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This Changes Everything

So by now you should understand the process we are using to identify and locate your ideal prospect

You should have all the tools you will need to build your business online now...

Since you followed through and took action on what I suggested in the previous post

In todays lesson we are going to talk about how to craft a message that fits your market and...

How to communicate in a way that compels them to join your list and buy what you are selling

This is were it starts to get real...

If you are going to produce predictable, lasting, and scalable results in your business

You'll need to approach it with real, fundamental, sound business and marketing principles

Failing to do this is the reason  most people don't succeed in their home business

Because they start it on an impulse without any prior planning or research into the market.

You know...

The type of stuff that every other business does before moving into a new market

This lack of planning and forethought is mainly due to the way business opportunities are promoted

With an emphasis on the opportunity to make money from a comp plan rather than a market

Of course there is a market for opportunity...

But it is the people seeking opportunity who are the market

Not the opportunity itself or a companies comp plan

If you are going to capitalize on that market than you must know more about the people

Than you do about a companies comp plan

The same thing goes for the potential customers of your products

You must know more about those people and what makes them want your products

Then you know about the products themselves

To Be Effective At Marketing Your Business

You must go back to the basics of business so you can see what you are doing in the proper light

So you can understand what and how to communicate about your offers that will be most effective.


"You are in business to provide solutions to peoples problems period"

If your business isn't providing solutions then you won't be in business long.

The solutions you provide will generally fall into two categories.

Helping people get something that they want or helping them avoid something that they don't want.

And in many cases it's a combination of them both...

Because the things people desire are usually in opposition to the things that they'd like to avoid

For instance if you help someone get rich at the same time you are also helping them to not be poor.

If you help someone get healthy you are also helping them to not be sick

The first brings them pleasure and the second avoids pain.

  • Provide solutions
  • Solve problems

Help people...

  • Get what they want
  • Avoid what they don't want

And you are tapping into the age old principle who's outcome is always you getting what you want

If you have something that your market values and you are able to clearly communicate that to them 

They will be willing to trade with you...

The value that you have to offer them in exchange for something that is valuable to you

This can be several things but in the end it will lead to the exchange of money...

Which is simply a storage device for value that we all like to accumulate so that we can exchange it

For the things that we truly value or at least are necessary to live the life that we choose to

Things like:

  • Your house
  • Your car
  • Recreation
  • Contribution to causes that you care about
  • Time to enjoy your life with the people you love

So what does all this have to do with creating your message?

Remember back in the second part of this series where we wrote out that list?

The one with the things that your target market wants or does not want?

Things that You, Your products or Your opportunity can provide them...

Yes, we actually did that for a reason 🙂

That was the start of what you are going to finish today

It's also what you are going to continually improve on as you think about your market

How, Why, and What to include in your messages that will get them to respond to your offers

You will not always be talking about their desires or the things that they want to avoid directly

But most of your messages should in some way tie back into their reasons for being "in the market" 

In the end those are the reasons that your target market will decide to do business with you or not

So go ahead and pull up that list you made...

Lets see if you have enough to work with now or if it could use some improvement.

Ask yourself again:

What are the desires your target market has?

What are the pains it wants to avoid?

That You, Your products, or Your opportunity can help them with?

Now that you have a list of the desires and pains of your target market...

Think about how your business can help them get from where they are now to where they want to be

Closer to their desires...


Further from the things that bring them pain...

Now write a before and after list of what your target market will:

  • Have
  • Feel
  • Be
  • Do

Different everyday as a result of the solutions your business offers.

It should look something like this...

Ask yourself the following questions and fill in the answers on the list...

These can be positive or negative depending on your offers...

Whether they move people closer to pleasure or further away from pain.​

#1 What do your customers have now without your solutions?

Meaning what do they have now that they don't want or what do they not have now that they want.

What will your customers have after they get the results that your solutions provide?

#2 How do your customers feel now without having those solutions?

How will they feel after they have realized the benefits that they provide?

#3 How do your customers see themselves?
How do the people that they care about see them?
Before getting the results that the things you are offering can deliver.

Who will your customer become in their own eyes and the eyes of the people around them?
After they have gotten the results that your solutions can provide.

What we want to see is if these results can create a change of "status" for your customer

In either their own eyes or the eyes of the people around them...

For example:

does your prospect or their spouse see them as a failure at something before they
realize the results of what you are offering could potentially deliver to them?
And will they see them as a success after they have the benefits your solutions can provide them?

Maybe they are seen as fat and unhealthy before get what you have to offer...

But after they have the benefits or your products they will be seen as healthy and fit.

#4 What does your customer do or not do everyday that will change once they have your solutions?

How will their daily lives change as a result of getting the benefits your offers can deliver?

As you can see from this line of questioning

We are trying to discover what your business actually does for your customers.

It's important to get clear on this since thats really the only thing your customers care about...

What will this do for me?

Is what they all ask when making a decision to buy something or not...

So the more familiar you are with your markets problems and how to solve them

The better your communication will be and...

The more compelling all your messages will be...

Like I said earlier...

Any business that is not providing solutions to peoples problems is not going to be in business long.

So starting right now your focus needs to be helping your target market get from:

  • Where they are now
  • To...
  • Where they want to be

When that is your objective and you can communicate that through your message then getting people to take you up on your offers is fairly straight forward and easy.

But there is a process of communication you will need to follow in order for them to receive the help you have to offer.

And that process starts with Creating Compelling Content that is valuable to your target market.

When I say valuable...

I mean that it will help them move from where they are now closer to where they want to be.

And here is where we meet a major crossroad in your journey to success...

Consider this fact for a moment...

Better yet, don't ever forget this...

"The amount of Income that you derive from your business is in direct
proportion to the amount of value that you contribute to your market"

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Notice I said the amount of value that YOU contribute...

Because ultimately it is YOU that they are going to buy from and the value that they place on YOUR recommendation will determine whether or not they will even consider what you have to offer them.

In order for this all to work well you need to be committed to
continually increasing your value to the people that you serve.

And your value (at least to your target market) is directly tied to...

The amount of movement you are able to help them make
From where they are now to where they want to be.

If you've ever heard the saying "Income Follows Personal Growth"

This is where it applies more then anywhere else...

  • Who you are
  • Who you know
  • What you know
  • What you've done
  • The resources you have
  • The experiences you have
  • Your understanding of how things work
  • Your ability to effectively share those things with others

Must be in a constant state of improvement and growth.

Otherwise you will limit the degree to which you can truly help your customers
and will therefore limit the amount of income you can expect to make from them.

Because it is your customers that your income is derived from.

If your value to them is limited in their eyes so will
the amount of money that they will be willing to give you.

So here is rule #1 for creating compelling content


This will mainly be useful information that will facilitate movement toward their desired ends

But remember...

Anything that you can contribute which accomplishes that goal is valuable to them.

Information is great but your understanding of the information and your experience is even better.

The contacts that you have and the resources available to you can also be considered valuable.

But when it comes down to truly helping your market get what they want...​

Your ability to clearly convey the value that you have to your customers

Is probably the most valuable thing that you have to offer.

So commit to increasing your value to the market and your income will continue to increase as well.

Ok well I hope by now you get the point 🙂

Now lets talk more specifically about the type of things
that will help your market get closer to their desires.

So you can begin to see what your message and the things that you offer should be about.

Think back to the things you discovered about your target market.

Where they are now...


Where they want to be...

Picture the movement that must take place for them to reach their desired end.

What steps are there along that path that they must take in order for them to reach the end?

What obstacles exist that will keep them back from moving forward along the way?

Are their any shortcuts that could get them there faster or with less effort?

And what are the major milestones that they must accomplish to reach their desired outcome?

It should look something like this...


Now write a list of those major milestones

In either order of importance or the order in which they'll need to be accomplished.

Leave some space in between...

And list the steps they must take to reach them as well as any obstacles they might face in between

What will they need to know, have, do, or become in order for them to make progress along the way?

If you are just getting started and aren't really sure how to answer these questions

Or if you've been in business for a while and have never thought this through before

Now is the best time to learn what your market needs to successfully reach their desires 🙂

Repeat after me...


Burn this mantra into your brain

This is the formula you will follow to reach what ever level of success you desire in your business

Because it's the formula that will continue to increase the value you have to your target market

Decide to invest in yourself...

You have the highest potential ROI over anything else you could put your money into period

The more you learn, the more you can do
The more you do, the more experience you'll have
The more experience you have, The more you can teach
The more you can teach, The more value you can deliver to your customers
The more value you can deliver to your customers, The more they will buy from you

So let's get back to this list...

When you go through this exercise for the product side of your business 

It may look a lot deferent depending on what your product is

And what desires or pain points that the market it serves has

But for the opportunity side of your business...

It's going to be pretty consistent with every other home business opportunity.

So lets talk about that for a minute...

Some of the milestones you might have written down for this side of your business might be

  • Identify who their target market is
  • Figure out where their target market is
  • Create a compelling message that their target market would respond to
  • Place that message in front of their target market
  • Get the contact info of their target market and permission to follow up with them
  • Follow up with them in a way that builds influence and trust with their target market
  • Present the solutions their business offers to their target market
  • Make sales and get money
  • Repeat 🙂

Or the short version might go something like this...

  • Get Traffic
  • Get Leads
  • Make Sales
  • Make More Sales
  • Repeat 🙂

Of course there are a bunch of steps and obstacles in between
and possibly a few more milestones if you want to be elaborate.

Steps that would be repeating in between each milestone would include but not be limited to.

  • Know what they need to do
  • Have the resources to do it
  • And then actually do it

You can most certainly help them along that path now that you have adopted the:

Learn, Do, Teach formula

I know you may be asking yourself...

How is this going to turn into people buying my products or joining my opportunity?

And that's a Great questions 🙂

Remember that we are assuming your business has a solution
or at least a partial solution to the problems your market has

Since that is true or at least will be since you are committed to increasing your value to the market

Somewhere along the way what you offer is going to be positioned
as part of the process it takes for them to get what they want.

It may be a nessacery resource they need to accomplish a major milestone...

Or at least one of the best available options

It may just be a step along the way...

It may be something that simply helps them get through one of the
many obsticles they will face on their journey to reaching their desires.

The point is...

When you position your offers as part of the process someone can take to reach their desires

Assuming that they really do want to reach them...

They will be happy to take what you are offering them.

But remember you are no longer in the product or opportunity business

You are in the solutions business

And it is your business to serve your target market to the best of your ability

And that mean filling in the gaps for your customers

Doing your best to provide as many solutions along the path toward their desires as you can

You may not be paid in cash for every problem you help them solve

But you will receive some form of valuable compensation

Even if it is just a more happy and satisfied customer

Because the things that you recommend to them actually help them get what they want.

Now on that note...

Let me suggest to you an idea that could be the difference between you making...

$100,000's/year and $1,000,000's/year

This Is Serious Business...

As you start to implement what I'm teaching you in this series

You'll begin to build your list of targeted, qualified "leads" for your business

So, make this a priority:

To profit from as many solutions as you can along their path toward getting what they want.

You are already leading them through the steps it takes to get there...

So you might as well be compensated for your contribution...

Which is another reason it's so important to continue working on knowing the needs of your market


Getting super clear on what it takes to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

We will talk about this more another time but incase you didn't realize it yet...

That System I recommended to you in the last post for creating your marketing pages

Includes a lot of solutions you can recommend to your target market in The Home Business Industry

They also have an enormous library of training material that can teach you jut about anything

You could ever want to know about building a home business on or off the internet...

Which is what we are going to talk about next...

Teaching your target market how to get what they want

If teaching sounds to intimidating for now lets just call it... 

Sharing information with your target market that helps them get what they want.

It's the final step of the Learn, Do, Teach formula

But it is the first step toward reaching your market with a message they will respond to.

In every market imaginable...

People are looking for direction...

For someone to tell them what to do and how to do it...

Become that person...

Provide that much needed direction...

And they will follow you where ever you decide to lead them

As long as in the end they end up where they've always wanted to be

So what will your message be about?

Pieces of the problems that they face and pieces of the solution you have to those problems.

Your next task is to create content pages that address the issues your target market faces

A bit of information that offers a part of the solution that they need to get what they want.

Start the conversation you have with your prospects with something that they will value

This makes for a great first impression and it sets the stage for next step in this process
When they will give you their contact info and ask you to begin delivering even greater value
to them in exchange for more of their time and treasure (i.e. money)

Now incase you are still not clear on how to create this content and what exactly you should be writing about I made a training video a while back that teaches you the same strategy I use to create my own compelling content.

You can find it in the My Custom Training section of The System I've been telling you about

It should look something like this...​

Just so you know this training was part of an online marketing course that has literally produced 10's of millions of dollars in sales revenue and that doesn't include the amount of money people have made from implementing what they learned in the course.

So when I tell you that I'm loosing money giving this to you...

I actually mean it 🙂

I could easily sell this video for well over $100

And the only way to get your hands on it right now is to buy the the complete course for $1000


I want you to have access to the info cuz...

I know it will help you get better results from your content.


If you want to get good at creating content that makes your customers want to buy more from you

Then you should definitely take the time to watch that video

But just to get you started...

Here is a simple way to create a virtually unlimited amount of good, useful, compelling content that will get your target market to respond and pay attention to what you are offering them.

This can be applied to pretty much everything you learn from this day forward but lets start with that enormous amount of training material that you now have access to as a bonus for using the system I recommended to create your marketing pages with.

#1 Pick a subject to learn about...
#2 Go through the training material that covers that subject
#3 Take notes as you go through the material outlining the main points and any important details
#4 Turn those notes into a lesson using your own words to describe what you just learned

Now you'll have your own information that others need
to get the results that come with following the advice it offers.

You can do this immediately after consuming the information yourself but remember the more you do what you learn the more valuable your information will be to you and your market. Because it will be mixed with the understanding that only comes through experience. You ability to clearly convey the lessons you learn to others will be directly tied to how well you know the subject and the only way to really know something it to have done it yourself. The more you do it the more you will know it and the better you will be at sharing the wisdom you gain from experience with others. And the more you are able to share the wisdom you gain with others the more they will pay you for that wisdom and take the recommendations that you suggest to them.

And that is the beauty of the Learn, Do, Teach formula.

The more you get
The more you can give
The more you can give
The more you will get

But you must make the initial effort

Which is why I'm happy that you are here right now...

If you've made it this far then...

I know you have what it takes to make this work

You are investing in yourself right now as we speak

You are gaining the knowledge that you need to succeed in business

And because you choose to do what others don't

You will have what others won't

In the next post we will continue the conversation about creating a message for your market

And we will also talk about how to get their contact info and permission to follow up with them.

I think todays lesson is enough to digest for now...

Here's what you need to do before we take the next step

Go back to the list we just created...

Look at the steps we discovered your target market must take to get what they want

Now find a video in the training section of the system you now have to create your pages.

One that could help your target market make some progress along the path to get what they want.

Watch the video...

Take notes...

And begin to turn those notes into your own lesson on the subject

Then go back to the training section of the system and find the videos that cover

How to use Sites to create your content pages

It should be one of the first options on the marketing strategies page and it will be called Sites.

To get there click on the Marketing Strategies Page

It should look like this...​

That will walk you through adding your lesson to a page so you can begin to send your market to it.

If you want to start with The Video I mentioned earlier that fine too.

It's really powerful stuff and makes for some great lessons you can share with your target market.

But just pick something and make it happen.

It doesn't have to be perfect of elaborate.

It just needs to be useful information that has the potential to
help someone get closer to what they want if they follow through.

You can always go back and make it better or just...

Redo the whole thing later on once you get a better handle on the subject.

You just need to experience the process and have the results that it produces once you do it.

So, thats all for now 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post...

And that it helps you have a bigger picture of what this business is about

If you decide to treat this like the real business that it is
then you can begin to see the results that a real business can produce.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon...

All the best,

Kris Darty