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Creating a Facebook Group : Step #1 to Getting 2821 Automatic Backlinks to Your Content

Creating a Facebook Group : Step #1 to Getting 2821 Automatic Backlinks to Your Content

Facebook Group

In the Last Blog Post I wrote about dominating Google through the Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind. I mentioned how the Facebook Group Mastermind operates by “The Code”. “The Code” is a series of simple steps that the members of the Facebook Group Mastermind are honor bound to uphold. Step #1 in “The Code” is to Create your own Facebook Group with the primary purpose being to share the content of all the other members in that group.

By being part of this Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind you will have hundreds and eventually thousands of other members automatically putting backlinks to your content into their Facebook Groups as well as other Social Media Sites. We will get into how this is all going to happen automatically the minute you post your content to your blog or website later. For now we are still on step #1

How to Create a Facebook Group

I shot this quick video so you have a visual reference to what I’m about to describe and really you shouldn’t have to actually read this after watching the video. But you will want to finish this article if you are not a member of the mastermind yet and you are looking for real answers about How to Market a business on Facebook.

Steps to Creating a Facebook Group

Step #1 Log into Facebook : This should be obvious lol

Step # 2 Look to the left of your screen on the Facebook “Home Page” (the page you see when you first login) There will be a list of items you can choose from. It’s broken down onto three main sections divided by a thin dark line. In the second section is your “Facebook Groups” If you are already apart of multiple Facebook Groups then you will need to click the “more button at the bottom of that section to see the rest of your groups and more importantly see the “Create Group” option. Once you have discovered the “Create Group” Option CLICK IT : ) You are now half way done with creating your Facebook Group.

Step #3 Name your Group. Don’t stress to much about what to name your group as you can always change the name later. Plus this groups primary purpose is to receive backlinks so you don’t need to be extra creative with the name. “(YourName) Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind” will do just fine : )

Step #4 Invite all of your marketing buddies to the group. Most Marketers on Facebook are always open to another place to share their content. Plus inviting them to your group will introduce them to the Mastermind group and that means more people sharing your content into their group : ) Plus like any other page the more activity on that page the more attention it gets from Google. So even if they don’t subscribe to the mastermind concept you will still benefit from increased activity in your group.

Step #5 Choose the privacy of your group. Just like everything else if you want exposure to your content by people and Search Engines you need to make this Facebook Group Public. The only private Group in the Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind is the Mastermind Group itself as we are not sharing links into that group that we want to be indexed by Google and we are sharing advanced marketing strategies in the group that we don’t want leaked to the general public.

Step #6 Write a group Description. Again this doesn’t need to be extra fancy or creative. It should describe the main function of the facebook group and what the facebook group was made for. The Facebook Group description should explain that the group is part of a network of Facebook Groups who have joined together to create automatic backlinking through out the network. It should point them to the Facebook Group Marketing Mastermind at were they will be able to follow “The Code” and create their own Facebook Group that they will automatically share your content into. To create a group description once you have created your group simply click the “edit group” button on the right side of the group home page.

Step #7 This step is not really necessary but it can be fun : ) Choose a picture that you feel represents the group and what it was made to accomplish. : ) This is the picture I chose for my Facebook Group : )   You add your picture by simply clicking on the empty group picture box next to the group name at the top of the page. Once you click it a box will open that gives you the option to select a file from your computer to upload. If you need pictures you can get them from google images by searching for the picture you are looking for and clicking the image option on the left side of the google search results.

Your Facebook Group is Complete : )

Facebook GroupCongratulations You have Created your Facebook Group and are now ready to begin Step #2 of “The Code” To access “The Code” you will need to become a member of the Mastermind By Clicking this Facebook Group and clicking the Ask to Join Button in the upper right section of the page.

P.S. To check out the original “Call to Arm” about the Mastermind Click Here

P.S. To Discover what we will do with our traffic once our awesome automatic network of backlinking Barrens is in place Take a look at our Viral Facebook Group Funnel.

To the Battle everyone!

Kris Darty – Facebook Group Marketing Warrior

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