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Team Beachbody An insiders review

Before joining any Network Marketing Company it is a good idea to know what you are getting into.

Most people, however, don’t think to much about it and usually make an uninformed decision based on emotion. Well, you are obviously not most people and I’m glad to meet you : ) Put er there Pal.

So, you’re thinking about Team Beachbody are you? Well, I’ll cut to the chase as I’m sure you could do without the fluff. I first ran into Team Beachbody about 4 months ago while I was researching products to retail online. We run several online businesses so part of our tool chest includes a research program that give us detailed information on what is being searched for and what is being sold on the major merchant sites like eBay, Amazon, and Google Shop, etc… Well, for reasons I am not sure of, during our routine search we realized something we hadn’t noticed in the past. Namely, that Beachbody’s popular in-home exercise routines, especially Tony Horton’s P90X, was showing some crazy demand online. At that time it was the third most searched for item on Ebay and the #2 most sold item on Amazon. That is amazing! So I immediately contacted Beachbody to set up a wholesale account. Which is when they introduced me to “Team Beachbody”. Well, I was surprised, to say the least, when I found out that products that had so much consumer demand were distributed through a Network Marketing company. I had actually retired from Network Marketing a few years back and was not really looking to start with a new company. I decided to create an account as a distributor, which they call “coaches,” simply so I could retail the products through our online channels but once I got my “kit” and started to research the opportunity for the growth of the business I couldn’t help but dive in. What I found was like nothing I’ve seen before with a Home-business.  And this is what I discovered.

The product was a household name and in ultra high demand. I had never seen such a buzz around a product-line especially one distributed through a network marketing company. The reason for this high awareness, I found, was due to the fact that Beachbody spends over $100,000,000 every year on advertising, which translates to an average of 240 hours of promotions on major TV networks every single day. I don’t know of any other company that offers an opportunity to distribute their products through the home-business model and then goes ahead and does major advertising and constant campaigning for their products. Normally the distributors themselves are the only advertising that the company and products get.

So I started to wonder what does the company do with all the customers they are getting through their advertising campaigns. And again I couldn’t hardly believe the answer. From all this advertising they generate on average 50,000 customers every single week. With this in mind C.E.O. Carl Daikeler decided to form Team Beachbody with the idea that existing customers would make the best coaches for this constant wave of new customers. So existing customers became Coaches and the company evenly distributed the new customers into their coaches businesses every week. After these customers are placed under a coach every purchase the customer makes that coach receives a 25% commission on their order. That is definitely a huge plus to becoming a coach with Team Beachbody.

One of the major reasons network marketers quit is because they aren’t making enough money fast enough to sustain their expenses. Also, one of the most important aspects of a network marketing business is a good base of retail customers. Without customers there is no business. Of course it’s easy to retail the product when your prospect just seen the commercial on TV and is ready to get started. It is nice to know that the company is working around the clock for you and your business. This leaves you to focus on team building, which is were the tremendous potential, we hear about so often, comes from. But how do you build a large thriving team? That’s a good question, and one that you will get a thousand answers to depending on which Guru you ask. But why ask a guru when most of them aren’t even building a business anymore and whatever they used to do is simply ineffective in today’s market.

If you are serious about starting a Team Beachbody business or any home-business then you will want to know what is working NOW by real marketers with real results in today’s world. Well, if that is you and you would rather not depend on your family, friends, or people in the grocery line to make your business a success. Then take a minute now and find out what the leaders in Team Beachbody don’t want you to know. It’s the secret that made them so successful. And the great thing is anybody can do it. Take a look you’ll be glad you did. Become a Team Beachbody Leader right now!