realistic, credible, attractive future.

It’s time to Wake Up to your Dreams and to catch a glimpse of what Google EarthFacebook Group will look like once the Bot has been Subdued. Come, follow me to our Facebook Group Leader and prepare for the battle.

P.S. To Join The Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind Click this Facebook Group and request an invitation.

P.P.S. To enter our War room Click this Facebook Group.

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Facebook Group