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How I Used Tribepro to Reach the First Page of Google in 3 Days

How I used Tribepro to reach the first page of Google in 3 days

So what is Tribepro ? And how did I use Tribepro to reach 8 out of 10 places on Googles First Page? For most Online Marketers their main goal for any content they create whether it is a Blog post, a Youtube video, a Facebook note, or Squidoo lens is to have that content on the first page of Google. There are many techniques and tools today claiming to put you on the first page of Google but regardless of the “fancy talk” there are just a few simple things that need to happen for your content to reach that coveted spot on the front page of Google search results.

I made this video about Tribepro and how I use it to take 8 out of 10 places on Tribepro Googles front page competing with 1,060,000 other pages for those same spots. Tribepro is a very useful tool but if you don’t know how to use it, just like any other tool you won’t get the intended results. Pay attention to the end of the video were I explain how to get detailed instruction about how to use Tribepro to get the same results I’ve been getting with Tribepro.

Understanding “WHY” you need a service like Tribepro

If you are not familiar with SEO I would encourage you to look around my site for posts and videos about the subject. But to make this simple there are basically three things you need to have in order to get on Googles front page.

Thing #1 Good content that is relevant to your specific market.What I mean is you need to be creating information that is useful to your intended readers/watchers. The fact is that Google actually takes into account how long someone stays on your page. If your content stinks and is not useful relevant information that others will want to read/watch to the end and instead immediately “Click Away” then Google will assume that their customers (i.e. your potential customers) do not find your information valuable or relevant to the keywords in your content. And because of this you will never find your content on the Front Page of Google.Tribepro

Thing #2 On Page SEO or Strong Keyword Selection and placement. People dont usually search for general information and if they do they are not likely to come across your content in the sea of general information that is available on the web. So the more specific you can be with your keyword selection the more likely you will show up on Googles Front Page when people search for your targeted keywords. You will want to use a keyword research tool like This One to find what people are actually searching for in your target market. Once you identify a worth while keyword then you will want to place that keyword throughout your content in a way that makes Google think that your content is relevant to that specific keyword. There are several thousand dollar courses you could buy to teach you were and how often to use these keywords in your content or you could just simply use This WordPress Plugin that tells you exactly were to place them and grades your posts as you create it so you know if it is optimized for Google search or not. Both of these tools are pretty much industry standard for any serious internet marketer so if you are not using them you might as well just get it over with so you don’t waste your time creating content that no one will ever see.

Thing #3 Tribepro – my secret sause for Google Domination

Thing #3 That you need before your content ever sees the First Page of Google is what is known as off page SEO or simply stated a ton of backlinks (links to your content URL) from high page rank sites. Page Rank is a grading scale Google has Tribeprocreated to rank sites authority or usefulness. Links from a High Authority site tells Google that your information is good quality content and that it is useful to their readers since it appears to be useful to the site that has “Linked Back” to your content. And this is were my secret lies. Using Tribepro to automate the Backling process I am able to create thousands of backlinks to High Page Rank Sites in a matter of minutes. From there my content goes viral since all these backlinks are in one or all of the 50 most popular social media sites on theTribepro planet. My content gets immediate exposure to hundreds of thousands of real people that find my content valuable and in turn “like” and “share” my content with their networks which creates more and more High quality Backlinks to my content. Using Tribepro Google has no choice but to conclude people want to see my content and because of this they place my content on the The First Page since it is their business to show results that their searchers want to see.

Tribepro is the the internet marketing “Easy Button”

Well if what I’ve already described wasn’t the coolest thing since email then this will definitely “take the cake”. The only thing better than Viral Backling would have to be automatic viral backlining. Tribepro is an asset in the sense that once it is set up you need not think of it often. However you will remember it like I do every time you see your content on Googles front page. If you use this tool properly like I describe on This Page then all you will have to do for “Thing #3” is Tribepropush the publish button. What I do with one button takes most online marketers weeks and months to accomplish. Not because I have any kind of super powers but because I am a professional and professionals us professional tools. Thats why we call it tribePRO. As a leader it is your job to be creative and inspiring, not to wonder around the internet all day looking for places to put your links.

Be a Professional and use Tribepro

You can become a free member of Tribepro at anytime you choose by following this Tribepro Link. To learn about how you can use Tribepro to maximise its potential check out this Tribepro Page.

P.S. If you want to know what to do with your traffic once you reach Googles Front Page Take a look at this Facebook Marketing System.




All the Best and Simply Blessed : )

Kris Darty – #1 Member of Tribepro