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Numis Network Presentation and How to get Free Cash and Silver

Numis Network Presentation and How to get Free Cash and Silver

Numis Network Presentation

When you are building a Nunis Network Business success in the simplest form boils down to how many people you have watching a Numis Network Presentation . Sounds simple but you would be amazed at how many people don’t realize that this is their main objective. Most people are not able to make an informed decision based on a few benefits that you may have been able to describe during a personal conversation. So don’t do your future partners a disservice by trying to explain how this business works until after they have sat through a complete Numis Network Presentation . They may have questions after the fact and that’s great. It means they were paying attention. But a good Numis Network Presentation will give them the information they need to decide weather or not this business is a fit for them. Once they watch the Presentation simply ask them what they liked about it and if they are ready to get started. If they have specific question they would like answered before they join the team, then get them the answers and help them get started sharing a Numis Network Presentation .

Here is a favorite Numis Network Presentation of mine done by my personal sponsor David Wood.

During this Numis Network Presentation Dave gave away $400

Winning Free Silver at a Numis Network Presentation .

I recently invited my mother in law to attend a Numis Network Presentation done by my partner RayHigdon who happens to be the #1 income earner in the Numis Network. One of the great thing about Numis Network is the number of leaders there are in the company. Because of the large number of leaders like Ray Higdon there is a lot of Numis Network Presentations available to send your future partners to. Well like I said, I sent my mother in Law to Rays Numis Network Presentation so she could get all the details about Numis and be able to make a informed decision about Numis Network. For those of you that are wondering why I would send my mother in law to any presentation let me remind you that in this business we get to decide who we do or do not want to work with and unlike the corporate environment were we have to work with people we may not like or enjoy in this business we on purpose choose the people we would like to work with and enjoy there company. So I like my mother in law and because of that I invited her to this Numis Network Presentation . Well she didn’t know it but Ray had been giving away free silver coins to people during his presentations. Of course they have to wait until the end to find out how they would get the free silver.

Numis Network Presentation

At the end of the Numis Network Presentation Ray let us know how to get a chance at the free silver coins. So I sent him her name and address to see if she might win the free silver. A few days had gone by and we had pretty much forgot about it. Until I got a message from Ray letting me know that she would be getting a free American silver eagle mailed to her house that week. I let her know right away and she was very happy to hear the news. I can’t help but think that she would probably not be as excited if I told her she won a bottle of vitamins but that’s besides the point. The fact is that getting someone to a Numis Network Presentation is pretty easy when your potential partners are getting free Silver coins for attending. I’m very happy I decided to join this team were your potential partners could possibly get paid for watching a Numis Network Presentation . I have never seen the kind of support and training that our Numis Network team provides our partners the minute they decide to join our community.

Have you Watched the Numis Network Presentation ?

If you haven’t watched the Numis Network Presentation above then go ahead and do that now. Once you watch the Numis Network Presentation you will be able to make an intelligent decision about Numis Network. If you have any question about Numis before you are ready to get started send me a quick message to the email address below. Or if you are ready to get started with our Numis Network Team Then click on the Numis Network Presentation above and it will take you to a page that explains exactly how to get started. Make sure to send me a message once you’ve joined our team so we can help you get started the right way right away .

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