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How to Get a 50% Onlywire Discount

How to Get a 50% Onlywire Discount

In a previous Video I made about how to become the #1 member of Tribepro in 3 days from a hammock I mentioned how you can get an Onlywire discount of 50% and that I would make a video of the steps you need to take to get your onlywire discount. The video on this page will walk you step-by-step through what you need to do to get the onlywire discount. The Onlywire discount is only available for new acounts so if you are an existing subscriber this won’t be of much use to you. Existing subscribers may find the information on my TribePro page to be helpful.

How to get your Onlywire Discount

Steps to take for the Onlywire Discount

  1. Watch the video on how to get your Onlywire discount.
  2. Click this Onlywire Discount link.
  3. Create a free Onlywire account Onlywire Discount
  4. Download the Onlywire Submitter from the tools page at Onlywire.
  5. Install the Onlywire submitter.
  6. Authorize your Onlywire account inside the submitter.
  7. Restart your computer.
  8. Claim your Onlywire Discount before the offer expires.

And thats all it takes to get your Onlywire Discount : )

I you are just starting your blog or Website you are going to want to get as many high quality backlinks to your site as possible. One of the criteria that Google uses to judge site authority is the overall sites linking in to all pages of your site. This is why it’s important to start a habit of posting one piece of content a day.

with Tribepro you can get around 3000 backlinks from high PR (page rank) social sites but you are competing with sites that already have tens or even Onlywire Discounthundreds of sites linking into them. So the more content you create the faster each of your posts will rise to the first page of google. In order to automate this backlinking process you are going to need to have an onlywire subscription to match the amount of content you intend to share.

If you want to shoot for being on the leader board inside of TribePro you will want to go with the top pro package at least for the first month or so. Go with the 100,000 share plan and share as much content inside of tribepro as you can. Doing this will rack up some serious share points for when you submit your content into the tribes.

If after the first month or two you have sufficient share points for your content to last more than a month then you can downgrade your onlywire subscription to a lower plan. You don’t want to run out of share points as onlywire charges $0.05 for ever submission past your onlywire plan allowance. With your Onlywire discount there is no reason to get a lower plan and run the risk of going over.

Social Media sites give some of the best quality backlinks for a reason. That’s were the people are. And that’s were the REAL traffic is today.Onlywire discount To tap into that traffic you need a marketing funnel integrated into a social media platform. To learn how to plug into a social media maketing machine and start getting leads today go to my social marketing madness page.

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