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Buzzify The end of Onlywire as we know .it

Buzzify The end of Onlywire as we know .it


BuzzifyBuzzify vs Onlywire

If you have been using Onlywire for submisions with Tribepro for any length of time you have probably experienced some aggravation with overages and failed submissions. I have had over 20,000 pending submissions that had to be canceled do to “unknown” issues with the submitter. Now that may seem extreme but if you are using a service like Tribepro to multiply the effects of onlywire than it is not uncommon to be submitting this amount of content regularly. Lets face it as online marketers our business relies heavily on High Quality Backlinks, without these backlinks our hopes of landing on the first page of Google are slim to none. Of course thinking that the 40 some odd number of backlinks you get when you submit your content through onlywire is going to make you #1 on the search engines is just wishful thinking. If you are reading this Article it is most likely because you did a search on Google or one of the other search engines. I want you to open up another tab and do that search again. Now look under the search box and notice how many results there are for what you just searched for. There is a reason I am on the first page and it is not only wire . The reason I am here is because of a service I use called Tribe pro . Tribepro takes the convenience of onlywire and multiplies it’s effects 3000 + times. I call it automatic viral backlinking and it is the most powerful tool I know of for on demand Google domination. If you haven’t gotten a Tribepro Account yet, you should DO IT NOW before your competition does.

What does Buzzify have to do with Onlywire and Tribepro ?

That’s a good question since the title of this post is ” Buzzify the End of Onlywire As We Know .it ” You should be wondering what does Buzzify have to do with .it anyway? Well like I was saying from the beginning using Tribepro to submit through your Onlywire account has been a little troublesome to say the least. Besides the obvious technical errors you may have experienced, the biggest pain was when you got your bill at the end of the month and you had encored more overage charges than it costs for your monthly subscription. Tribepro is a Social Sydication service for professional internet marketers. The volume of submissions can sometimes be unpredictable. This being the case many Tribepro members have had to unnecessarily subscribe to high submission packages with onlywire or suffer the penalty of excessive overage charges. When contacting onlywire about these issues their best advice was to not use Tribepro LOL. With the lack of cooperation from onlywire and the constant complaints from their customers the owners of Tribepro decided to offer a better, more reliable, and affordable alternative to onlywire.



The Introduction of an attractive alternative to Onlywire

Buzzify was introduced in late summer of 2011 by the makers of Tribepro, the most powerful and effective social syndication service to date. It soon replaces the need for onlywire as a submission service to be used with Tribepro. It is more affordable and does not charge any overages for submission made in excess of your subscription package. What I like most is it’s seamless integration with Tribepro. Although can be used similar to onlywire as a stand alone service it’s power is only realized when combined with Tribepro and since both services are made by the same folks you can bet that there will be little to no issues between the two services. And when any issues arise the owners are sure to address them asap. Ronnie and Staci are great people and marketers themselves. They are actually partners in one of my companies and I can tell you from experience that they have their customers best intrest at heart. They don’t just offer services, they use them as well in their own marketing efforts. So you better believe they will stive to be on the cutting edge of whats Tribepro Onlywire now and will make sure those things are integrated into these services. You can get a free account at both Tribepro and Buzzify by following the links in this post.

Buzzify .it and Tribepro a

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