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The Empower Network Viral Blogging System An Unfair Advantage

As I sit here on the balcony of my cruise ship cabin  with the empower network co-founder David Wood I can’t help but smile and think about just how powerful the empower network viral blogging system is. Of course I have other things on my mind as well. Like how cool it is that on my 30th birthday six months after I started marketing online I am sitting on a fully paid for luxury cruise with the founder of the empower network all because I learned the skill of content creation utilizing a simple tool called a blog. I would love to tell you all about why I think the empower network viral blogging system truly is an unfair advantage but time is running out and the ship’s about to leave port. Once we reach the big blue ocean I will have no more internet or phone for that matter and then I won’t be able to publish this cool post : )

When I return home I will do my best to explain in a video all the unseen advantages of the empower network viral blogging system and how you can reap the benefits that most folks don’t even know exist. If you hit the like button on this post I will make it a point to send you that video once It’s done. And trust me if you new what I knew about this system secret you wouldn’t Hesitate to hit the like button NOW! 6 months ago I didn’t have the empower network when I got started doing content marketing. But I was still able to make over $4,000 in commissions and win this luxury cruise that I’m on. Contrast that with the first month that I had access to the secrets of the empower network viral blogging system. My first month with this unfair advantage I made over $20,000 and although I didn’t win a luxury cruise I gained things of much higher value that I will be covering in the video you will receive if you hit the like button now. This is the stuff that no one talks about. The “secret sauce” if you will. And to be honest it’s almost hard to express but if you know what I’m talking about then you will understand if you hit the like button and receive this video.

Real Quick let me cover some of the obvious but sometimes overlooked advantages of The Empower Network viral blogging system. If you are new to internet marketing or content marketing then there is a large chance that you don’t truly understand the enormous advantage you have to be able to use The Empower Network for your marketing platform. Well for starters you dont have to build it yourself. Many would be online entrepreneurs never get past the creation of their marketing platform. The Only reason I was able to make money right away when I started 6 months ago is that I didn’t wait until my site was “finished” before I started doing the most crucial part of my marketing strategy which is CREATE MORE CONTENT. TO be honest I haven’t really tried to finish it since then. It’s seems to be working from the amount of traffic I get so even though it looks kinda funny I dont see a reason to fix something that aint truly broke. Just like the empower network viral blogging system it the things that you dont necessarily see that make this ship swim.

Another highly excepted idea based on most bloggers experience is that it takes at least 90 days of consistent content creation and promotion before google respects anything you write. The reasons for this phenomenon are many, but if you put yourself in the search engines shoes you will understand why this is usually the case. Google has an obligation to serve their customers (searchers) with good quality, relevant content that is consumed with enjoyment and satisfaction those that seek it. In order for Google to maintain their position as the #1 trafficked site on the internet they are not willing to risk displaying content from an “unestablished” blog that has yet to prove it’s relevance and authority. With the empower network viral blogging system there is a constant flow, to the tune of thousands per day of good unique quality content being created. On top of that there is a constant flow of links back to this blogging system to the tune of tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands every day. It’s what we call an authority site and it really is an unfair advantage. This is the type of site when doing keyword research if you find it occupying the front page you just simply move on. Because their is a trusted relationship with google your content can rank on the first page of google faster than anything you could create on your own no matter how much money you put into it you cannot duplicate 15,000 blogging everyday from the same domain. It’s What some people like to call “cheating” but that’s just because they dont have the advantage and you do. That is, if you know what you have.

As simple as the empower network viral blogging system is, I understand that there is still some needed information and insight for new marketers who don’t quite comprehend the hidden advantages that I will show you when you hit the like button above. So I’ve put together an advanced training site that reveals the “secret sauce” and how to use it to take full advantage of this power system. I call this secret members only marketing mastermind The WoW Network. If you are confused about anything you just read and you havent joined the empower network yet, all’s I can say is you definitly have the unfair advantage that I wished I had six months ago. Well I could go on forever about the empower network viral blogging system but my ship is at sea now and it’s time for me to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I wish you the best and invite you to join me in this journey of justified journalism and ballistic blogging benefits.

All the best without the stress

I’m Simply Blessed : )

Kris Darty
Holder of the empower network blogging system secrets

The Empower Network – Why David Wood Gave Me A Nude Massage

the empower networkTrue Story, David Wood actually gave me, along with 3 other founding members of The Empower Network a nude massage the week following a secret meeting that took place in Orlando Florida were he revealed for the first time in history the Power of Leveraged 100% commissions. You see initially the plan to rid the internet marketing industry of the tyranny of guru oppression and to empower network marketers to make Guru money without having to be one was plotted to take place the week following this historical mastermind meeting. As we fought to bring real lasting freedom to those who followed this ideal we were also met with great resistance from the forces of evil internet oppressors that would rather have the vast majority of “new would be marketers” subjected to an endless loop of  training courses and affiliate programs were they made all the money and you were left with a half empty feeling wondering what else you were missing. The Empower Network had begun with much attempt of sabotage from these same oppressive product launching professionals. These are the reasons The Empower Network was forced to delayed its delivery of 100% commission creation to the hard-working and hungry host of grass-roots entrepreneurs that had believed for some time that there was a better way to build lasting wealth than giving their life over to some faceless corporation only to be left with a meager hope of someday maybe being able to retire and live out their golden years on 60% of what they previously had barely survived on. You are probably wondering what this has to do with a nude massage by David Wood and this will be revealed but first let us discover the reasons for the resistance to The Empower Network.

The Empower Network Creates anti-dependent Entrepreneurs

The Empower Network SolutionUp until The Empower Network came onto the internet marketing scene most of the people were divided by this question, Who is your “Guru”? And basically that boiled down to who do you buy an endless amount of stuff from. Don’t get me wrong some of the products that are offered online have some good information but that’s all it is. So the general pattern was buy info, go through it, try it a little, realize it takes a lot of technical know how and experience to actually do some of the things in the course, be confused, and finally once a new info product comes out buy that and repeat the process. While this may not have been the intention of the Guru’s it soon became the #1 business model of the “leaders” inside the industry. And the ignorance of the people began to be the asset of the “guru”. Whether consciously or unconsciously this lead to a situation were the advantageous business model actually included  keeping people “in the dark” at least until they bought everything. Tired of seeing this process repeat and feed up with people in the Make Money industry not making any money David Wood set out to create a process so powerful that even a brand new aspiring marketer could plug into and be in profit almost immediately. No longer do they need a Guru to show them the way. They have the way to make guru money without the guru or being one themselves. In the past people were switching from offline rat race to online rat race were they worked real hard to get ahead not knowing that the system itself was broken and wasn’t really designed to facilitate freedom of time and money. Just like an employer pays just enough to keep you coming back everyday, so the affiliate marketing industry paid just enough of the sale to maybe cover your expenses and hopefully make a buck or two. This resulted in a constant struggle and journey to find another program to add to your long list of things that you sell hoping that another thing would somehow solve the problem. The Empower Network ended to need for a never-ending list of new products to promote since it pays you 100% of the sale just like the guru’s have enjoyed for years. Making this kind of money and having it directly deposited into your bank account facilitates the ability to accelerate your business and outsource the things you were forced to endure in the past due to your need to save every dime possible. Now you have true freedom to be creative and plan for future growth and development instead of desperately trying to make a sale just to cover your costs. The secret formula for guru success is now available to all internet marketers. What Secret you may ask ? 100% Commissions, capital to reinvest, the ability to outsource, the power to leverage affiliates, and finally the lack of pressure that a profitable business affords so one can think clearly about future growth and development. The Empower Network removes the need for these aforementioned Gurus and leaves them racing for reasons and ways to resist this revolution of real entrepreneurs that are sick of serving imaginary empires.

The Beginning of a Newbie Revolution Began With The Empower Network

Empower Network

Now that the chains of marketing darkness have been lifted a revolution has begun inside The Empower Network. Newbies from all walks of life have banded together to form an alliance to overcome the powers of gurudom forever. We defy the nature of marketing history and laugh at large lists. Our Secrets we will not reveal to anyone who has not sworn the oath of the Empower Network Newbie Nation. Our results speak for themselves and everyone that has joined our cause. Our goal is simple: To fulfill the purpose the Empower Network was created for by truly empowering new marketers or those that had not previously profited from their online endeavors to finally get paid for their efforts and make the reasons they started this journey a reality at last. Join The Empower Network Newbie Revolution and take a stand with the #1 Newbie and his band of awesome online optimists who now posses the power to look someone in the eye with all certainty when they ask “have you made any money?” and say YES I HAVE!

So What Happened to The Empower Network Nude Massage ?

Ok if you’ve made it this far you have just experienced part of the hidden secrets of Kris Darty’s code of content creation only revealed to those who have joined us and been sworn to secrecy to enter our Inner Circle Chamber of Converse. How was he able to drop his alexa score worldwide under 100,000 with only 23 posts ? How was he able to make over $1000 per post when others have thousands of posts and have yet to make $1000 ? The Secrets of the Empower Network Newbie Nation are reserved for those that Join Us. So after a week of non stop battle with the forces of guru darkness the few faithful founding members of the Empower Network were exhausted. We had worn out our desk chairs and ran out of coffee. Having been up all night, at around 6:00am David Wood declared that we all needed a break from the battle and that we had earned the right to a nude massage which he gave us. Now before this spread to far lets Empower Network Trainingclarify the story. After the declaration David Wood called room service and scheduled an hour rub down at the resort spa for each member of the round table which included Kris and Jessica Darty, Cynthia “The Social Cowgirl”, David Sharpe, and of course David Wood Himself. That day we defeated the enemy and began the revolution we now know as The Empower Network starting with the #1 Member of the Empower Network, yours truly, Kris Darty.

P.S. Just Get In! to access 100% commissions and the secrets of the Newbie Nation Click Here and get started today. Once you are enlisted you will receive an email with secret instruction on how to access The Inner Circle of Converse.

P.P.S. If you haven’t seen the irresistible viral video that made me over $10,000 in just 2 days Click Here. Warning: Everyone that has viewed this video has bought everything!

The Empower Network

All the Best without the Stress

I’m Simply Blessed,
Kris Darty
#1 Member of The Empower Network

The Perpetual Funnel System 30 days $8390 and a Luxury Cruise

The Perpetual Funnel System 30 days $8390 and a Luxury Cruise

So it’s been 30 days since I started implementing The Perpetual Funnel System into my business and less than 70 days since I started it. The last 30 days has been the most exciting, fast paced avalanche of awesomeness that I ever recall happening in anything I’ve ever been apart of. In a previous post I wrote about my experience going

The Perpetual Funnel System

through David Wood’s real life Perpetual Funnel System and the events that led up to me becoming partners with The Candyman David Wood. After being an original Participant of The Perpetual Funnel System I decided To join David Wood’s Inner Circle Team and start my own Social Franchise Business. I can now say from experience that having the right information and being apart of a powerful marketing team makes ALL the difference when it comes to success in online network marketing. It took me a little while to believe that someone besides David Wood could get the kind of results that Dave gets. But since going through The Perpetual Funnel System I can tell you from first hand experience that it is Absolute 100% possible when you have the right knowledge, teams, and tools.

My First 30 Days Implementing The Perpetual Funnel System

 Implementing only about 12% of what I learned in The Perpetual Funnel System I got paid $600 my first 2 days while I was sleeping. And the rest of the month I actually made sales of over $8390 which brought me more than $3000 in commissions. I was personally able to sponsor 5 people into my Social Franchise Business which in turn Qualified me and my wife for an all expense paid 6 day Luxury cruise. We now have over 60 people in our organization and are on track to joining our Partner, David Wood, in enjoying the best Suite on the Ship. WOW did that just happen ? Yep, it sure did and I am so excited to see what happens next month as The Perpetual Funnel System continues to play out in my life and business.

What’s so Special about The Perpetual Funnel System ?

I asked the same question before I decided to buy The Perpetual Funnel System. The Creator of the Course was obviously getting the results I desired to have in my business. One of the things I’ve heard David Wood say on several occasions is when it comes to recruiting people into his primary business he is able to “Recruit at will” and at first I thought he was just exaggerating but since I’ve partnered with David Wood in his Social Franchising Business I have seen him do it on several occasions and I have been able to do it myself as well. There are reasons it is so easy for David to get people to join him and make the kind of money he does. It’s not just a strategy or some technical secret, although he does cover those things in The Perpetual Funnel System. There are some guiding principles and concepts that David as well as most “Online Marketing Leaders” employ to get the massive success that they enjoy. The thing about most “Leaders” is they just naturally follow these concepts without actually knowing what they are doing or why it really works. This is what makes The Perpetual Funnel System so valuable and effective. David Wood actually understands the principles behind successful Marketing as

The Perpetual Funnel System

well as the technical aspects that make it all work. It is by far the most comprehensive and complete training course for Online Marketing Domination I’ve ever encountered. I now recommend it to all my Business Partners who are serious about make a significant income online. What I love about the Perpetual Funnel System is that it truly is perpetual. Once it’s put in motion it continues to work on your behalf creating Traffic, Building Trust, Making Sales, and forging lasting relationships with the people it comes in contact with. If you truly desire the promised treasure of a lasting residual income online then I would strongly encourage you to Get The Perpetual Funnel System. It has made all the difference in my business and is the secret to the rapid results I’ve gotten over the last 30 days.

P.S. To discover my secret to Predictable Perpetual Placement on Google fill out the form at the top of the page.

P.P.S. Would you like to partner with the most successful online Marketers in the Industry ? Check out Our Perpetual Partnership Program.

Send me an EmailThe Perpetual Funnel System


All the Best I’m Simply Blessed,

Kris Darty
Original Participant of The Perpetual Funnel System

How to Get a 50% Onlywire Discount

How to Get a 50% Onlywire Discount

In a previous Video I made about how to become the #1 member of Tribepro in 3 days from a hammock I mentioned how you can get an Onlywire discount of 50% and that I would make a video of the steps you need to take to get your onlywire discount. The video on this page will walk you step-by-step through what you need to do to get the onlywire discount. The Onlywire discount is only available for new acounts so if you are an existing subscriber this won’t be of much use to you. Existing subscribers may find the information on my TribePro page to be helpful.

How to get your Onlywire Discount

Steps to take for the Onlywire Discount

  1. Watch the video on how to get your Onlywire discount.
  2. Click this Onlywire Discount link.
  3. Create a free Onlywire account Onlywire Discount
  4. Download the Onlywire Submitter from the tools page at Onlywire.
  5. Install the Onlywire submitter.
  6. Authorize your Onlywire account inside the submitter.
  7. Restart your computer.
  8. Claim your Onlywire Discount before the offer expires.

And thats all it takes to get your Onlywire Discount : )

I you are just starting your blog or Website you are going to want to get as many high quality backlinks to your site as possible. One of the criteria that Google uses to judge site authority is the overall sites linking in to all pages of your site. This is why it’s important to start a habit of posting one piece of content a day.

with Tribepro you can get around 3000 backlinks from high PR (page rank) social sites but you are competing with sites that already have tens or even Onlywire Discounthundreds of sites linking into them. So the more content you create the faster each of your posts will rise to the first page of google. In order to automate this backlinking process you are going to need to have an onlywire subscription to match the amount of content you intend to share.

If you want to shoot for being on the leader board inside of TribePro you will want to go with the top pro package at least for the first month or so. Go with the 100,000 share plan and share as much content inside of tribepro as you can. Doing this will rack up some serious share points for when you submit your content into the tribes.

If after the first month or two you have sufficient share points for your content to last more than a month then you can downgrade your onlywire subscription to a lower plan. You don’t want to run out of share points as onlywire charges $0.05 for ever submission past your onlywire plan allowance. With your Onlywire discount there is no reason to get a lower plan and run the risk of going over.

Social Media sites give some of the best quality backlinks for a reason. That’s were the people are. And that’s were the REAL traffic is today.Onlywire discount To tap into that traffic you need a marketing funnel integrated into a social media platform. To learn how to plug into a social media maketing machine and start getting leads today go to my social marketing madness page.

If you are glad you found an Onlywire discount hit the like button and leave me a comment : )

All the Best-

Kris Darty

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Kris Darty

How I became the #1 Leader of TribePro in 3 days from a Hammock

How I became the #1 Leader of TribePro in 3 days from a Hammock

I just shot this video showing how I was able to reach #1 on the TribePro leader board in 3 days from my hammock : ) Who says work can’t be fun ? lol Make sure to check out the resources I mention in the video HERE. Once you follow the instructions in the video that explain how you can become the #1 leader of TribePro make sure you check out the link after the video that explains what to do after you become the #1 leader in TribePro.

Tribepro Video


CLICK HERE after you become the #1 leader in TribePro.

You Folks are awesome I look forward to seeing you at #1 : )

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Finally a simplified formula for traffic and leads.

If you’ve spent much time around the various marketing communities online like I have then you very well may be overwhelmed with all the techniques, all the strategies, all the trainings, all the gurus, and all the webinars lol. For someone just starting out it is very difficult to focus when you have so many marketers pointing ever which way but forward. Don’t get me wrong most of these folks have great intentions and their techniques usually work very well for the experienced marketer who understands the value and principles behind what they are talking about and that already have much of the required tools in place to implement these advanced strategies. And the truth of it is even if you go through the 6 month learning and setup to use some of these methods you will be hard pressed to find others who will make it through with you. In order to have success and build a team of people who stick with you and build lasting wealth, you must be able to plug them in a simple process that requires little to no setup and give them a strategy to begin seeing results immediately. Now I know someone is going to laugh at the thought of possibly having immediate results since they have been trying for so long and have had little to no results themselves. Let me assure you that it is very possible and in fact it happens every day in my world. In fact yesterday my team just started a 100 day challenge to follow a super simple formula which doesn’t take more than an hour a day and for those that stick with it will make them able to enroll 3-5 people a week into their business without ever making a list of the people they know or wandering around in shopping malls harassing unsuspecting consumers. After the first night of taking action one of my team members said they couldn’t believe how they were able to have 5 people actually watch a full presentation about their business and opt in requesting more info after only spending 45 minutes doing a simple task anyone can do. It’s such a blessing to see the light turn on in peoples minds once they realize how simple it is to create lasting results in their business if they are willing to put aside all the extra stuff they think they need to make this business work. All the extra stuff is fun to talk about but if it’s not producing the promised results or if it’s to complicated to get it going you have to ask yourself do I want to be cool or do I want to be successful ? Every successful person you ever met has one common characteristic to their story. They found a simple process that they could do that produced results and they kept doing it consistently until they reached their goals. I promise you that 100 days from today that there will be those that decided to stop following the latest and greatest and aligned themselves with a team following a simple effective strategy everyday that will create the foundation for success in their business and their lives. And the others will still be struggling spending more than they take in and some will even quit and give up on their dreams of freedom and financial independence. Forever to serve another mans dreams. Their children’s childhood will pass them by. The times they could have enjoyed with family and friends will all be eaten up by the job they hate. My question for you is which one would you rather be ? If you still have any drive left in you and you are sick of the crap I encourage you to check out what we are doing and start building your dreams today and not next week. Commit with us and see it through. I promise you won’t regret it. Follow this link to see our team training on this super simple strategy you can start today and build your business to what you want it to be. I look forward to seeing what you are able to accomplish in 100 days. If you aren’t serious about your business there is no need to follow the link. If you don’t intend to do what you are taught and that is working today then please don’t waste your time. Go find a job you can try and enjoy and stop spending your time and money looking at stuff you will never do. If you are seriously ready to finally make this work then follow the link now and I’ll see you on the other side.

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Some Things I Overlooked When Deciding whether or not to Join Numis Network

It’s Not that often that I talk about the companies that I work with in my blog posts. I’ve found that more people need help with their marketing than want to hear about “my deal” but it never fails that after someone follows you for a little while if you put out useful information that they are going to wonder what you are doing to make money with all this marketing mastery that you posses. So I thought I should write this short article before I head to bed and let those of you who are dying to know what I am involved with and a few reasons why. Some of you have already discovered that a little while back I decided the best move for me and my partners was to Join the Numis Network. There are many reason why Numis Network has caught the attention of almost every professional online marketer and you can find out those details in many of the Numis presentation videos like the one linked at the bottom of this post. However I wanted to offer you a somewhat overlooked and insanely undervalued reason I personally think Numis is for me the best option and one that has the best likelihood for success. Obviously with the product that I Market through Numis being Gold and Silver it is the only product I can think of that you will even have next year and that will more than  likely be worth more than what you bought it for. But even more valuable than the product Is the team I am personally working with. The amount of marketing knowledge and systems that are in place for anyone to step right into and start getting traffic through online marketing is second to none. There is a reason most the profesional marketers have joined our team. These guys don’t just share there marketing secrets with the world and if they do they usually charge huge amounts of money to get access to their trainings. When someone joins our team they get access to the best minds in online marketing and systems they set up so that someone with little to no tech knowledge can start today using the strategies these guys have used to generate hundreds of thousands of leads online and have made millions using the information someone gets the minute they going our team. Gold and silver a cool but if you gain the wisdom you can learn through our training platform you can create all the wealth you will ever need in any company with virtually any product. Although I still would rather have more gold and silver than vitamins : ) (just saying lol) Here are some verses that speak to the truth that the understanding is what creates the wealth and is therefore far more valuable than and product of comp plan even if it is pure gold. 

Proverbs 16:16 How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!

Ezekiel 28:4  With thy wisdom and with thine understanding thou hast gotten thee riches, and hast gotten gold and silver into thy treasures:

P.S. If you haven’t seen this video on the Only Government approved Money System on Facebook Click HERE to authorize the Facebook app and watch the video we made right now to learn about some of the things we are doing in our team to create a huge wave of results on Facebook.


Blog Marketing Content. Where does it come from ?

Are you Contemplating Content for your Network Marketing Blog? If you’ve been a student of attraction marketing for any amount of time than you already know one of the most important things you need to do to be successful in your business is first off BE valuable and Second Give that value to those looking for it.  I know you probably hear these words thrown around so much you probably loose focus of their true meaning.

Remember this, that to understand a concept is FAR more important than to know the lingo. Once you understand the concept, it becomes a part of you and from there you just have to express yourself. Pr 14:6 ¶ A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth. Yes that is a bible verse : P This is a fundamental truth that will help you in every area of your life especialy in business. If you understand the science behind what you are doing the knowledge part is easy. Once you have a basic level of understanding “internal value” then you can begin to give that value to your audience “express value” When people notice the expressed value they will naturally be drawn to the source of this expressed value to see if they can get more. Let me say it again we all need reminded at times. Don’t neglect your education in this industry it has the potential to pay more than any college degree. And always remember the best way to upgrade your understanding is to teach it to others. So don’t wait until you’ve mastered the skill before you let others know what you learned.  If you are reading this article you more than likely already know more than 90% of all Network Marketers about Marketing. Just the simple fact that you have a blog to write on sets you apart from the thousands that rely on the 3 foot rule. These people are tired and beat from cold calling and would die to have someone that is truly interested in pursuing their dreams pursue and contact them through the power of attraction marketing! You have the knowledge already so just start writing and your posts will get better in time. We all have to start somewhere Why not start today? I did ; -)

If you find yourself not understanding what to write in your Blog Marketing then you have must not have discovered the #1 attraction training and marketing platform in existence. The only marketing system recommended by the father of attraction marketing himself Mike Dillard. Seriously, if you could use an endless bag of pure value then you really need to check this out. Every marketing strategy you can think of is explained in detail by the very same people that are dominating the Network Marketing industry today. And There’s always fresh content and training so you will never run out. I hope to see you on the Front page soon : ) To get an endless amount of Blog Marketing Content Click on Blog Marketing and let the content begin : ) If you have already created content but need to learn Blog Marketing Strategies that will put you at the top of Google every time then you are going to love this.