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Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind – 2821 Backlinks in a matter of minutes!

Facebook Group

Marketing Mastermind

Many Facebook users are starting to catch onto the huge potential that a Facebook Group can offer their business. Some of Facebook Groupthe benefits of a Facebook group is that you don’t have to send a request for someone to join. If you are a member of the group you simple add people to the group and they begin to receive notifications whenever activity happens inside the group. This is much different than a Facebook business page were you must solicit “likes” and once you get “likes” your page followers may see updates in their newsfeed but they are not notified through email or the native Facebook notifications feature when you post new content to your page.

Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind

Tapping the hidden Potential of Facebook Group Marketing!

There are many valuable features and uses for a Facebook Group but one of the obvious, overlooked, and underutilized marketing strategies a Facebook Group can offer is automatic high quality/quantity Back linking to your website or Blog. Sure there are a handful of marketers wondering around looking for a Facebook Group to post links to their content in, but until recently there has not been an efficient effective way to share your content on Facebook on a massive scale.

Facebook Group

Can a Facebook Group really conquer the Google Bot ?

Although Google may not personally “like” Facebook, the Google Bot can not resist the power of the second most trafficked site in the universe! Facebook GroupThe fact is that Facebook is one of the few Sites and the only community created content (Social Media) site in the world that has a Google Page Rank of 10. If you know anything about off page SEO you know that this is a huge deal. The only problem and for good reasons is that Facebook has been the most guarded and strict social media site online. Making it difficult to transfer some of the massive site authority it possesses to it’s would be power partners ie YOU. But with a Facebook Group you have the potential to partner with the only real match for the Google Bot and bring that overzealous algorithm into submission to the driving force of online entrepreneurship. It’s time to join forces and tame that beast!

Introducing the Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind

Some of the most powerful and deadly Marketing Minds on Facebook have joined forces to form an alliance so powerful that The Facebook Giant can not help but aid them in their effort to bring the Google Bot under their control and use its powers for the greater good of all mankind. This secret Facebook group of Marketing Masters is accepting (by invitation only) hungry and driven Facebook Grouponline entrepreneurs to join them and enjoy the spoils of victory as together we overcome the Google Bot and inherit the promise land of Google Earth with all the free trafic and leads we could ever desire.

Facebook Group Marketing Manifesto

Our strategies are simple and based on ancient wisdom of warfare. These Tactics are laid out in a step by step process we call “The Code” Once you are excepted into the mastermind “The Code” will be revealed. You will have 72 hours to implement “The Code”or be forever banished from Google Earth. All Members of the Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind will lend their strength and empower you to become the Marketer you only know in your dreams, which is exactly were we operate from. VISION – a realistic, credible, attractive future.

It’s time to Wake Up to your Dreams and to catch a glimpse of what Google EarthFacebook Group will look like once the Bot has been Subdued. Come, follow me to our Facebook Group Leader and prepare for the battle.

P.S. To Join The Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind Click this Facebook Group and request an invitation.

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Facebook Group