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How to Get Traffic to Your Website or Blog

How to Get Traffic to Your Website or Blog

If you have been trying to figure out how to get traffic to your website or blog I’m sure, you have probably cameHow to get traffic to your website or blog across a lot of people making big promises that so far has not seemed to produce the results that you have been looking for. I know, I’ve been there and it sucks not knowing how to get traffic to your website or blog so you can get your message or your products in front of the massive amount of traffic online. You are more than likely on this page because you “did a search” which is the most common method people use to find information online or you clicked on a link under a video or on your friends social media feed. What ever way you got here I assure you it wasn’t by mistake and there are people just like you that will visit this page everyday because I have discovered some simple yet powerful methods to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website or blog. I am not going to offer you paid traffic because after you would have paid for the traffic you would have to pay again, and again, and again to keep that traffic coming. For one, I don’t have time to drive traffic to your website or blog. And two, I would much rather enable you to do what I do, which is create perpetual traffic. I believe some things are worth investing in and some things are simply a waste of time and money. Creating Contextual Assets or content with built-in residual traffic capabilities is definitely my specialty, and something anyone serious about learning how to get traffic to your website or blog needs to learn. In this (hopefully short) article I will be laying out the basis of my formula for creating and activating Contextual Assets that will find their way to the first page of google rather quickly and result in you getting traffic to your website or blog.

 How are Contextual Assets the best way to get traffic to your website or blog?

An asset by definition (depending on who your source for defining things : ) is something you create once and it pays you residual or passive benefits perpetually with little to no personal upkeep of those assets. If you are serious about business online or offline your goal should not be to trade time and effort for dollars but rather to build an asset by investing time and creative effort that will continue to pay you long after you invested that time and effort. This is my main objective when creating content to get traffic to my website or blog. Google and How to get traffic to your website or blogany of the other search engines main service to their customers (your potential customers) is to provide fresh relevant content. In order for the search engines to notice your website or blog you need to be creating a consistent amount of fresh relevant content for them to offer to their customers (searchers). If you help Google make their customers happy, they will make sure to offer your product (Contextual Asset) to their customers when those customers are looking for that information. If you build your asset correctly and employ the formula I’m about to share with you, then you will get massive amounts of residual traffic to your website or blog.

Simple Secret Formula for how to get traffic to your website or blog.

To get traffic to your website or blog, you first need to create good relevant content. This begins with something we call keyword research, which is the first step in what is referred to as “on page seo” or search engine optimisation. With out keyword research you cannot have predictable traffic patterns. It is possible to “get lucky” every once in a while and randomly choose a keyword with a high traffic history, but we are not depending on luck to get traffic to your website or blog. If you are going to invest your time and creative effort into creating something, then you want to already know what kind of results you can expect. This is the best tool I know of for keyword research and the one I personally use. In my Perpetual Traffic Training Course, I go through how to use that tool to create Contextual Assets with built-in residual traffic capabilities. When you get this keyword research tool, it comes with some of the best keyword research training I’ve ever seen. You can access my Perpetual Traffic Training Course by filling out the form at the top of my blog at . So once you’ve done your research and found some profitable keywords to get traffic to your website or blog, you must finish your “on page seo”. Now it’s time to place those keywords in your Contextual Assets in a way that tells Google and the other search engines that your content is relevant to what their customers are looking for when they type in your chosen keywords. Of course you can spend lots of money on SEO training courses or you can just simply use this SEO WordPress Plugin to make sure your content is optimized for your chosen keywords. To get traffic to your website or blog you are going to have to create content that is helpful and thatHow to get traffic to your website or blog people actually enjoy viewing. If after someone finds your content on Google and starts to read but immediately realizes that your information is not relevant or helpful they will “Click Away”. Google takes note of this action and will eventually take your asset off the first page, since their customers obviously don’t find your information relevent. In my Perpetual Traffic Training Course I talk about how to make sure your content in relevant so that people will stay on your site and look for more useful information. The longer Googles customers stay on your site and the more pages they visit once they are there, the more Google concludes that they served their customers well by directing their traffic to your website or blog.

The Most Powerful and Crucial Element when trying to Get Traffic to Your Website or Blog

What I’ve covered so far is the foundation for building your Contextual Assets to get traffic to your website or blog. These next steps truly are my secret sauce for Google domination. With out these all the previous ones will be done in vain. Out of all the ways I’ve seen to get traffic to your website or blog this is the most powerful, most efficient, and most effective method to creating permanent perpetual traffic to your Contextual assets. What I’m about to get into has enabled me and my marketing team to rank our content on the first page of Google for any keyword we choose without exceptions. These are the reasons for the rapid results i’ve gotten online from the very beginning until now. What I’m about to cover will remove any doubt that you can get traffic to your website or blog. It is a simple process, but most people simply don’t know how this process works. Here is the process. After you’ve created your contextual asset by using the tools I covered above you must then ……………………………..


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How to get traffic to your website or blog



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